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Dealer Spotlight: MG CLEANERS, LLC

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MG Cleaners

In the oilfields of Texas, demand for dependable, high-quality rig cleaning equipment and services gave way to the formation of MG Cleaners. To optimize the number of clients they’re able to serve, MGC specializes in selling proprietary soaps, surfactants, and degreasers for cleaning and washing oil rigs to oilfield drilling rig contractors and oilfield companies.

In addition to these proprietary products, MG also sells air compressors, water/trash pumps, combination units, generators, and pressure washers, and related parts for rigs. To top it all off, MG Cleaners can deploy service crews that perform repairs, maintenance and drilling rig wash services for customers.

Stephen Christian, MG Cleaners President, acquired the company in 2010 after his 6-year tenure as a Rig Supervisor for Nabors Drilling. His business acumen emerged quickly during his time at Nabors Drilling which is a publicly-traded company that owns and operates the nation’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet.

The proprietary formulation of Miracle Blue™ MG was developed out of the need for a heavy-duty degreaser utilized in oilfield applications.

MG Cleaners Logo

MG Cleaners offers rig and equipment washing services because clean equipment simply lasts longer, operates more efficiently, and costs less to maintain. MG Cleaners provides quick service, so there’s minimal effect on the customers’ operation. Whether its a safety cleaning before rigs are moved, cleaning debris away before an inspection or audit, or any situation that requires a thorough cleaning, MG Cleaners provides high-quality service to each customer.

Portable Heaters

In early June 2018 SMG, MG Cleaners’ parent company announced the opening of a new location in Alice, Texas. Stephen says, “The addition of this new facility in South Texas will provide logistical efficiencies along with the expansion of our in-basin footprint in the Eagle Ford, where it is anticipated that drilling operations will significantly increase as oil prices inch higher. After receiving multiple requests for our products and service work from customers who have recently moved to South Texas, our work staff is now in place and is expected to be fully productive within the next several weeks.”

As MG Cleaners continues to grow, they’re also expecting to strengthen their relationships with their top suppliers. A partnership with Mi-T-M has undoubtedly contributed to the successes of MG Cleaners, and each looks forward to continued prosperity for years to come.

Dealer Spotlight – CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc.

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CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc. has been providing pressure washers, parts washers, recycling equipment, and cleaning expertise in the North Carolina area for over 40 years. In 1967, Fred Adkins discovered the Chemex TWO STEP Pressure Washing Method (STEP ONE -Acid, STEP TWO – Alkaline for rinse) while performing preventive maintenance on OTR Fleet Truck accounts, such as Sears Heilig-Meyers and Coca-Cola. He began to sell these machines in addition to his cleaning services, creating the distribution side of CTS Cleaning Systems.

In 1999, the company broke ground on their current facility a mile West of I-95 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. With this new space, CTS started developing and blending their own formulas for cleaning detergents, truck wash soaps, and degreasers, and now they produce about 20,000-30,000 gallons of product annually.


Today, CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a leading Distribution and Service Organization in North America, and the first company to be Certified by the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association – CETA in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia.


In addition to the pressure washers and detergents, CTS specializes in custom built cleaning trailers, water treatment systems, and OTR Drive Thru Fleet Wash Systems. Each year, they build 30 – 40 specialized machines for a number of different industries.



This small company prides themselves on their phenomenal customer service. Rodney Atkins, President of CTS Cleaning Systems acknowledges “…An organization is only as good as the people that make things happen every day. Our team has high expectations of each other, and we strive to offer that extra touch, providing the best product and experience we possibly can. We have six highly skilled individuals that keep the wheels turning, and we all realize that our survival is predicated on the performance of everyone here.”

Their partnership with Mi-T-M has been a vital part of their custom designs, client consultations, and installations. Rodney and the CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc. team appreciate working with the Mi-T-M team. “… Aaron and Karl are phenomenal to work with – they both go out of their way to help us in any way they can… it means a lot when you have someone you know you can count on.”

Mi-T-M BIO Series

“Our clients love the Mi-T-M BIO Series line of equipment. Extremely well-built, straight forward and clean plumbing, flawless performance – it’s just a very solid piece of equipment.” Atkins also states, “The support that we get from the factory is just phenomenal. Not just from the superior product line offering, but also the support on special projects, technical support, warranty consideration, marketing – it is a great partnership that I only see growing as they continue to help us grow our brand and our company.”


