Storing a Cold Water Pressure Washer

ENGINE: The engine instructions that accompany your unit detail specific procedures for maintenance of the engine. Following the engine manufacturer's recommendations will extend engine work life.

PUMP: The pump oil must be changed after the first 25 hours of operation. Once the initial oil change has been completed, it is recommended the oil be changed every 3 months or 250 hour intervals. If oil appears dirty or milky, changes may be required at a greater frequency. Use Mi‑T‑M pump oil #AW-4085-0016 and fill only to the center of the oil sight glass. DO NOT OVERFILL!

NOZZLES: Water flow through the spray nozzle will erode the orifice, making it larger, resulting in a pressure loss. Nozzles should be replaced whenever pressure is less than 85% of the maximum. The frequency of replacement will depend upon such variables as mineral content in the water and number of hours the nozzle is used.

QUICK COUPLERS: There is an o-ring seal inside the female quick coupler. This o-ring will deteriorate or, if the unit is allowed to pump without the high pressure hose or nozzle attached, the o-ring may be blown out occasionally. Simply insert a replacement o-ring to correct the leak. (Additional o-rings can be purchased from your dealer.)