Wash Bays – Efficient And Effective Heavy Equipment Cleaning

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Mi-T-M wash bays are built for industrial and commercial equipment cleaning with the added benefit of keeping customers operations within compliance. How it Works Work vehicles and equipment enter the wash pad area and are sprayed off by a pressure washer or water cannon, rinsing off dirt, grime and grease. Angled to catch the dirty […]

The Mi-T-M Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are quickly approaching which means you’re running out of time to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Surprise the spouse, parent, sibling or friend you’ll be shopping for this year by getting them their first Mi-T-M product from our holiday gift guide, or helping them upgrade to a newer model. […]

Generator Maintenance

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Maintaining Your Mi-T-M Generator When an emergency strikes or when setting up your work site, you want your Mi-T-M generator to be ready to go. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your generator will ensure a long life and have it ready when you need it. Regular generator maintenance ensures your familiarity with how it works […]

Hot Water Pressure Washer vs. Cold Water: Which is Right for You?

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Which Pressure Washer is Right for You? Hot Water Pressure Washer vs. Cold Water Mi-T-M builds so many different types pressure washers; hot-water, cold-water, electric, gas, diesel, portable, stationary–how do you choose which pressure washer is right for you? Let’s focus on choosing between hot water and cold-water pressure washers. To start the decision-making process, […]

What kind of portable generator do I need for my RV?

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  Planes, Trains or …….. RVs? Imagine never waiting in airport lines again, avoiding crowded buses and trains, never booking another hotel room, or asking to stay with relatives and friends. Probably sounds pretty good especially given the current state of affairs & the need for social distancing. When you own a recreational vehicle (RV), […]

The Ultimate Pressure Washer Accessory Guide

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Get Excited About Pressure Washing! Go ahead. Try it. It’s impossible not to be happy while using a pressure washer. You hold a wand in your two hands that’s capable of delivering great power and get amazing cleaning ability. You get to see the progress you’re making cleaning nasty dirt, grime, moss and mold. You […]

Storm Preparedness – Tips & Tools To Keep You Safe

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Plan. Backup Plan. Backup-Backup Plan. Planning and preparing are the best ways to get ahead of severe weather season.  Knowing what to do in the event of a storm emergency caused by a tornado, hurricane, tsunami, flash-flooding, mud-slide, earthquake and anything in-between can mean the difference between life, death, or severe injury. Here are some […]

Tips to Prepare Your Equipment for Spring Use

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When spring rolls around, you will want to be ready to move forward with pressure washing and all the other projects that require your Mi-T-M equipment. Regular maintenance pays off, so if you’ve winterized your equipment, you will be one step ahead to ensuring a fast startup procedure.   Spring Pressure Washer Prep Checklist Here’s […]

Water Treatment Systems – No Two Installations Are Alike.

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Mi-T-M has been in the Water Treatment business since 1998.  Over the years, we’ve had a great deal of success in a variety of different water treatment industries including rentals, implement dealers, golf courses, wineries, breweries and municipalities. Each industry has their own unique challenges when it comes to water treatment systems and no two […]

Pressure Washer Trailer – Wash Mobile

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Pressure Washer Trailers Want to wash more while saving money? When washing the sides of large buildings, expansive parking lots and miles of sidewalk, Mi-T-M’s trailers allows efficient transportation, so more projects—big or small— can be completed in a day’s time. Don’t worry about how to get your pressure washer to multiple locations; clean off […]

Should you get a kerosene or propane portable heater?

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Kerosene or Propane Portable Heater In our post-industrial world, we take a lot for granted. Flip a switch and, voila, you have light. Twist a dial and your oven begins to heat. Turn a key and your car starts. Punch a button and your clothes are cleaned. But when the power goes out at home, […]

Dealer Spotlight – CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc.

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CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc. has been providing pressure washers, parts washers, recycling equipment, and cleaning expertise in the North Carolina area for over 40 years. In 1967, Fred Adkins discovered the Chemex TWO STEP Pressure Washing Method (STEP ONE -Acid, STEP TWO – Alkaline for rinse) while performing preventive maintenance on OTR Fleet Truck accounts, such […]

Dealer Spotlight – TNT’s Disinfectant Mister Success

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  TNT Sales and Service of Hinton, Iowa has enjoyed a lot of success with the new Mi-T-M pressure washer mister combination unit. To date they have sold over 250 units. Initially TNT sold misters to parks and small towns who wanted to get their outdoor venues opened. Now they are selling to a wide […]

In The Spotlight – Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co.

