All-Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M All-Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Many facilities require hot water high pressure cleaning for indoor applications where emissions and fuel exhaust fumes are not allowed.

In this case, traditional hot water pressure washers with diesel or gas fired burners are not an option.

Food and beverage processing companies, for instance, must constantly clean and sanitize their facilities in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Using an all-electric hot water pressure washer on floors, worktables and equipment is a fast and effective way to clean and disinfect at the same time without the dangerous emission of fuel exhaust fumes from traditional burners.

Many facilities choose the versatility of the Mi-T-M industrial all-electric pressure washer to quickly remove dirt, grime and residue from preparation and packaging areas.

The all-electric hot-water pressure washer consists of two major components.

The high-quality belt-driven pump and motor is protected by a stainless-steel cabinet that resists corrosion, rust, and stains.

The large powder coated steel cabinet protects the heat exchanger cartridges in harsh environments. Cooling vents help with dissipation of heat.

The innovative heat exchanger cartridge design provides consistent and efficient on-demand hot water.

Mi-T-M's dual stainless-steel coils are wrapped in aluminum castings to eliminate heat loss and reduce the need for continual maintenance from lime build up and stagnant water.

The temperature will rise 120 to 130 degrees above incoming water temperature within 3 to 5 minutes, so crews can get right to work disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces.

The efficient heat exchanger maintains this constant temperature throughout your cleaning task.

Tough deposits and buildup on all kinds of surfaces are no match for this cleaning power.

Mi-T-M's all electric hot water pressure washer is clean, quiet and virtually maintenance free.

Listed to CSA Safety Standards, it can be used in any facility to clean and sanitize where exhaust fumes are not allowed.

Get the job done quickly with no flames, no fumes and no exhaust.

Best of all, this hot water pressure washer is built to last, with tough and dependable internal parts and components that you've come to expect from Mi-T-M.

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