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pressure washer trailer

Pressure Washer Trailers

When washing the sides of large buildings, expansive parking lots and miles of concrete walkways, Mi-T-M’s trailers allow efficient transportation, so more projects — big or small — can be completed in less time. Don’t worry about how to get your pressure washer to multiple locations, with Mi-T-M’s customizable trailers, mobility is a breeze.

Water Trailers

Types of Trailers

Offering single, dual-axle and hot water mini trailer units, you can choose from small, medium or large pressure washer trailers to conveniently transport robust cleaning power anywhere you need it.

Our single-axle trailers offer three different models varying between types of brakes with one, 200-gallon water tank. In addition to the single, Mi-T-M has dual-axle trailers that hold one or two, 200-gallon water tanks and can provide you with more water for your cleaning applications. There are three different dual-axle trailer models to choose from and our experts can help you decide which is right for your specific needs.

Both single and dual-axle trailers feature a swivel jack with pad, a 2-inch ball hitch and rubber mounted sealed lights. The water tanks are enclosed with a powder coated steel frame and the trailers are built with aluminum treadplate steps to reach the water tanks.

pressure washer mini trailer

The Mi-T-M hot water mini trailer offers a compact design and ease of transport without sacrificing powerful cleaning capabilities. Engineered with a reinforced powder coated steel frame, the hot water mini pressure washer trailer features a rear locking storage area and an industrial 4000 PSI belt driven pressure washer and 12V Beckett burner. This gas-powered, portable unit provides the intense hot water cleaning you need for projects. All you need to complete the power washing package, is access to a reliable water source.

hot water pressure washer mini trailer

After you decide which model you like, customize your trailer by picking from an assortment of hose reels, backflow preventers, trailer tank bypass options and trailer hitches. Choose the accessories you need to enhance your Mi-T-M trailer—we specialize in customizing pressure washer trailers that work for you!

By utilizing a Mi-T-M pressure washer trailer, you can:

  • Complete cleaning jobs in remote locations.
  • Provide more space for your equipment.
  • Be mobile by easily attaching to different vehicles.

The Right Temperature for Your Project

Customize your single or dual-axle trailer with a Mi-T-M hot or cold-water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M cold water pressure washers are:

  • Used to wash away dirt and debris.
  • Available in gas, diesel and electric models.
  • Excellent for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, including siding, driveways, kennels, cars, boats, RV’S and decks.

Mi-T-M hot water pressure washers are:

  • Used to blast away grease, grime and other contaminants.
  • Available in gas, diesel, LP, natural gas and electric.
  • Capable of cutting cleaning time by 50%, which is especially useful when cleaning more than a couple of hours each week.

Communicate with our experts to find which trailer is most suitable for you. No matter the location or how large the project is, Mi-T-M trailers are durable and the perfect solution for on-site cleaning.

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