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Nick Slavik has been a part of the painting and restoration industry for 28 years. Starting at such a young age was a challenge for Nick, but once he got to dictate his own path he fell in love. In fact, he loves what he does so much he decided to start up his own […]

Home Exterior Spring Cleaning

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You’ve wiped down your baseboards, dusted all of your shelves, you’ve even reorganized your pantry. Your spring cleaning checklist is starting to look a little bare. However, something still feels incomplete about your home. Once the warm weather starts to hit, people start to examine the exteriors of their homes with a more critical eye. […]

In The Spotlight – Chamberlain and Company Custom Painting LLC

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After a decade working in the custom painting and pressure washing industry, Matthew Chamberlain started his own company Chamberlain and Company Custom Painting LLC in 2009. Chamberlain is a staunch believer in pressure washing as a necessary first step in exterior painting, and his company prides itself on using the best quality products and equipment […]

Hot Water Pressure Washers For Sanitation & Disinfecting

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  Put your Customers at Ease Your customers are busy sanitizing, cleaning, and washing all around their homes, so make sure they feel confident in your business’s cleaning efforts with sanitation equipment from Mi-T-M.   Sanitizing Inside and Outside Use equipment that is safe for indoor use. Mi-T-M’s electric hot water pressure washers can reach […]

Should You Buy or Rent A Pressure Washer?

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Buying a Pressure Washer Vs. Renting a Pressure Washer From fences to decks, siding to lawn furniture, cars to garage floors; the places and things you can clean with a pressure washer are seemingly endless. So does it make more sense to rent or buy a pressure washer?   If you only use a pressure […]

How To Bid Pressure Cleaning A Stadium

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Bidding Stadium Clean Up – Mi-T-M Stadiums, arenas, and sports venues are some of the most challenging jobs to bid due to their sheer size and complexity. Many cleaning businesses lose money on these types of jobs because of underbidding, which is easy to do unless you take every last detail into account. Here are […]

Mi-T-M’s Guide For Winterizing Your Home

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  Winterize Your Home As the summer sun fades into memory, we welcome the cool, fresh temperatures of autumn. Fall is a time to prepare for the frigid months ahead. September and October are the ideal time to winterize and protect your home and belongings. At Mi-T-M we offer a wide variety of solutions to prepare […]

Mi-T-M Corporation Manufactures Industrial Equipment in Peosta, Iowa.

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Made In The USA The ability to work and provide value to a company, a community or even just a neighbor has given Americans purpose for generations. The Mi-T-M Corporation’s employees not only earn a paycheck, but they work hard to build high quality products that nearly everyone can use at one time or another—whether […]

Pressure Washing The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washing If you’re like us, you love before and after home pictures. But you wouldn’t believe a few of the “before” images we’ve seen at Mi-T-M. In some pictures, you can’t even tell the original color of the vinyl siding, others show greasy and blackened driveways and garages, while some […]

Maintaining The Indianapolis Motor Speedway: The Tale Of Quipco Sales.

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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a 2 1/2 mile stretch of road that has led many drivers to greatness. There are many unique things about this place, an obvious one being the prestigious Indy 500. Although many events around race day are well documented, many don’t consider the extensive work that takes place before, during, […]

Storm Preparedness – Portable Generators and Wattage for Appliances

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Portable Generators and Proper Wattage for Different Appliances Snow. Wind. Ice. Electrical storms. All these elements can wipe out your home’s power grid in the short- or long-term. Are you prepared? Don’t be left in the dark. Let Mi-T-M help you prepare for outages.   Electricity is a commodity most Americans take for granted. But […]

Tech – Tip: Winterize Your Pressure Washer

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Use Mi-T-M Pump Saver Solution to Winterize Your Pressure Washer The cold weather will be here soon so don’t forget to winterize your pressure washer… Winterizing your pressure washer is very important not only to keep your unit’s components from freezing but to also extend the life of the pressure washer itself. Many pressure washer […]

Dealer Spotlight: MG CLEANERS, LLC

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MG Cleaners In the oilfields of Texas, demand for dependable, high-quality rig cleaning equipment and services gave way to the formation of MG Cleaners. To optimize the number of clients they’re able to serve, MGC specializes in selling proprietary soaps, surfactants, and degreasers for cleaning and washing oil rigs to oilfield drilling rig contractors and […]

Four Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pressure Washer

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From mold, mildew, and mud . . . to grease, grass stains, and grime, there are simply some jobs too big for your “garden variety” garden hose to tackle. That’s when you need to bring in the big guns.   A residential pressure washer will make any outdoor clean-up task quicker and more efficient. In […]

Congratulations Becky Kremer

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  Becky Kremer Hire Date: June 14, 1976   What was your first position at Mi-T-M? Secretary – It included secretarial, receptionist, bookkeeping, purchasing, anything related to office work. When I was hired it was just AJ, I and one other guy (Jerry Brimeyer) in the office and there were just a couple guys in […]

