Elite Series Accessories

Thermostat Kit
Adjusts the temperature on your heater. Replacement only.
68-5008 (Fits All Elite Series Models)

Air Ducting
This white flexible air ducting directs the heat where you need it.
68-5005 (Fits MH-0085-0MDH & MH-0175-0MDH)
-12-foot x 12-inch
-Requires 68-5001 duct adapter
68-5006 (Fits MH-0355-0MDH & MH-0355-CMDH)
-12-foot x 18-inch
-Requires 68-5007 duct adapter

Duct Diffuser
Distributes heat from ducting.
68-5002 (Fits MH-0085-0MDH & MH-0175-0MDH)
68-5012 (Fits MH-0355-0MDH & MH-0355-CMDH)

Heat Diffuser
Distributes heat from the unit.
68-5003 (Fits MH-0175-0MDH)
68-5004 (Fits MH-0085-0MDH)

Duct Adapter
Connects ducting to heater.
68-5001 (Fits MH-0085-0MDH & MH-0175-0MDH)
68-5007 (Fits MH-0355-0MDH & MH-0355-CMDH)

Natural Gas Regulator
For gas supply pressures between 1/2 and 5 lb.
68-5009 (Fits MH-0355-0MDH & MH-0355-CMDH)

Two Cylinder Manifold
Connects any two propane cylinders.
68-5010 (Fits all Elite Series Heaters, all Propane Forced Air Heaters & all Convection Heaters)

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