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Commercial Inverter and Portable Generators

The Mi-T-M commercial inverter and portable generators are designed to provide maximum power for contractors and electrical back-up for power outages. Power everything from multiple tools, lights, appliances and equipment.

Generator FAQ's

What are the differences between standard portable generators versus a generator with inverter technology?

Mi‑T‑M inverters produce commercial quality AC power for sensitive electronic equipment. In addition, Mi‑T‑M inverter technology reduces size, weight, noise, and fuel consumption.

Note: Mi‑T‑M's portable generators are designed to output the highest power quality available and are therefore, not recommended to operate sensitive electronic equipment.

How do I find the right size Generator for my needs?

To find the right size generator for your needs you will first need to determine the power requirements you are looking for. To determine the right size, add up the total watts of all lights, appliances, tools or other equipment to be connected to the generator. Check the nameplates to determine wattage. If wattage is not shown, but amps and volts are given, the following simplified formula may be used: AMPS x VOLTS = Watts

Once the total # of watts are determined multiply that by 3. This will calculate the approximate start up wattage needed, sizing the generator for your needs.

What accessories are available for my generator?

Mi‑T‑M offers a variety of accessories to fit your needs ranging from RV adapters, wheel kits, puncture proof tires and lifting hooks.

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