Air Compressor / Generator / Welders

Save space, money, and reduce load capacity with a Mi-T-M combination unit. Customers who are in the field and need a reliable piece of equipment that seamlessly switches between functions need a Mi-T-M combination unit. Service and maintenance also cost less for a machine being powered by a single engine, adding to the benefits of these units.

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Air Compressor Generator Welder FAQ

This is a unique piece of equipment that was designed and engineered by Mi‑T‑M. A Mi‑T‑M compressor/generator can be an invaluable tool for any contractor because it combines two vital pieces of equipment - portable power and industrial air compression. The uses are endless for contractors, professional remodels and do-it-yourselfers.

The compressor/generator can be used in any application where you need an air compressor and/or a generator. Increase productivity by condensing two vital pieces of equipment into one versatile must-have machine! Professional remodelers and contractors appreciate the convenience of an air compressor with a built-in generator system. Ideal for every industrial application that requires both electrical power and air.