Pressure Washer Trailers

When customers need their washing equipment to go everywhere they do, a Mi-T-M customizable pressure washer trailer provides the ultimate in portability. The trailers are extremely rugged and paired with a reliable Mi-T-M pressure washer offer convenient on-site cleaning.

Single Axle Trailer Units

Single axle trailers weigh less so they're more economical to tow, cost less to buy, and are easy to maneuver. Customize a unit with a Mi-T-M pressure washer to fit your specific application and get the jobs done quickly, wherever that may be. Need a dependable trailer for your business? Mi-T-M is the one to count on.

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Dual Axle Trailer Units

Dual axle trailers have two axles placed in close proximity to help evenly distribute the weight of cargo. Double water tank capacity is possible with dual axle trailers as well as storage areas under water tanks. Paired with a heavy-duty Mi-T-M pressure washer, these double axle trailers are used by heavy duty construction contractors, factories, well drillers, mines, military bases, road builders, contract cleaners, shipyards, municipalities and food services who don't have time to waste on inferior equipment.

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Hot Water Mini Trailer Units

The compact design of the Mi-T-M hot water mini trailer offers ease of transport without sacrificing powerful cleaning capabilities. This trailer package is engineered with a durable powder coated steel frame, a rear locking storage area and an industrial 4000 PSI belt-driven pressure washer.

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hot water pressure washer mini trailer

Water Trailer Units

The dual-axle water trailer features a 510-gallon water tank and features rear spray, fire and garden hose hook-ups and hydrant fill capabilities. It is great for dust control, cleaning parking lots and transporting water to remote locations.

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