Dual Axle Water Trailer

Mi-T-M's mobile pressure washer trailers are the perfect solution for on-site cleaning. Custom built with an industrial pressure washer, you can clean dirt and grime anywhere, and anytime.

There are many options and accessories available to build a mobile pressure washer trailer package that's right for you, including either a 200 or 400-gallon tank, hose reels, valves, brakes, and hitches.

Before using, make sure your battery cables are secured, the battery is operating properly, and you have sufficient fuel, visually checking the red gasoline and green diesel tanks.

To test the battery, you must start the unit.

First, locate the key to the main power switch on the front panel.

Turn the key while pulling out the choke, located above the power switch.

Once the pressure washer starts, push in the choke, and immediately shut down the unit to avoid any damage to the pump.

You may notice a power switch on the Honda engine, but it is completely disarmed on this unit.

This model is built with a 400-gallon tank and an optional, low-pressure, industrial supply hose and reel, making it easy to fill the tank.

Flip the latch on the reel and make sure the ball valve is in the open position. When you have adequate water for the job, close the valve, disconnect the hose from the water source, and wind it back up on the reel, making sure the latches are in place. Reattach the low-pressure hose for transport.

Before you head to the jobsite, check the safety chains and electrical connectors, confirming they are in place and the safety pin is secured. Once you arrive at your jobsite, be sure to park your trailer on a safe, flat surface. Unlock the optional high-pressure hose reel and disconnect the hose from the transport position. A convenient storage space is built into this dual axle trailer, and it's perfect for stowing gun and wand, and other accessories such as detergents and extra hoses.

Quick connect the hose to the gun and wand, and turn the ball valve to the open position. Mi-T-M pressure washers come with color-coded high-pressure spray nozzles for different applications. Make sure you select the appropriate nozzle for your job. Start up the unit as previously shown.

Once the pressure washer starts, push in the choke to bring the unit up to performance level.

The Mi-T-M hot water pressure washer designed in this trailer package can be used in either cold or hot water applications. If you need hot water for your cleaning task, locate the burner on/off switch on the front panel of the pressure washer. Once the burner switch is on, you are ready to use your pressure washer. It's the ideal tool to remove dirt and grime, stubborn stains, and oil and grease on heavy equipment. You can keep your fleet clean at any location.

Large outdoor spaces are no match for the combination dual axle trailer and Mi-T-M pressure washer. The 400-gallon capacity on this unit will give you a lot of cleaning time. When you're ready to call it a day, give your hot water pressure washer about 5 minutes to cool down. Shut the burner off and do one last cold-water rinse, allowing the heating coil time to cool properly, extending the life of your pressure washer. When you're finished, turn the key to shut down the unit, and trigger the gun one last time to release pressure in the hose. Disconnect your high-pressure hose from the gun and wand, and wind it up. Make sure to latch the hose reel and reattach the hose for transport.

It's a good idea to drain any excess water from the tank after a day of cleaning.

Mi-T-M customizable mobile pressure washer trailers are rugged, convenient, and the perfect solution for on-site cleaning. Contact Mi-T-M, and we'll help you design the best trailer package for you.