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Generator Maintenance

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Generator Maintenance

Maintaining Your Mi-T-M Generator

When an emergency strikes or when setting up your work site, you want your Mi-T-M generator to be ready to go. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your generator will ensure a long life and have it ready when you need it. Regular generator maintenance ensures your familiarity with how it works and what needs to be done so you can have the power you need to keep working.


Generator Maintenance Tips

The main steps to generator maintenance include:

  • Cleaning the Exterior
  • Overall Inspection
  • Changing Oil & Cleaning Air Filters
  • Checking Spark Plug, Hoses, Etc.
  • Preparing for Storage


For your safety, make sure you have the generator in a well-ventilated area for cleaning and maintenance. Be sure you read the manual, too—it’s your go-to guide for your specific Mi-T-M generator model! The manuals provide details on all of these tasks, including a periodic maintenance chart so you know how often everything needs checked and maintained. Following the maintenance guidelines and directions help you get the most out of your Mi-T-M generator for years to come.


For basic maintenance, gather all your supplies in advance. That includes rags, oil pan, fresh engine oil, warm soapy water for filter cleaning, your owner’s manual, and gloves to protect your hands.

generator servicing

Cleaning Your Generator’s Exterior

Step 1 for optimal operation is a good cleaning. You will want to keep your generator clean and free of dust, dirt and grime. The best way to clean it is with dry rags or shop towels. It just takes a few minutes to wipe off the casing and make it look nice. Remove surface dust and grime all over the generator, paying special attention to the intake area and gas cap. Cleaning your generator’s exterior also allows you to inspect all parts of the generator.


You may use low pressure air to clean off dust, but do not use a water hose, sprayer or power washer to clean your generator. This allows water into the air intake and other areas, and the water will damage your generator.


Inspect Hoses, Fittings & Fuel Cap

Inspection is something anyone can do to maintain a generator. You should inspect it daily when in use as well as before use and after sitting in storage.


After you clean the generator, inspect the fuel hoses and fittings as well as the fuel tank and fuel cap. Depending on what model you own, you may need to remove a side panel to access the inside of the generator unit. The carbon canister and mounting brackets should also get a close look. Tighten anything that is loose if you are able, such as the oil drain plug. Look for cracks, leaks or abnormal wear on the hoses and parts. To maintain your warranty and get qualified Mi-T-M generator service, call a service technician to replace any parts as needed.


Changing the Air Filter & Oil

As with any gas engine, one of the keys to generator maintenance involves regular oil changes and a clean air filter. These tasks are especially important if you run your generator in a dusty, dirty environment, such as a construction site or shop.


First, let’s review the oil change process. The oil should be changed after the first 20 hours of operation, then every 100 hours after that. You should make a regular practice of checking the oil level, always before starting the generator.


When you are ready to change the oil, do the same process of warming the oil. Stop the engine and get an oil pan ready. Drain the oil, then put the oil drain plug back. Following the instructions for your Mi-T-M generator model, refill the oil with the proper type of oil to the oil level indicated. Wipe up any oil spills around or on the generator, and recycle the old oil at your solid waste agency.


The air filter plays an important role in the efficiency of the generator. If it is especially dirty, that will make the generator work harder and use more fuel, so cleaning should happen when it has a heavy buildup of dust. To access the air filter, you’ll need to unscrew the air cleaner cover and pull out the foam filter. Foam air filters can be washed in warm, soapy water, rinsed and squeezed to help it dry. Let it air dry, then saturate with new engine oil, squeeze out excess oil and replace the filter.


Spark plugs and the spark arrestor should also be checked frequently for carbon buildup. If the spark plug is dirty, remove it using a plug cleaner or wire brush. Check the spark plug type and spark plug gap according to your generator model’s manual. Replace with a new spark plug as needed.


The spark arrestor should be looked at every 100 hours or so. It is close to the exhaust, so perform this check when the unit is cool. Once removed, you can brush off carbon deposits on the spark arrestor screen and inspect it for breaks or tears.


If you can’t make time in your workday to check and clean spark plugs, contact a Mi-T-M service center to schedule an appointment with a technician. It’s a good idea to have a professional check out anything you have a question about before you put your generator to use or put it in storage.


generator servicing and maintenance


Prepare for Storage

Many Mi-T-M generator owners only use their generator when needed for emergencies or short-term use on a remote job site where utility access isn’t available. Be sure to prepare your generator for short-term storage (less than 6 months) or long-term storage. For both lengths of storage, the first step is to add gasoline stabilizer according to the directions.


