Cold Water Extension Hoses

When you need extra mobility and length.

851-0338 (4000-PSI, R1) pictured
851-0006 (4500-PSI, R2)
851-0317 (6000-PSI, R2)
·50-foot x 3/8-inch ID
·Includes quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors
·Chemical resistant
·Wire braided

15-0273 (4000-PSI, R1)
·100-foot x 3/8-inch ID
·250°F temperature rating

15-0365 (7200-PSI, R3, black)
·50-foot x 3/8-inch ID

851-0089 (4200-PSI, R2, black)
·50-foot x 1/2-inch ID

851-0420 (7000-PSI, R2, black)
·50-foot x 3/8-inch ID
·Includes quick connects

AW-0050-0176 (4000-PSI, R1)
·23-foot x 5/16-inch steel-braided
·Fits CV Series, CM-3000-0MMB and WP-3000 models

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