Mi-T-M 2000 and 2500-Watt Inverter Generators

These compact inverters are equipped with inverter technology for reduced noise and fuel consumption. They produce clean power and great for charging and powering tools and sensitive electronics on jobsites. These inverters are even great for camping and tailgating.

This one produces a max output of 2000-watts with 1600 continuous and this one has a max output of 2500-watts with 2300 continuous. Both are designed to be quiet and are rated under 70 decibels.

As you can see the hand carry design makes them easy to move to wherever power is needed. Both models are equipped with CO detectors and will automatically shut off if carbon monoxide levels become unsafe.

Even though these inverters are equipped with CO detection, you always want to use them outdoors with proper ventilation. Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous.

The control panel includes all universal outlets – a 120 volt, 20 amp GFCI duplex outlet, a 12 volt DC receptacle along with two USB ports for electronics. The outlet covers protect from dirt and debris when they’re not being used.

There are LED indicator lights along the top show low oil, overload and power and the idle control switch is below to conserve fuel.

Here on the left is the generator switch where you can simply turn the generator on and off. And choke if needed.

Checking your fuel level has never been easier. Both units have an easy-to-read fuel gauge on top next to the handle.

The unique gas cap on the 2000-watt model is vented to relieve any pressure and it’s easy to check the fuel level on either of these inverters with the gauge next to the handle.

What’s really great about these inverters are the quick access panels. These make maintenance extremely simple. Behind this one at the top is the spark plug, behind this cover is the air filter and over here is where you check the oil.

On the other side of the inverter is the easy pull recoil start. Both the 2000-watt and 2500-watt inverters provide the power needed for a variety of tasks. The 2000-watt model is powered by a 79cc Mi-T-M overhead valve engine and the 2500 model has a 120cc Mi-T-M engine that is exceptional compared to other inverters in its class!

If even more power is needed, use a Mi-T-M parallel port box accessory. This allows you to connect two inverters together and utilize the power of both units at once!

Have power when and where you need it with the Mi-T-M 2000 and 2500-watt hand carry inverter generators.

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