How to Use A Portable Water Reclaim System

More than 30 years ago, Congress passed a bill to address water pollution and poor water quality. The Clean Water Act monitors industrial and wastewater discharges and prevents untreated water from entering storm drains across all 50 states.

Mi-T-M created a unique portable water reclaim system you can use anywhere. Designed to capture and recycle wash water, it’s the perfect solution for mobile washing and water recovery.

Our portable system, with a 20’ rubber berm, creates a convenient containment dam to capture all your wastewater for proper disposal.

The suction head contains small holes. These openings allow wastewater into the reclaim system, but keep large objects and debris out.

If you need to clean up an oily spill or mess, you can use an oil absorption sock to the collection tank. The specially designed sock will only absorb oil and grease within the tank. When your job is done, you can easily dispose of the sock and these contaminants.

You can also purchase a cyclone filter, which drops out larger particles, matter, and solids. It’s a highly effective filter, cleaning any wastewater down to 70 microns. The final filtration includes a removable bag filter.

After treatment, the treated wastewater is as low as 5 microns and is clean enough to be used in a pressure washer.

Mi-T-M’s portable water reclaim system is easy to use and very convenient. Most importantly, it helps you meet all the guidelines and requirements of the Clean Water Act. Call Mi-T-M today to learn more ways we can help you and your business.