Choremaster Pressure Washer - Mi-T-M - Gasoline Vertical Series

Mi-T-M introduces the ChoreMaster Gasoline Vertical Series pressure washer.

And it’s perfect for removing dirt, mold and mildew from your home.

With up to 3,000 PSI, it’s ready to tackle all your cleaning jobs. Keeping your home clean prevents rot, decay and premature aging of your home – extending the life of your property including your driveway, walkway, porch and patio.

And when a dirty job calls for more than just water, you’ll appreciate the built in detergent tank on this pressure washer.

Quick connect nozzles that won’t slow you down.

Plus, this pressure washer is easy to move all around your place.

Convenient and portable... the ChoreMaster Gasoline Vertical Series pressure washer from Mi-T-M.