Water Trailer

We all know that dust can be both a hazard and nuisance, especially during dry summer months. The Mi-T-M Water Trailer is a great solution for controlling dust in many locations, like outdoor venues, work zones, parking lots and unpaved roads.

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About The Trailer

The DOT-approved trailer from Mi-T-M features a large capacity 510-gallon water tank, giving you more time on the job and less time filling the tank. When you are ready to fill the tank, three options are available with this unit--hydrant fill capability, fire hose, and garden hose hook-ups.

The easiest and quickest method is to use the 25-foot fire hose connected to the anti-siphon coupler on the water tank and a main water source. Remove the tank lid, open the water source, and begin filling.

Once the tank is full and you are ready to roll, use the handy mesh storage box to keep hoses and tools safely tucked away and always make sure the safety chains, electrical connectors, and the safety pin are secured.

DOT-approved for highway travel, the tandem axle trailer can be pulled anywhere you need it. The quarter-inch solid steel deck plate is tough enough to be pulled over rough terrain, making it an ideal solution for dust control on new road construction projects.

The dual leaf spring suspension system supports the weight of the chassis, adding durability and longer life to the trailer.

The Mi-T-M water trailer offers an easy and effective way for seasonal dust control on unpaved roads. To operate the rear mounted spray bar, start the gas engine, and open the brass ball valve.

The dual brass heads make fast work of spraying down any location, providing a wide spray pattern.

It’s always ideal to have a municipal water source available, but if none are nearby, the Semi-Trash Pump can be used to draw water from a static source. Simply connect the hose to the pump and attach the filter to the other end. Submerge the hose and open the valves. Once you start up the engine, and your tank will begin to fill.

Featuring 12-inches of ground clearance, the trailer hitches to your truck quickly using the 7,000-pound side-mount crank jack.

If you have a small area to spray down where using the trailer and rear spray bar isn’t practical, use the fire hose or a garden hose connected to the tank. Manually spraying these areas is just as easy.

It’s always a good idea to drain any excess water from the tank after a day of use.

Built to last, Mi-T-M water trailers are customizable. Several hitch options are available, and if you need to pick up less desirable water, customize your trailer with a 2-inch hard suction and discharge semi trash pump.

Convenient, rugged and perfect for many applications, contact Mi-T-M for all your water trailer needs.