Add the ability to easily connect and disconnect your pressure washer wands and hoses.

AW-0017-0001 (1/4-inch F x 1/4-inch socket)
AW-0017-0002 (1/4-inch M x 1/4-inch plug) pictured
AW-0017-0004 (3/8-inch F x 3/8-inch socket)
AW-0017-0005 (3/8-inch M x 3/8-inch plug)
AW-0017-0006 (3/8-inch F x 3/8-inch plug)
AW-0017-0028 (1/4-inch M x 1/4-inch socket)
AW-0017-0029 (1/2-inch M x 3/8-inch socket)
·Sockets and plugs are quick connect
AW-0017-0035 (M22 x 3/8-inch FNPT)
·Screw connect
AW-0023-0017 (3/8-inch M x 1/4-inch F adapter)
AW-0023-0410 (3/8-inch M x 1/4-inch BSP-F adapter)
AW-0024-0251 (3/8-inch M x 1/4-inch BSP-M adapter)

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