Tour Our Facility

Mi-T-M Corporation is a leading manufacturer of the high-quality industrial equipment. AJ Spiegel, Founder and CEO, built the first MI-T-M pressure washer in 1971, and for over 40 years we’ve maintained our first-class reputation for innovative design, quality control, and customer care.

In 2015 we completed the construction and relocation of our Fabrication, Production and Corporate Headquarters in Peosta, Iowa. The complex spans nearly one million square feet and is located on the west side of the small Iowa town, our home since 1971.

It all starts with exceptional engineering and design, and as an approved CSA testing facility, Mi-T-M Engineers work to develop and certify Mi-T-M equipment to UL and CSA standards. Two state-of-the-art Test Rooms are dedicated to approving new designs and guaranteeing our products live up to the high standards we’ve become known for. This rigorous life testing is what sets us apart from other manufacturers.

The Fabrication division provides the high-quality metal and powder-coated components for all Mi-T-M equipment. Fabricated parts are then delivered to the Parts department to await their trip to the production lines.

The Mi-T-M Production division consists of 23 production lines with 11 test rooms. Here is where you’ll find the well-known black equipment with the gold M in various stages of completion. Hundreds of hot and cold pressure washers, generators, air compressors, heavy-duty combinations units and other industrial equipment are manufactured every day in the heart of Iowa.

At Mi-T-M, Safety is a core value and we’re proud to build safe equipment while maintaining a safe work environment.

The in-house marketing team prints all decals and manuals. The just-in-time process keeps inventory low, costs down, and print materials are always up-to-date.

Once the final assembly is complete, each unit is tested to make sure it meets the specifications set by the Mi-T-M Quality Assurance division.

After packaging, all the newly-built units from all 23 lines feed into the state-of-the-art, fully automated, 800-foot conveyor line, on their way to the Distribution department.

The Parts Department maintains an inventory of all Mi-T-M service parts and components. Nearly 500 orders are packaged and shipped from this department every day.

Each day, all orders are staged at the expansive shipping docks. When the trucks arrive, it’s all hands on deck to get the orders loaded en route to their final destination.

One of the things that separate Mi-T-M from the competition is our Sales and Customer Service department.

100% customer satisfaction is the primary goal of these 50 dedicated professionals. When you call Mi-T-M about a technical concern, you talk to a trained professional, not a machine.

We may be located in a small Iowa town, but we’re known worldwide for the quality we build into our equipment and our first-class customer service.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour of our state-of-the art manufacturing facility and the Mi-T-M Corporate headquarters.