How to Troubleshoot a Hot Water Pressure Washer - Burner Will Not Shut Off

If the burner in your hot water pressure washer will not shut off, it could be caused by a part that can be easily replaced.

For this issue, there are three parts that we'll be looking at:

  1. Fuel Solenoid and Coil Assembly
  2. Unloader Valve
  3. Pressure Washer Switch

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. With the trigger gun released and the burner still firing, unplug the fuel solenoid wire from the fuel solenoid coil.
  2. If the burner continues to fire with the wire unplugged, the fuel solenoid piston and coil assembly must be replaced. Contact a qualified Mi-T-M service center or Mi-T-M technical services department.
  3. If the burner does shut off when the fuel solenoid wire is unplugged, it is an indication that either the unloader valve is not going into bypass, or the pressure switch is bad.
  4. To determine if the unloader valve is going into bypass, release the trigger on the gun and listen for the engine to go into a higher RPM. When you release the trigger on the gun, you should hear the engine RPM slow down. This means the unloader valve is working correctly.
  5. If you are unsure the unloader valve is working correctly, or if you suspect the pressure switch is bad, contact a qualified Mi-T-M service center.

Preventative Maintenance is Key

As with all equipment, preventative maintenance of your hot water pressure washer will help to avoid many of these problems.

If you do experience issues, contact an authorized Mi-T-M service center or call the Mi-T-M Technical Services Department to receive professional help and get you back up and running.

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