  • For short-term storage

    Run the unit two minutes to mix the fuel and stabilizer. Close the fuel valve and run your generator until it stops.


  • For long-term storage

    Run the generator until the fuel is completely gone from the fuel tank and carburetor. As the engine begins to die, move the choke level to the CHOKE position.


Finally, clean and protect the exterior of the generator and store it in a dry, well-ventilated location. You might want to keep it off of the floor of a shop, garage or shed with a pallet, and keep an eye out for signs of pests living in or around it.


To sum up generator maintenance, it’s mostly about regularly ensuring your oil and filters get changed on a regular basis. Refer to your Mi-T-M generator manual for details about keeping your generator running when you need it the most.



Pressure Washer Trailer – Wash Mobile

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pressure washer trailer

Pressure Washer Trailers

Want to wash more while saving money? When washing the sides of large buildings, expansive parking lots and miles of sidewalk, Mi-T-M’s trailers allows efficient transportation, so more projects—big or small— can be completed in a day’s time. Don’t worry about how to get your pressure washer to multiple locations; clean off the dirt and grime by being mobile with Mi-T-M’s customizable pressure washer trailers.


pressure washer trailersTypes of Trailers

Offering single, dual-axle and new mini trailer units, you can choose from small, medium and large pressure washer trailers to conveniently transport robust cleaning power anywhere you need it.

Our single-axle trailers offer three different models varying between types of brakes with one 200-gallon water tank. In addition to the single, Mi-T-M has dual-axle trailers that hold two 200-gallon water tanks and can provide you with more water for your cleaning applications. There are three different dual-axle trailer models to choose from and our experts can help you decide which is right for you.

Both single and dual-axle trailers feature a swivel jack with pad, a 2-inch ball hitch and rubber mounted sealed lights. The tanks are enclosed with a powder coated steel frame, so leaks are nonexistent. To reach the tanks, the trailers are built with aluminum treadplate steps.


pressure washer mini trailer


The new Mi-T-M hot water mini trailer offers a compact design and ease of transport without sacrificing powerful cleaning capabilities. Engineered with a durable powder coated steel frame, the hot water mini pressure washer trailer features a rear locking storage area and an industrial 4000 PSI belt-driven pressure washer. This gas-powered, highly portable unit provides the intense hot water cleaning you need for small projects. All you need to complete the power washing package for your commercial cleaning contract jobs is access to a water source.
After you decide which model you like, continue to customize your trailer by picking from an assortment of hose reels, replacement hose reel parts, backflow preventers, trailer tank bypass options and trailer hitches. Choose the exact accessories you need to enhance your Mi-T-M trailer—we specialize in customizing pressure washer trailers that work for you.


hot water pressure washer mini trailer



After you decide which model you like, continue to customize your trailer by picking from an assortment of hose reels, replacement hose reel parts, backflow preventers, trailer tank bypass options and trailer hitches. You can choose what accessories you need for your trailer at Mi-T-M because we specialize in customizing trailers that work for you.


best pressure washer trailers

“Godzilla of all trailer mounts!” – 1000gal water tank, 4-hot water pressure washers and 4- hose reels. This fantastic trailer from the experts at Chappell Supply & Equipment will be the envy of the entire oil/gas industry!

Mi-T-M’s trailers are equipped with everything you’ll need to complete your washing projects.

By utilizing the trailer, you can:

  • provide more space for your equipment
  • provide dependable transportation that will not break down
  • be mobile by easily attaching to different vehicles

The Right Temperature for Your Project

Customize your single or dual-axle trailer with a Mi-T-M hot or cold water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M cold water pressure washers are:

  • used to wash away dirt and debris
  • available in gas, diesel and electric models
  • excellent for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, including siding, driveways, dog kennels, cars, boats, RV’S, and decks.

Mi-T-M hot water pressure washers are:

  • effective against grease, grime and other contaminants
  • available in gas, diesel, LP, natural gas and electric
  • capable of cutting cleaning times by 50%, which is especially useful when cleaning more than a couple hours each week.

Communicate with our experts to find which trailer is most suitable for you. No matter the location or how large the project is, Mi-T-M trailers are durable and are the perfect solution for on-site cleaning.