Aaron Auger, Water Treatment Division Manager at Mi-T-M Corporation had this to say about Rodney & his team – “We really enjoy working with CTS. When they bring a project to us, they have all of the pertinent information ready to go, which makes meeting the customer’s needs that much easier. Their attention to detail makes the whole process very smooth. In addition to being a great partner in sales, we appreciate their charity work through their annual Mamie Adkins Golf Tournament. It’s always nice to see people give back and support their community!”

Dealer Spotlight – TNT’s Disinfectant Mister Success

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pressure washer company


TNT Sales and Service of Hinton, Iowa has enjoyed a lot of success with the new Mi-T-M pressure washer mister combination unit.

TNT Sales and Service Hinton Iowa
To date they have sold over 250 units. Initially TNT sold misters to parks and small towns who wanted to get their outdoor venues opened. Now they are selling to a wide range of customers including churches, schools, gyms, ambulance services and emergency management.


Commercial Equipment Supplier Hinton Iowa


Tom Crawford, of TNT tells us that he sells the mister combination in two configurations, on a skid to be mounted on a gator and on a Rubbermaid utility cart. “We added a hose reel to both and a gun-hose swivel to make it easy for the customer.” The feedback he’s gotten from his customers is very positive.


Industrial Equipment Supplier Hinton Iowa

Above: TNT’s configuration of the mister on a Rubbermaid utility cart.

The team at TNT created their own video early on to show people how to use it and promoted it on their website and Facebook page, but according to Tom, “word of mouth” has been the best marketing tool so far.



Dealer Spotlight: Southern Environmental Equipment

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pressure washer company

Southern Environmental EquipmentSouthern Environmental Equipment‘s history can be summed up in two words: passion and growth.  The Florida based wash equipment dealer and servicer started from what many would consider humble beginnings. Prior to becoming the owner of Southern Environmental Equipment, Larry Shumate was a professional fishing guide on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Leesburg, FL. In 1992 a slump in the previously lucrative fishing industry caused Larry to hang up his pole, quit his career as a guide, and find what he describes as a “real job.”

Little did he know at the time, this would be a blessing in disguise. Shortly after quitting the guide service Larry’s journey to the wash industry began. He was introduced to Jim White, who at the time, was manager and owner of Southern Environmental Equipment. “I was hired on the spot at Southern Environmental Equipment and became a salesman.” Larry immediately sought to learn all he could about the business so he joined Southern Environmental’s service department. Larry explained, “I was immediately inspired by servicing equipment because it helped me see the many ways I could improve the design and function of each wash pad.”


florida water treatment systems


A New Partnership Begins

In 2001, Larry decided to purchase Southern Environmental Equipment. Following the takeover, Larry was introduced to Mi-T-M and became an exclusive dealer of their water treatment systems and pressure washers for the entire state of Florida. Southern Environmental Equipment’s two-man team took full advantage of this opportunity and generated enough sales to add five new employees to the sales team.


florida water recycle systems


Southern Environmental continues to work hard for each customer they serve whether they’re new or existing. They believe going the extra-mile means seamlessly working with other contractors while installing equipment at a job site, offering preventative maintenance plans, mobile repair truck service, and additional training for customers upon request. To ensure they can serve every customer’s needs Southern Environmental has also expanded their equipment offerings to the complete line of Mi-T-M products. This line includes air compressors, wet/dry vacuums, air compressor/generator combinations, job boxes, portable heaters, trailer units, portable generators, air compressor/generator/welder combination units, hot and cold water pressure washers, water pumps, and other outdoor equipment.


florida pressure washers


Larry’s contagious passion for the wash water business is abundantly clear at Southern Environmental Equipment. He and his team are very appreciative of the support Mi-T-M provides and says, “The partnership with Mi-T-M has transformed our business relationship into what feels more like a family.” Larry went on to explain, “I really can’t say enough about the employees at Mi-T-M because they all play a vital role in our ability to survive and thrive through the good times and the bad.”


Water Treatment 20th Anniversary

2018 marks the 20th year that water treatment systems have been a part of the product offerings here at Mi-T-M and Southern Environmental was one of the first dealers to sell this line. In 1998 the first Biological reclaim system was sold to Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Country Club in Orlando, by Southern Environmental. Over the 20 years that system has been in service, it has processed millions of gallons of water that has been reused to maintain the fleet of equipment at Bay Hill.  The dedicated service Southern Environmental has provided Bay Hill and all their customers throughout Florida, is a testament to the performance and longevity both companies are known for.


