Water Treatment Systems

Mi-T-M water treatment systems make compliance worries and headaches a thing of the past! Whether a customer is in need of a biological treatment system, mechanical filtration system, water/oil separator, or electro-coagulation flocculation system, Mi-T-M has it covered. This state of the art equipment effectively cleans, decontaminates, and recycles the water customers use regularly, keeping them compliant and more eco-friendly.

Bio Systems

Mi-T-M's popular BIO Series System utilizes fixed-film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media and oxygen to treat wastewater. Diesel repair facilities, equipment washing operations, municipalities and the golf industry all rely on Mi-T-M BIO Systems to effectively clean their soiled water. We help customers with water conservation and recycling by providing an efficient and reliable system that can save thousands of gallons of water every year.

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Oil/Water Separators

Mi-T-M has designed mechanical oil/water separator systems to help businesses like engine manufacturers, military bases and anyone who needs to meet sanitary discharge requirements remove free oils from wastewater. The oil/water/solids separators reduce the amount of suspended solids while removing hydrocarbons so wastewater can be properly disposed of.

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Mechanical Systems

Mechanical water treatment systems utilize cutting edge technology to remove free hydrocarbons and filter the water to be sent back through a pressure washer.

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Wash Bay Equipment

Industrial wash bay treatment systems are universal as they provide treatment solutions for customers such as heavy equipment dealers, garbage removal companies, agricultural businesses, rental yards, municipalities and golf courses. This equipment reduces waste by filtering out harmful media and creates a 'greener' operation, helping businesses comply with environmental regulations.

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Water Treatment Systems FAQ

We know water treatment systems. Find the answers you're looking for right here.

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