Biological Recycle Systems/Clarifier - BIO-15Series


Mi-T-M's popular BIO Series System utilizes fixed film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media. Various tank sizes and flow rates are used to create retention time for the treatment of wastewater. Oxygen is supplied to the bacteria in the waste stream by venturi injection.

A biological wash water recycle system with enhanced design technology offering:
· Cone-shaped tank for easy handling of accumulated solids
· Quality recycle wash-water without common odor problems
· Easy operation and maintenance that saves you time and money
· Conveniently located instrument panel and controls (CSA listed)
· Heavy-duty, corrosive-resistant and UV-resistant poly-skid

System provides efficient handling of tough organic applications, such as:
· Golf Courses - Designed to handle equipment wash-water for various golf course configurations
· Solid-Waste Haulers - Able to effectively treat wash-water, like that from garbage trucks
· Food Processing Plants - Pre-treatment of a broad range of food processing waste-water before discharging
· Petro-Chemical - Capable of treating waste streams containing multiple, organic particulate matter
· Anything with organic compounds in waste water

·CSA listed NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation
·Peristaltic pump is self-priming for passive automatic liquid microbe injection. This feature drastically reduces the amount of hands-on operation time required
·Mazzei® venturi air injection system sustains beneficial aerobic microbes while preventing bacteria from turning odorous and anaerobic

Models Available:
230V, 1Ø, 20.0A
BIO-15-0M30* 230V, 3Ø, 15.0A

*Includes sump pump and peristaltic pump
230/208/460V 3-phase available on all models as options

The Importance of a Proper Pit System:
Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash water flows into your pit system. A proper pit system for your application is the first step in proper wash water treatment and a critical element in any wash water recycle system.

Contact Mi-T-M Corporation or your local distributor to determine the pit system configuration that works best for your application.

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  • Flow Rate

    0-15 GPM

  • Clarifier Tank

    600 Gallons

  • Media

    1300 sq. ft.

  • Sump Pump

    1.0 HP

  • Transfer Pump

    3/4 HP

Weights & Dimensions

  • Net Weight

    0 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight

    1250 lbs.

  • Length

    60 in.

  • Width

    96 in.

  • Height

    110 in.


  • WX-0014

    Pinch valve assembly

  • WX-0045

    Ozone (BIO-15 460V, 3Ø models)

  • WX-0024

    Recirculation option for floats (BIO-15-0M10)

  • WX-0020

    Ozone (BIO-15-0M10)

  • WX-0029

    550 gallon product tank expansion

  • WX-0037

    pH control system, 230V (Consult Factory)

  • WX-0039

    Pinch valve assembly

  • WX-0030

    Bio sump pump swap (BIO-15-0M10)

  • WX-0044

    Ozone (BIO-15 208/230V, 3Ø models)

  • WX-0064

    Magnetic drive pump - 230V, 1Ø (BIO-15-0M10)

  • WX-0102

    pH control system, 120V

  • WX-0142

    Auxiliary poly tank

  • WX-0134

    Dual pH control, 230V

  • WX-0135

    Dual pH control, 115V

  • WX-0065

    Magnetic drive pump - 208-230V, 3Ø (BIO-15-0M30)

  • WX-0066

    Magnetic drive pump - 460V, 3Ø (BIO-15-0M30)

  • WX-0101

    BIO sump pump swap (BIO-15-0M30)

  • WX-0042

    Product tank overflow

  • WX-0041

    165-gallon product tank upgrade

  • WX-0119

    High solids media

  • WX-0043

    460V, 3Ø - upgrades 230V model to operate at 460V, 3Ø

  • WX-0128

    Hour meter