Congratulations Chuck Kluesner

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Chuck Kluesner Hire Date: May 23, 1984   What was your first position at Mi-T-M? I was hired as an assembler of hot water pressure washers. Mi-T-M had just started the production of these units. From production, I went to the parts department, then worked in shipping and receiving and now I’m just in shipping. […]

Congratulations Tom Woerdehoff

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Tom Woerdehoff Hire Date: August 1, 1988   What was your first position at Mi-T-M? My first position was in sales.   What is your position at Mi-T-M? I’ve been Credit Manager for 26 years.   Is there one memorable moment or outstanding memory from Mi-T-M that you’ll always remember? If so, what is it? […]

Karen Steger -The “Voice” of Mi-T-M

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In the spirit of Administrative Professional’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to one of the most recognizable voices of Mi-T-M. For 26 years, customers have been greeted by the warm and friendly voice of Karen Steger – a humble employee who refers to herself as, “just the receptionist.”   As a potential customer’s first […]

Dealer Spotlight: Southern Environmental Equipment

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Southern Environmental Equipment‘s history can be summed up in two words: passion and growth.  The Florida based wash equipment dealer and servicer started from what many would consider humble beginnings. Prior to becoming the owner of Southern Environmental Equipment, Larry Shumate was a professional fishing guide on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Leesburg, FL. In […]

Advantages of a Hot Pressure Washer

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Some Like It Hot: Hot Pressure Washers   Grime, muck, grunge, and grease. Sure, they’re great sounding words, but they’re all tough to remove from surfaces.   When you want to sanitize an area, do you use hot or cold water? What about scrubbing dirty dishes? When trying to remove stains from clothing, do you […]

Mi-T-M’s Spring Cleaning Contest – WIN a Pressure Washer!

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Enter for your chance to make spring cleaning quick, easy, and fun! Spring is just around the corner, and we want to help you clean your dirty stuff with a NEW 3200 PSI Work Pro® Series pressure washer featuring a KOHLER engine! The Spring Cleaning Contest starts March 15th and runs through April 15th, and all you have […]

Dealer Spotlight: Alklean Industries, Inc.

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  Alklean Industries, Inc. has been in business since 1971 and has made it their mission to help clients achieve peak profitability by giving them the tools to operate more efficiently. A testament to the customer loyalty they’ve cultivated over the years is the simple fact that it was these loyal customers that pulled them through […]

Ponsford Ltd. – Caboose Restoration project

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Our friend Gordon from Ponsford Ltd., sent us some great photos & video of his latest restoration project. His team worked on this fantastic caboose for the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania. For this project they used a Mi-T-M 3504 Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washer as well as the Rotating Nozzle & Sand […]

Preserving The Monuments That Honor Our Veterans

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Ponsford Ltd., is the most unique conservation group in the United States and has been using Mi-T-M equipment for over 25 years. Ponsford has developed into a highly regarded conservation, restoration, and preservation group since its inception, but the tools with which they operate has required little change.     Arlington National Cemetery From 1984 […]

Dealer Spotlight: Pressure Washer Warehouse

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  History of Pressure Washer Warehouse The Carey’s (John, Grace, and Dave) started Otter Lake Pump Company at Otter Lake in Girard, IL in 1997. They started with 3 pressure washers and some soap on their sales floor. When business outgrew that location in 2004, they moved to the current location, off I-55 in the […]

Dealer Spotlight: Progressive Pressure Systems, Inc.

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Over 25 years ago in the southeastern Pennsylvania city of Lititz, a partnership between Mi-T-M Corporation and a local agriculture equipment company laid the foundation for what is known today as Progressive Pressure Systems, Inc. At that time, the demand for quality pressure washers caused the ag equipment company to form a new department, solely […]

Dealer Spotlight: Hanson Industrial Inc.

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For more than a half century, Hanson Industrial, Inc. has been a trusted equipment provider in the Quad Cities area. Providing high-level sales and service to customers and partnering with leading manufactures, Hanson Industrial prides itself in offering the highest quality and most durable equipment. The company is well known for their valuable experience, problem-solving […]

Dealer Spotlight: Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions LLC

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For more than fifteen years, Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions LLC has been a trusted Mi-T-M partner.   “Mi-T-M’s in-house quality is second to none,” says Enzo’s Owner Tim Esposito. “They run all their equipment before they send it to us so everything is working properly.”   “Ever since the opening of Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions, Tim has […]

Dealer Spotlight: McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems

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Walk into McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems and you’ll be greeted by Chopper, a stubborn but loveable Chesapeake Bay Retriever. “You don’t negotiate with a Chessie,” says President Dennis Black. The cute pooch is a new addition to a company with a long history. Black has been working with pressure washers for more than 30 years. […]

