PWR Series Trailer Package

The Mi-T-M portable water reclaim system is designed to reclaim wash water on the jobsite. Pair it with a hot water pressure washer and install it on a dual-axle trailer with a 200-gallon water tank and you have a completely mobile cleaning package.

The PWR Series Trailer Package comes with everything you need to provide hot water cleaning capabilities on remote jobsites so you don’t have to depend on someone else for water and electrical requirements.

The 5 by 8 foot dual axle trailer features

  • 50 foot inlet garden hose and reel
  • 100 foot high pressure hose with reel
  • 200 gallon tank

A series of valves allows you to use the 200-gallon tank or a pressurized water supply for washing.

Mounted directly on the trailer, is a powerful Mi-T-M 4.3 GPM at 3500 PSI hot water pressure washer.

It is designed with a heavy duty 1-1/2 inch steel square tube frame, a Honda engine, and a belt drive General pump with a clutch feature. The clutch keeps the pump disengaged when the trigger gun is shut off, reducing wear on the pump and virtually eliminating costly downtime.

A manual pump switch allows the pressure washer engine to run with no threat of damage to the pump.

This pressure washer comes with a large 4900 watt generator, to power both the hot water burner and the PWR so there is no need for another electrical power source.

The PWR system comes with a 20 foot rubber berm to contain wastewater for proper disposal, 50 foot vacuum hose, two micron cartridge filter with filter gauge, high temp fittings, and a cleanout valve.

This package is ideal for mobile washing and water recovery, as it allows you to reclaim the wash water and recycle it back through the water tank, giving you an endless supply of water, and at the end of the day, you can properly dispose of untreated water.

Mi-T-M’s microbe concrete cleaner is the ideal pretreatment for oil and grease stains. After applying, wait 15 minutes and use the cleaning strength of the Mi-T-M hot water pressure washer.

The combination of these powerful cleaners will cut your work time drastically.

Use the new Mi-T-M heavy duty surface cleaner with vacuum port.
This unique tool is a great addition to the Portable Water Recovery system by cleaning the surface and capturing the water all in one step. The dirty water is suctioned, treated by the portable recycling system, and then used again for the same cleaning process.

The Mi-T-M PWR Series Trailer Package is specifically designed to give you the best mobile cleaning system in the industry, with the capability to reclaim and recycle your wash water on site.

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