Mi-T-M Bio System

Original Mi-T-M Bio System at Bay Hill.

“During my 20 years at Mi-T-M, it has been a pleasure to work with SEE and I’m looking forward to many more years to come!” – Aaron Auger, Water Treatment Division Manager



Dealer Spotlight: Alklean Industries, Inc.

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Pressure Washer Company


Alklean Industries, Inc. has been in business since 1971 and has made it their mission to help clients achieve peak profitability by giving them the tools to operate more efficiently. A testament to the customer loyalty they’ve cultivated over the years is the simple fact that it was these loyal customers that pulled them through the recession-inducing oil bust of 1987.

Alklean Logo


Based out of Pasadena, Texas, Alklean is a leader in industrial cleaning systems and wash water recycle systems. Their humble beginnings featured only a handful of employees and a facility less than 5,000 sq. ft. Today, they’ve grown exponentially into a team of 20 employees who have a minimum ten years with the company and a building of over 17,000 sq. ft. to roam. Under the leadership of John and Brenda Purswell, all employees feel like family. This longevity is proof of the professionalism and dedication they provide to customers and each other. Everyone at Alklean is incredibly proud of Brenda, also a principal shareholder, for earning woman-owned business classification for Alklean.

hot pressure washer houston


Alklean offers products and services that meet the needs of customers from a wide range of industries. Such as oil field related companies, refineries, construction and manufacturing companies, municipalities, schools, contract cleaners, trucking companies, plus timber and farming and ranching businesses. Alklean serves the Greater Houston area and has a loyal customer base that spans the United States, Mexico, Trinidad, Canada and Puerto Rico.


water treatment system houston


The Alklean Difference

The Alklean team realizes that customers can purchase cleaning equipment and water reclaim systems from many different companies. However, the expertise to select, install, and service the correct equipment for the clients’ application is what makes Alklean unique.

Customers can put their trust in Alklean’s high-quality equipment, professional staff, and outstanding customer service, which is what puts this business in the Dealer Spotlight.


“The word ‘partners’ comes to my mind when I think of Alklean Industries. Both John and Brenda Purswell have been very instrumental in building our dealer network. They have always been a great sounding board and, better yet, shared real-life experiences to help make us a better company,” states Karl Loeffelholz, Mi-T-M Distributor Division Manager.



Dealer Spotlight: Pressure Washer Warehouse

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pressure washer company

History of Pressure Washer Warehouse

The Carey’s (John, Grace, and Dave) started Otter Lake Pump Company at Otter Lake in Girard, IL in 1997. They started with 3 pressure washers and some soap on their sales floor. When business outgrew that location in 2004, they moved to the current location, off I-55 in the Nickorbob’s Craft Mall area, and changed the name to Pressure Washer Warehouse. In this move, they added a full-service department and added more manufacturer products for sale.

About the Current Owners

In late 2015, the Carey’s were looking to step away from the business and enjoy their retirement. The opportunity was presented to Holzwarth Family Enterprises; and on July 1, 2016, Brett and Sharon Holzwarth took ownership, with help from Chuck and Linda Holzwarth. The Holzwarth family had been using PWW for 10+ years to keep airplanes and equipment clean, and wanted to keep the business going and growing for the community. With the change of ownership, came a full renovation of the 6,000 square-foot warehouse, doubling business hours, new product line, and a rental service.

pressure washer central illinois

Adding Stor-Loc tool boxes as a new product line and a rental service has helped Pressure Washer Warehouse continue to flourish. Providing a rental service allows Pressure Washer Warehouse to help businesses that are in a bind, alleviating a stressful situation with superior service. Although this service is utilized by businesses it, is also available to customers that want to rent equipment for residential use.

hot water pressure washer central il

Pressure Washer Warehouse has retained the feel of an authentic Midwestern mom-and-pop shop through genuine appreciation of their customers. Each of the four employees create a welcoming environment and make listening to a customer a top priority. “What sets us apart is that we’re not constantly selling,” says owner Brett Holzwarth. “We’re here to listen to our customer’s needs and educate them so they’re able to make an informed purchasing decision.”

