Job Pro® 4000

Our most popular unit for contract work, powerful and portable so it is easy to move from one job to the next.

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When selecting a pressure washer it is important to review cleaning units, pumps and warranties.

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How To Choose

Find out which pressure washer is right for a job by answering three critical questions.

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What increases your profit?

A Cleaning Unit (CU) is a measure of power. PSI x GPM = Total Cleaning Units.
The higher the Cleaning Units, the quicker you clean.

pressure washer cleaning units
Speed Comparison
4 Labor Hours
Job Pro® 4000 Direct Drive
8 Labor Hours
ChoreMaster® 3200

Job Pro® 4000 Direct Drive

4000 PSI @ 3.5 GPM 14000 CUs

4 Labor Hours to Clean
at $80/hour = $320
Your Labor Savings = $320
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ChoreMaster® 3200

3200 @ 2.4 GPM 7680

8 Labor Hours to Clean
at $80/hour = $640
Your Labor Savings = $0
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How To Choose A Pressure Washer

When you are in the market for a professional pressure washer, there are a few questions you should ask to determine which one is right for you. How much will you be using your pressure washer? How important is job turnout speed? What application will the washer be used for?

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Mi-T-M equipment is manufactured in Peosta, Iowa with only the best components to ensure longevity


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Mi-T-M is a Certified Testing Facility where every machine is tested prior to shipping