Using the Mi‑T‑M Air Compressor / Generator / Welder Combo

Mi‑T‑M knows that the dependability of high quality equipment is vital in every industry, and working with equipment that can save both time and money is just as important. The Mi‑T‑M combination air compressor, generator, and arc welder is a great addition to our diverse line of high quality, industrial equipment.

Three machines in 1, Mi‑T‑M offers this unique piece of equipment in three models:

  • 20-Gallon
  • 30-Gallon
  • Base-Mount

An industrial-duty 404cc Subaru engine with electric start powers both the 30-gallon model and the base-mount model. It features a two-stage air compressor with 15.7 CFM, a generator rated from 2500 to 4500 off-load watts, and a 170 amp arc welder.

The 20 gallon Mi‑T‑M combination unit is powered by a 688 cc Honda V-Twin engine with electric start. This larger model has more horsepower and provides 29 CFM for the air compressor, 4500 continuous wattage for the generator, and 220 amps for the arc welder.

This model also includes a 10-gallon auxiliary fuel tank for longer run time.

Let's face it, equipment breaks down when you need it most. The air compressor helps you get back to work quickly, and is ideal for operating large pneumatic tools like this high-torque impact wrench. It features a splash lubricated cast iron pump and includes an air regulator with 2 gauges.

The generator provides reliable power in the field or on the jobsite. It is designed for rugged use and can take on the most demanding jobs.

Whichever model you choose, you will find that the arc welder helps get the job done fast. The adjustable welding amperage features control settings for precise amperage selection. The Mi-T-M combination air compressor, generator, and welder is the ideal tool for working on emergency field repairs in remote locations, so you can get back to work quickly. Contact your sales representative, or call 800-553-9053 and we'll put you in touch with your nearest Mi-T-M dealer.

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