The goal at Pressure Washer Warehouse is to provide a lasting, positive customer service experience, and that is exactly what they’re doing.


Dealer Spotlight: Progressive Pressure Systems, Inc.

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pressure washer company Southeastern PennsylvaniaOver 25 years ago in the southeastern Pennsylvania city of Lititz, a partnership between Mi-T-M Corporation and a local agriculture equipment company laid the foundation for what is known today as Progressive Pressure Systems, Inc. At that time, the demand for quality pressure washers caused the ag equipment company to form a new department, solely focusing on pressure washer sales and service.

Toward the end of 1995 Martin (Marty) G. Weaver, an employee at the time, was approached by management to see if there was interest in purchasing the pressure washer portion of the business and since Marty noticed the growth potential of the new department he worked out a purchase agreement with them. In January of 1996 Progressive Pressure Systems, Inc. (PPC) officially formed. In 1997 PPS made the decision to move to a newer 6,000 square foot facility, about a quarter mile away from its currently existing location.

Hot Water Pressure Washers Southeastern Pennsylvania

Progressive Pressure Systems Inc. 1248 E. Newport Rd. Litiz, PA 17543 Phone: (717) 626-5511

Today PPS serves a broad spectrum of customers such as contract cleaners, agricultural, transportation, food industry, municipalities, builders and excavators, and residential. These customers seek products, service, and accessories PPS has to offer, like hot and cold water pressure washers, water treatment systems, air compressors, generators, and much more.

Cold Water Pressure Washers Southeastern Pennsylvania

Since its founding PPS has seen consistent business growth; however, staff size has remained relatively unchanged. Four full-time employees work together to provide unmatched service and high-quality equipment to each customer. At PPS, a smaller staff size is not seen as a disadvantage, as they can quickly serve customers and be contacted directly by clients – unlike what you may see at a larger company.

Water Treatment Systems Southeastern Pennsylvania

Progressive Pressure System’s leadership explains their relationship with Mi-T-M as follows, “It has been a pleasure working with Mi-T-M Corporation these 20 plus years. Mi-T-M has quality equipment, exceptional personnel, as well as superb support after the sale.

“When I think of Marty and his staff at Progressive Pressure System a few things come to mind. Hard work, commitment to their customers and partnership. PPS has been a great partner to Mi-T-M. They continue to source and support us in all of our product lines over the 20 plus years I have worked with them. It is a great relationship and I look forward to working with everyone at PPS in the future.” – Karl Loeffelholz, Distributor Division Manager.


Dealer Spotlight: Hanson Industrial Inc.

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pressure washer company

For more than a half century, Hanson Industrial, Inc. has been a trusted equipment provider in the Quad Cities area. Providing high-level sales and service to customers and partnering with leading manufactures, Hanson Industrial prides itself in offering the highest quality and most durable equipment. The company is well known for their valuable experience, problem-solving skills and superior customer service.

Hanson Industrial was originally located in Kewanee, Illinois until eight years ago when the opportunity to tap into a larger market arose and the company moved to the
Quad Cities. Prior to owning the company, Bill Hanson worked with his father in the business formerly called R.G. Hanson Company. After owning Hanson Industrial for 40 years and building a remarkable support network which contributed to the company’s ongoing success, Bill decided to sell the company.

Professional Cleaner Moline

Greg Rothbardt, worked in the industrial and contractor supply business for
many years and wanted to own his own business. In February of 2015 Greg met with Bill Hanson and they began talking about the possibilities of a deal. They closed the deal a few months later and Greg became the new owner of Hanson Industrial, Inc.

Hanson Industrial has many years of experience working with customers to assist them with equipment and service needs. Their service technicians repair equipment in the company’s service center or in the eld if necessary. Although they are a small company, they do business with many large corporations including Mi-T-M.

Hot pressure washer Quad Cities

“Mi-T-M is a great company to work with. They have great sales and technical support and everyone seems to have the ‘can do’ attitude which is a very important part of business,” states Greg.

Today, Hanson Industrial specializes in the sales and service of pressure washing equipment, water treatment systems, steam cleaning units, pumps, generators, air compressors, and wet/dry vacuums.

Greg’s plan is to expand current business by adding sales people and complementary lines of equipment. In addition to increasing the number of new customers, they intend to increase future business with existing clients and possibly tackle new markets and add an additional branch.