Dealer Spotlight: Georgia Chemical Equipment Company

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Mi-T-M’s March 2017 Dealer Spotlight: Georgia Chemical Equipment Company Over the last 40 years, Georgia Chemical Equipment Company has evolved from a small steam cleaner and soap distributor to an exceptional pressure washing and industrial cleaning company with a clear mission: To develop mutually profitable relationships by providing the best possible service and products to their […]

Tech Tip: Hot Water Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

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Standard HEG Hot Water Pressure Washer Troubleshooting What to do if the burner is not firing and how to check the MV terminal. First things first, make sure the unit has a pilot flame. If it does then the next thing to check is if the ignition control box is seeing the flame correctly by […]

Dealer Spotlight: FT Farfan Limited

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Mi-T-M’s February 2017 Dealer Spotlight: FT Farfan Limited Location: Six locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago Employees: 320     For more than 70 years, FT Farfan Limited has been providing technology and engineering solutions to many industries throughout Trinidad and Tobago.   A few of these industries include energy, petrochemical, industrial, agricultural and the woodworking sectors. […]

Dealer Spotlight: Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions

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Mi-T-M’s January 2017 Dealer Spotlight: Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions Lyle Swift often yearns for his former way of doing business. “Somebody should close the internet and let us get back to work the old-fashioned way,” he jokes.   The president of Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions started his Cincinnati-area pressure cleaning business in 1999. He misses the days […]

Tech Tip: Kerosene Forced Air (KFA) Portable Heaters Not Lighting Up

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Possible Cause #1 If you are trying to light your KFA Portable Heater and you notice little or no air pressure registering on the pressure gauge, there may be an issue with one of the following components: 1. Fuel filter     2. Air hose     3. Air pump rotor Solution: – Check to make […]

Tech Tip: Portable Kerosene Heaters

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Heater Season Again The most common heaters you will see in the field are the Portable Kerosene Heaters (or Kerosene Forced Air, KFA). To best help you tackle issues with these heaters, new or used; here are some initial questions our Tech Team will ask you. 1)What is your air pressure? There is a small […]

Dealer Spotlight: ClearBlu Environmental

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          Mi-T-M’s December 2016 Dealer Spotlight: ClearBlu Environmental At Mi-T-M, we’re proud of our partnership with ClearBlu Environmental. Based in Watsonville, CA, ClearBlu works directly with both wineries and breweries to provide custom pH balancing systems. This month, we raise our glass to toast ClearBlu.   ClearBlu is a full water […]

Dealer Spotlight: Chappell Supply and Equipment

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  Company: Chappell Supply and Equipment Year Established: 1980 Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma He started small with a strong work ethic and a dream. In 1980, Roy Chappell founded his business in the back of a business park with just one machine and $250 in inventory. Today, as one of the nation’s largest industrial cleaning […]

Dealer Spotlight: Ben’s Cleaner Sales

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  Company: Ben’s Cleaner Sales Year Established: 1945 Location: Seattle, Washington     In 1945, Ben Meyer founded a small cleaning contractor business in Seattle, Washington. Now operated by the third generation of the Meyer family, Ben’s Cleaner Sales is one of Mi-T-M’s longest standing dealers. We’re proud of our partnership and are happy it’s mutual.   […]

Dealer Spotlight: Associated Cleaning Equipment

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  Company: Associated Cleaning Equipment Years Established: 34 Location: Pittsburg, IL     More than three decades ago, Bill Kissing opened a full-service gas station and repair shop. In 1984, Kissing expanded and moved his business to Pittsburg, Illinois. He began to focus on industrial grade pressure cleaning equipment. A lot has changed in the intervening […]

NEW Rotary Screw Air Compressor | Mi-T-M

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Mighty Durable The new Mi-T-M Rotary Screw Air Compressor was being field tested during construction of a large industrial building. During construction, a powerful storm came through and about 20,000 pounds of building material came crashing down on top of the rotary screw. After removing the debris, the rotary screw’s roll cage was damaged but […]

Storm Safety Tips to Protect Your Family

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Best Practices to keep your family safe and warm for the next storm. “If the temperature is less than my age, I don’t get out of bed,” once quipped Ellen DeGeneres. If that were true, many of us would spend the entire winter under our blankets.   In addition to snow, strong winds and storms […]

Should I Choose an Electric or Gasoline Pressure Washer?  

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In your quest for cleaner surfaces you have officially decided to purchase a pressure washer, the ultimate solution to the many challenging surfaces you may face! Now that you decided to purchase, the next question is, what type do you get? There are a few differences among the many brands of pressure washers, however, the […]