Pressure Washers

Specifically designed for both the homeowner and property owner, this line of pressure washers is perfect for general cleaning and equipment maintenance. Available in electric and gas engine powered and from 1400 PSI to 4200 PSI, the residential and commercial pressure washers are extremely durable, yet portable enough to move from project to project.

Residential Pressure Washers

Clean dirt and grime from home exteriors, small equipment and just about any surface with Mi-T-M residential pressure washers. Lightweight yet powerful, you'll complete almost any cleaning task in no time.

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Commercial Pressure Washers

Designed to easily handle tough cleaning jobs, Mi-T-M commercial pressure washers are great for blasting away mud and muck on the farm, small business or commercial cleaning applications. Available in both gas and electric and from 1400 PSI to 4200 PSI.

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