Portable Heaters

Mi-T-M portable heaters are designed to provide reliable heat for jobsites and work spaces. Our line of heaters are available in kerosene forced air, propane, convection and radiant.


10,000 - 600,000 BTU

Industrial Heaters

Ideal for heating wide, vented areas, especially on jobsites.

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Residential & Commercial

18,000 - 50,000 BTU

Residential & Commercial Heaters

Reliable heaters for your workshop, deck or any other outdoor setting.

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Propane burns cleaner and tanks can easily be found at most gas stations and grocery stores.

Propane vs Kerosene


Kerosene is combustible, burns strongly and offers a strong amount of heat.

Forced Air

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Forced air heaters work by using a fan to blow air over a heated element, distributing warm air quickly throughout a space. This method is effective for rapidly heating an entire space.

Forced Air vs Radiant


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Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that directly warms objects and people in its path without heating the air first. This makes them efficient for targeted heating in a vented work space.

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About Mi-T-M Heaters

You'll find Mi-T-M portable heaters provide instant and consistent heat for a variety of jobsites and spaces. Using either kerosene or propane gas as a power source, Mi-T-M heaters are suitable for small to large areas utilizing force air, convection or radiant heat. Great for use in well vented areas, a Mi-T-M portable heater offers reliable heat for a more comfortable environment.

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Mi-T-M's large network of dealers are experts in the industry and can help you choose the right portable heater for your specific needs. Plus, you can find factory authorized service centers across the country that will perform routine inspections and repair maintenance for this equipment.

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