Mi-T-M 4000-Watt Inverter Generator

The Mi-T-M 4000-watt portable generator is built with inverter technology for reduced noise and fuel consumption and is ideal for powering a variety of tools, equipment and sensitive electronic devices.

It produces a max of 4000-watts with 3500 continuous and is extremely quiet with a 56 decibel rating. This model is equipped with a CO detector and auto shutdown, so if carbon monoxide levels become unsafe, the generator will automatically shut off.

The control panel includes all universal outlets - a 120 volt, 20 amp GFCI duplex outlet, a 120 volt, 30 amp twist lock, a 12 volt DC receptacle as well as dual USB ports with covers for added protection.

Easily turn the generator on/off switch with choke and use the electric start button or the recoil start on the side. To use the electric start option, make sure to charge the battery with the included charger.

The idle control switch will help conserve fuel and the digital display shows power output, fuel usage and hours along with alerts for low oil, overload and service.

This inverter is easy to move to where power is needed. There are handles along the top and this one that lifts up. Push or pull it in whichever direction you need to go.

Along the side there is a quick access panel where the oil can be checked and here on the top is a compartment where you can store any small tools, devices and the battery charger.

Powered by a 225cc Mi-T-M overhead valve engine, this inverter is great for construction sites, field maintenance and recreation.

For more power, hook this inverter up to another with the Mi-T-M parallel port box. This accessory connects two inverters together, so you can utilize the power of both inverters at once.

Designed with contractors and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Mi-T-M 4000-watt inverter generator provides power for a variety of jobs and activities.

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