How to Use a Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for removing grease and oil from equipment and heavily soiled surfaces. This video will show you how to use the proper startup, operation, and shut down procedure for an electric hot water pressure washer.

Never operate this pressure washer in an enclosed area. Always make certain there is adequate ventilation. Wear safety goggles and closed toe shoes, protect yourself from the possibility of direct spray, and do not come in contact with the motor or heat exchanger.

  • Make sure the pressure washer is on a flat surface, and check the pump oil level before each use. It is recommended to use Mi‑T‑M pump oil or a 30-weight non-detergent oil.
  • Add either #1 or #2 diesel fuel or kerosene to the burner supply tank.
  • Connect a garden hose to the pressure washer and the other end to your water supply. A 20 to 40 PSI inlet pressure supply is required.
  • Next, connect the male end of the high-pressure hose that comes with the unit into the coil outlet on the pressure washer. Make sure the trigger gun is in the locked or "OFF" position.
  • Select the high-pressure nozzle best suited to your cleaning task. To install, pull back the collar. Attach the nozzle and release the collar, making sure it snaps into place.
  • Plug into a properly grounded outlet and make sure the GFCI is set.
  • Turn on the water, and move the trigger gun lock to the "ON" position. Squeeze the trigger on the gun to purge the system of excess air before starting the unit.
  • Now, turn the pump switch to the "ON" position. Make sure the burner switch is in the "OFF" position.

Now you are ready to start the pressure washer.

At this point, the unit is operating as a cold-water pressure washer. It is important that you make sure the pressure washer is not in the bypass mode for more than 2 minutes. To operate as a hot water pressure washer, move the burner switch to the "ON" position. Adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature and squeeze the trigger gun. As you can see, hot water pressure washers have an advantage over cold-water machines for specific cleaning applications.

To remove oil, grease, mud, and muck from a piece of heavy construction equipment, there is nothing better than a hot water pressure washer.

For even greater cleaning power, use Mi‑T‑M detergent that is specifically developed for use with your hot water pressure washer.

  • First, move the burner switch to the "OFF" position, put the detergent hose into the detergent container, and open the detergent valve on the pressure washer.
  • Now squeeze the trigger gun.
  • Using detergent with your pressure washer will allow you to clean more efficiently. Mi‑T‑M detergent is specifically designed to break down dirt, grease and oils for more cleaning power than water alone. Plus, Mi‑T‑M detergent is environmentally-friendly.
  • After applying, close the detergent valve and rinse the surface thoroughly.

When your project is complete, take time to cool down the coil of your pressure washer. Turn the burner off and squeeze the trigger for approximately 1 minute or until the metal lance feels cool to the touch. Heated water pulls the metals out of hard water and allows them to collect on the coils, so cooling the coil is very important.

Turn the pump switch to the "OFF" position. Turn off the water supply, and squeeze the trigger gun to release pressure. Disconnect the high pressure hose and disconnect the garden hose.