Cold Pressure Washer Moline

“I am proud to own Hanson Industrial and look forward to the opportunities to grow the business and become more successful, says Greg. Partnering with clients, reliable vendors, and great people here at Hanson Industrial will be the key to that success.”

“Hanson Industrial has formed a great customer base in and around the Quad Cities with all of their hard work and dedication over the years. We feel very fortunate to have a company like Hanson Industrial as our partner and we look forward to many more years of success!” states Karl Loeffelholz, Distributor Division Manager.

Dealer Spotlight: Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions LLC

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pressure washer companyFor more than fifteen years, Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions LLC has been a trusted Mi-T-M partner.


“Mi-T-M’s in-house quality is second to none,” says Enzo’s Owner Tim Esposito. “They run all their equipment before they send it to us so everything is working properly.”


“Ever since the opening of Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions, Tim has been assertive in asking questions, learning about all the Mi-T-M products and going out and getting the sale. It is nice having Tim and his team as a Mi-T-M Dealer.” – Karl Loeffelholz, Dealer Division Manager Mi-T-M Corporation

pressure washing companies sandusky ohio

Enzo’s employs nine people and provides fleet washing equipment and pressure washing for a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, automotive, construction, food processing, steel, and transportation.

With headquarters in Sandusky, Ohio, Enzo’s offers sales and service in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and three locations in Canada. Enzo’s also has a fleet of five vehicles out on the road servicing all the equipment they sell to pressure washing companies.

commercial truck wash systems sandusky ohio

From hot pressure washers, mobile cleaning systems, surface cleaners, wastewater treatment systems, and chemicals, Enzo’s is a full-service provider for all their client’s cleaning needs.

“We can’t say no. We’re problem solvers,” explains Esposito. “If customers have a need, we have a solution.”

In addition to Enzo’s large selection of equipment and accessories, they also design and install wash bay systems and commercial truck wash systems. Esposito invented the Equalizer—an under-carriage wash product—that he attaches to all of his Mi-T-M equipment.

“Mi-T-M treats me like family,” said Esposito. “They also let me sell private label. This allows me to rely on Mi-T-M quality while also building my own business.”

 fleet washing equipment sandusky ohio


Dealer Spotlight: McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems

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pressure washer company

Walk into McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems and you’ll be greeted by Chopper, a stubborn but loveable Chesapeake Bay Retriever. “You don’t negotiate with a Chessie,” says President Dennis Black.

industrial pressure washers maryland

The cute pooch is a new addition to a company with a long history. Black has been working with pressure washers for more than 30 years. At age 18, he began working for a large Maryland auto parts store owned by the McHenry family.

Soon, he and John McHenry realized that pressure washers were a good business on their own. They started a separate pressure cleaning Maryland business and sales began to climb.

commercial pressure washers maryland

In the early days, they had a large agricultural base including dairy farmers, as well as small garages and trucking firms. As technology began to change, so too did their customer base.

“The Internet had a tremendous effect on our business,” said Black. “It increased the awareness of what pressure washers can do; it gave us another tool to get out to our customers.”

Another reason for McHenry’s growth is their partnership with Mi-T-M.

pressure washers maryland

“Bar none, Mi-T-M is the best manufacturer we work with. They always support us and you just don’t find that in our industry,” he said.

Black said he appreciates Mi-T-M’s high-quality equipment, warranties, programs, and the fact they offer him private label machinery. But he especially cites the relationships he’s formed with Mi-T-M staff members.

“Karl Loeffelholz is always helping us, always advocating for us,” he explained. “Karen Anderson has always been very good to me. We have a bond of friendship.”

Like Mi-T-M, integrity has always been the cornerstone of Black’s business.

“At the end of the day, our service and our knowledge is what we have,” he said. “We enjoy helping our loyal customers.”

“Dennis and his team at MPCS is one of our greatest partners in this business. They have continued to support us, not only by purchasing equipment but always giving us feedback on how to improve our products, programs and to become a better manufacturer.” – Karl Loeffelholz, Dealer Division Manager Mi-T-M Corporation

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems in Frederick, MD serves Washington D.C. and Baltimore area’s industrial pressure washer and pressure cleaning needs.



