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Tech Tip: Portable Kerosene Heaters

Posted on: November 24th, 2016 by Mi-T-M | 9 Comments
Industrial Equipment Tips

For the Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Certified Technician.

Heater Season Again

The most common heaters you will see in the field are the Portable Kerosene Heaters (or Kerosene Forced Air, KFA). To best help you tackle issues with these heaters, new or used; here are some initial questions our Tech Team will ask you.

1)What is your air pressure?

There is a small carbon vain pump on the back of the fan motor that creates air (typically under 10 PSI) that pumps through the burner head creating a venture to lift the fuel and spray (atomize). So if there’s poor or no air pressure, then there’s poor or no fuel atomization.

portable heater motor

Fan motor and air pump assembly

2) What is the condition of the fuel?

Good and proper fuel is vital. Old or poor fuel can clog up filters, nozzles and not light correctly.

3) Is there a good spark?

At start up, our KFA Heaters will have spark for 20 seconds. The spark is only for initial lighting; the flame stays lit based on proper air and fuel balance.

4) Is the heater lighting?

If the heater is lighting and how the heater is shutting down are very important indicators. For example, the most common heater problems is when the heater will start, light, run for a few seconds or minutes and then shut down and smoke. Any smoking is a sign of incorrect fuel/air mixture and in most cases is caused by poor fuel atomization at the nozzle. After double checking the air pressure, we would recommend new fuel, a new fuel filter, and cleaning or replacing the fuel nozzle.

portable heater ignitor


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Dealer Spotlight: ClearBlu Environmental

Posted on: November 24th, 2016 by Mi-T-M | No Comments

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ClearBlu Environmental

Robert Bixby
ClearBlu Environmental

Clear Blu Environmental



Mi-T-M’s December 2016 Dealer Spotlight: ClearBlu Environmental

At Mi-T-M, we’re proud of our partnership with ClearBlu Environmental. Based in Watsonville, CA, ClearBlu works directly with both wineries and breweries to provide custom pH balancing systems. This month, we raise our glass to toast ClearBlu.


ClearBlu is a full water treatment system company, committed to embracing sustainable technologies in all they do. Because they incorporate biodigester technology, their system capital costs are much more economical than other systems.

As shown in their case studies, ClearBlu is also a green technologies system designer and licensed general contractor. Over the years, they’ve built and installed many types of systems. But when larger projects required bigger pH systems, they needed to scale up.

Winery PH Balance System

ClearBlu winery installation in Washington State


“We wanted to develop a plug and play solution that local contractors could install,” said President Robert Bixby. “We turned to Mi-T-M to help us. They were able to modify the existing BIO 25 and 35 tanks to accommodate our requirements.”


For their water treatment systems, ClearBlu supplies:

  • Digital control systems
  • Self-cleaning sensor assemblies
  • Mixing educators and
  • Larger bulkhead fittings


“This partnership and new development has provided us with a unique product that works better than most water treatment solutions,” according to Bixby. “We now have a design available to our customers that is extremely effective.”


A Minnesota client needed a large water treatment system. Bixby packed up and shipped all his tools and parts to the Gopher State. The project goal included processing and treating all the water from washing equipment.

Bixby and his team got right to work and installed a Bio Series BIO-25R water treatment system, two 1000 gallon tanks, a HEG Series hot water pressure washer, and a CW Series cold water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M then connected Bixby with one of our Minnesota dealers, American Pressure, so they could service the equipment he installed.

water treatment system

Installation of a BIO-25R water treatment system done by ClearBlu Environmental Equipment.


We congratulate our outstanding Mi-T-M dealers—ClearBlu Environmental and American Pressure—on this large scale and innovative installation. The customer benefited from their collaborative teamwork and expertise.

If you work with wineries and breweries, Mi-T-M can help with all your water treatment installations and solutions. Please contact us today for more information.