Wet-Dry Vac FAQs

Filter efficiency of the Mi‑T‑M wet/dry vacuum is 99.5% to 1.0 micron (optional HEPA filter 99.77% efficient to 0.3 micron). Filtration efficiency ratings indicate the size of the particles which will be trapped by the filter thus preventing those particles to reach the motor or channeled out through the exhaust. Most paper filters found in homeowner wet/dry vacuums are not rated for micron efficiency, however, many are rated as high as 50 -100 micron. Most industrial filters will have micron ratings from 1 - 10 micron at 95 to 99.5% efficiency. In addition, HEPA filters are available as an optional accessory for many industrial vacuums. HEPA filters are designed for hazardous material such as asbestos and lead paint. These filters are rated at 99.97% efficiency to .3 micron.

Because the Mi‑T‑M wet/dry vacuum has a filter efficiency rating of 99.5% to 1.0 micron, it virtually eliminates airborne particles through the exhaust.

Tough dirt and spills require equally tough clean up. Mi‑T‑M wet/dry vacuums feature self-cooling motors that won't burn up, a lifetime warranty on canisters, and professional grade power.

The Mi‑T‑M wet/dry vacuums are truly the best in their class. Designed for industrial and commercial applications, these vacuums will withstand the roughest environment and applications. Rated as one of the quietest wet/dry vacuums on the market, the low noise level is appreciated by everyone who uses them. The high impact polyurethane canister and power head make the Mi‑T‑M wet/dry vacuum virtually indestructible.

Mi‑T‑M wet/dry vacuum accessories include filters, hose adapter kits and a wall mount bracket. Click here to view the accessories page.

Mi‑T‑M offers an optional HEPA filter 99.77% efficient to 0.3 micron.

The filter on the Mi‑T‑M vacuum is unique because it works wet or dry and can be rinsed to clean.