Dealer Spotlight: Georgia Chemical Equipment Company

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pressure washer company

Mi-T-M’s March 2017 Dealer Spotlight: Georgia Chemical Equipment Company

Over the last 40 years, Georgia Chemical Equipment Company has evolved from a small steam cleaner and soap distributor to an exceptional pressure washing and industrial cleaning company with a clear mission: To develop mutually profitable relationships by providing the best possible service and products to their customers.

The Atlanta-based company works with Mi-T-M to provide their customers with quality pressure washing and water treatment equipment. At Mi-T-M, we’re proud to partner with this outstanding Atlanta pressure washing and industrial cleaning company.

“Mi-T-M makes such great high quality and dependable machines right here in the USA,” states Michael Brown, President of Georgia Chemical. “We don’t have any warranty issues with Mi-T-M units and very few major repairs are ever needed. Plus they make complementary products that our customers use.”

Pressure Washer Atlanta Company

The Georgia Chemical Team

Today, Georgia Chemical sells, rents and repairs a wide variety of products including:

  • Hot and cold pressure washers
  • High pressure pumps and pumping systems
  • Floor care products
  • Water reclaim and filtration units
  • Industrial degreasers
  • Car and truck wash chemicals
  • Laundry and specialty detergents

Another part of their business includes the rental of hot water wash trailers. Georgia Chemical also builds custom trailers for their customers’ needs. Many of these trailers are equipped with a Mi-T-M HVS Series hot water pressure washer.

“These units get a real workout because they are used by so many different contractors,” states Brown. “Because of their high quality, the Mi-T-M machines have a high resale value. We usually have a waiting list of people who want to buy our rigs.”

Hot Pressure Washer Trailer Atlanta

Georgia Chemical trailer unit with a Mi-T-M HVS Series hot water pressure washer

Georgia Chemical Equipment Company serves metro Georgia including Gwinnett County, Atlanta, Norcross, Duluth and Lilburn. The company also provides consulting, system design, and engineering services. In other words, they’re Atlanta’s one-stop-shop for industrial cleaning solutions and like Mi-T-M, Georgia Chemical believes in the principles of great customer service and quality products.

Dealer Spotlight: FT Farfan Limited

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pressure washer company

Mi-T-M’s February 2017 Dealer Spotlight: FT Farfan Limited

Pressure Washer Company

Location: Six locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago

Employees: 320

Pressure Washer Tobago



For more than 70 years, FT Farfan Limited has been providing technology and engineering solutions to many industries throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


A few of these industries include energy, petrochemical, industrial, agricultural and the woodworking sectors.


In 1999, AS Bryen Group bought the company. Under their leadership, the business has grown into one of the leading industrial supply companies on the island. Yet, despite its  large size, more than 60 percent of the company’s staff is directly involved in the sale of high-quality industrial brands to consumers, distributors, contractors, government, and petrochemical sectors.


Mi-T-M was pleased to enter a partnership with FT Farfan Limited in 2004. Of FT Farfan’s many partnerships, the one with Mi-T-M has been especially successful.

Pressure Washer Trinidad


The Mi-T-M brand brings quality cleaning equipment to FT Farfan Limited clients. It has helped them carve out a niche and build a strong reputation based on pressure washing equipment, information, and training.


Providing superior customer is important to FT Farfan Limited. Mi-T-M is also laser focused on our clients. In September 2008, Steve Cleary visited FT Farfan Limited to conduct sales and service seminars.

Pressure Washer San Juan

“Our teams found
 the training very informative and impactful,” said Nadia Beeray, FT Farfan Limited sales and marketing assistant. “


Over the years, FT Farfan Limited has been nimble and flexible, quick to change with the times. Their goal is to continue adapting to meet the needs of all their customers. They provide guidance and direction on which pressure washing equipment is most appropriate for specific applications. Because of this focus on the client, FT Farfan Limited  and Mi-T-M have become the preferred brands for the cleaning professional on the island.


“Since 2004 when we first started to work with Ft Farfan, it felt like the making of a great partnership, and has proven to be just that. Ft Farfan has been part of our dealer business for the past 13 years and we look forward to many more years to come.“ – Karl Loeffelholz, Distributor Division Manager at Mi-T-M Corporation

As their business continues to grow, the future looks very bright for FT Farfan Limited.


“Moving forward we look towards growing and diversifying our product portfolio to include hot water pressure washers, air compressors, wash down stations, and water treatment systems,” says Richard Benjamin, Commercial and Residential Division Manager.


