Trailers - Single Axle

Single Axle

These trailers are ideal for cleaning at remote jobsites. Customize a trailer to fit your needs.

·Jack with pad
·2-inch ball hitch
·Rubber mounted sealed lights
·Tanks are enclosed in a powder coated steel frame
·Will fit all Mi-T-M belt-driven pressure washers
·3/16-inch solid steel trailer deck plate
·Backflow preventers
·Trailer tank bypass

Accessories & Options
·Pressure washers (sold separately)
·Hose reels
·Tank drain
·Trailer hitches

Models Available
AW-9000-0005 with surge brakes
AW-9000-0006 with electric brakes

Hose Reels

High Pressure Hose Reels
These high pressure hose reels include a jumper hose and mounting bracket.
TX-0001  13-inch reel
TX-0002  16-inch reel

Dual High Pressure and Single Low Pressure Hose Reel
Include mounting brackets, plumbing and jumper hoses for two high pressure hose reels and one low pressure hose reel.
TX-0023  16-inch reel

Low Pressure Hose Reel
This low pressure hose reel includes a mounting bracket and plumbing.
TX-0013  16-inch reel

Replacement Hose Reel Parts
When adding hose reels to the single-axle trailer, use the following jumper hose and mounting bracket.
15-0159  40-inch x 3/8-inch jumper hose, black, 4500-PSI
13-0179A18  Mounting bracket, low pressure hose reel/single high pressure reel
13-0258A18  Mounting bracket, dual high pressure reels
50-0195  13-inch hose reel, 150-foot maximum hose length, rated for units up to 4000-PSI
50-0196  16-inch hose reel, 200-foot maximum hose length, rated for units up to 4000-PSI

Tank Drain

Single Tank Drain
This tank drain includes a valve and drain hose for trailers equipped with a single 200-gallon water tank.

Trailer Hitches
Replaces the standard 2-inch ball hitch with an adjustable trailer coupler hitch or lunette ring hitch. Includes hitch with brackets and hardware.
TX-0009  Adjustable trailer coupler hitch for AW-9000-0006 and AW-9000-0007 trailers
TX-0010  Adjustable trailer coupler hitch for AW-9000-0005 trailers
   ·Heavy-duty, 2-inch trailer hitch with pin-style fastener trailer coupler and hinged ball socket with visual
    indication of proper closure around the ball – all to ensure a quick, easy and secure hook-up
TX-0018  Lunette ring hitch for AW-9000-0006 and AW-9000-0007 trailers
   ·3-inch integrated lunette ring for use with pintle hitches


  • Water Tank

    (1) 200-gallon

  • Hitch

    2 in. Ball

  • Tires

    (2) ST205-75R 15-in. Radial

  • Axle

    (1) 3,500 lb.

Weights & Dimensions

  • Net Weight

    3500.00 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight

    0.00 lbs.

  • Length

    158.40 in.

  • Width

    81.60 in.

  • Height

    67.20 in.


  • No options