Mi-T-M Pressure Washer - How To Use Mister Mode

Mi-T-M developed a solution to respond to the immediate need for equipment to disinfect a multitude of surfaces as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Mi-T-M pressure washer mister combination offers a 1400 PSI electric cold water pressure washer and a 350 PSI mister in one unit as either a portable or hand carry model.

This commercial grade unit comes complete with everything you need to use as either a pressure washer or mister.

Each unit includes:

  • 2 piece 36 inch lance and trigger gun
  • A misting gun with misting nozzle
  • 75 foot quarter inch high pressure hose with quick connects
  • 3 quick connect nozzles
  • a quick connect misting nozzle for the 36-inch lance.

To operate this unit in mister mode, follow these steps:
Plug into a standard 120 volt outlet.

Connect the blue high pressure hose to the outlet of the pump.

Next attach a small section of garden hose, 10 foot or less, to the inlet of the pump.

Place the other end of the garden hose into a 5 gallon bucket containing a disinfectant solution.

You will need to purge air from the system, since the mister is not being fed from a water source

To purge air from the system, turn the mister valve clockwise until fully closed.

Place the high pressure hose over the 5 gallon bucket and

Turn the pressure washer on.

Once you have a steady flow of disinfectant through the hose, the air has been purged. This could take 2-3 minutes.

Shut off the pressure washer.

Now connect the misting gun to the high-pressure hose.

Adjust the misting valve to the full, open position by turning it counter-clockwise.

Turn the pressure washer on and position the gun over the bucket and squeeze the trigger.

The mister is ready to operate.

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