Hose Extension

Using the Pressure Washer Hose Extension

Sometimes you simply need a bigger tool to reach elevated spaces. For times like these, it’s Mi-T-M’s 50-foot extension hose to the rescue!

You’ll appreciate all the many advantages of this versatile accessory. The hose is flexible and resistant to kinks. It’s chemical and weather resistant. Made out of wire grade material, the hose is also durable and made to withstand frequent use and harsh weather conditions. And it can be attached to all our pressure washer models, both gas and electric powered.

Connecting the hose to your equipment is fast, easy and convenient. The 3/8 inch component is simple to attach to your pressure washer. And once connected, you’ll love the extra 50 feet of pressure washing reach.

The hose extension allows you to remain in one place for longer periods of time and spend less time moving and relocating the pressure washer. And because the hose reaches so far, you’ll keep the pressure washer away from the majority of the grime and mess you’re cleaning.

With the 50-foot extension, you’ll have the ability to cover a much larger area and blast away dirt and debris far above and beyond the reach of a normal hose.

When you’re in the market for a pressure washer, consider all the quality products from Mi-T-M. We’ll help you choose the ideal pressure washer for your needs and help you select all the right accessories — like this amazing 50-foot extension hose — to help make the most of your investment.