“We are confident that we can enjoy the same level of success due to the confidence we have in our partnership with Mi-T-M,” he added.


FT Farfan Limited has a clear vision: To be the largest industrial sales and service group in their key market segments in the Caribbean, operating in modern facilities with motivated, professional staff using the latest technology.


Mi-T-M supports that vision and is proud to partner with FT Farfan Limited.



Dealer Spotlight: Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions

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pressure washer company

Mi-T-M’s January 2017 Dealer Spotlight: Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Lyle Swift often yearns for his former way of doing business. “Somebody should close the internet and let us get back to work the old-fashioned way,” he jokes.


Hot Water Pressure Washer Cincinnati

Lyle Swift, owner of Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions

The president of Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions started his Cincinnati-area pressure cleaning business in 1999. He misses the days of dropping in to see his customers, shooting the breeze, and providing personalized service. Swift says that one-on-one type of doing business changed after 911.


“We can no longer go to the back door and talk to Joe and check on the machine,” he explains. “Now we go to the front door, talk to the front desk, and try to get to Joe . . . except Joe doesn’t work there anymore and they no longer give out names or phone numbers.”


But Swift has changed with the times. With his outgoing personality, he’s never met a stranger. And he’s thrilled no two days at work are the same.


“The great thing about this industry is that I can sell to a hog farmer in the morning, get barn yard debris on my feet, stop by the office, change clothes, and go see a VP of Engineering in the afternoon,” he says.


Swift and his staff have more than 90 years of shared experience servicing industrial pressure washers and wastewater systems.


Swift Industrial serves a wide variety of industries—including manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, construction, recycling, food service, painting/resurfacing, and industrial cleaning contractors—and sells, services, and rents many types of equipment.

Pressure Washer Trailer Cincinnati

Dual-axle trailer unit used by heavy construction contractors, factories, well drillers, mines, military bases, road builders, contract cleaners, shipyards, municipalities and food services.


“Meeting the needs of industry with quality and service has always been our slogan,” he said. “I guess I have also looked at it as, ‘It’s not the big that eats the small, but the fast that eats the slow.’ After all, we are Swift.”


Ohio customers appreciate the outstanding customer service and high-quality equipment they find at Swift Industrial. The company has cemented its lines in both pressure washers and parts washers, and has carried the same lines for many years.

Air Compressor Generator Cincinnati

Mi-T-M Air Compressor/Generator Unit

“This helps our current and potential customers realize the stability we offer,” adds Swift.


Things have changed quite a bit since Swift began his company 17 years ago. Back then he didn’t even have a forklift or dock, so he contracted with a local lumber yard to drop off his orders. He’s proud of the partnerships he’s formed, especially with Mi-T-M.


“A small company like mine couldn’t ask for better support,” Swift says. “Their quality is second to none. Having the floor plan has helped keep machines in stock, where many times you can’t sell what you don’t have. Their warranty support is better than any company I have worked with.”


Swift is used to hard work and believes it has been the key to his company’s success.


“I first climbed on the tractor solo 52 years ago, and was told to come home when the field was done,” Swift says.


But he’s ready for and heading toward retirement. An avid hunter, Swift loves spending time in the Rocky Mountains on a horse. He also enjoys time on the links.


When it comes to retirement, heading that direction and getting there are two different things. He’s grateful his daughter, Brandy, is working and learning the business from the office out to the service bay.


“In today’s economy, everybody is complaining of no jobs, and it is so hard to find quality help,” says Swift. “They either want the rainbow, or have no experience or both.” Swift’s name is on all his trucks and he must consider how employees represent his business. Training and retention are also ongoing issues.


Given these concerns, his retirement will most likely include taking off just September and October. He’d like to spend that time in the mountains; in the summer, he wants to stop work about 3 p.m. and play golf.


“Other than that, what else is there to do but work?” he asks. “It keeps the mind going, and for those of you that know me, that in itself, is a lot of work,” he quips.


Based in Cleves, Ohio, Swift Industrial offers a complete line of industrial equipment, including portable generators, pressure washers, portable heaters, water treatment systems, jobsite boxes, air compressors, and wet/dry vacuums.


Dealer Spotlight: ClearBlu Environmental

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pressure washer company




ClearBlu Environmental

Robert Bixby
ClearBlu Environmental

Clear Blu Environmental



Mi-T-M’s December 2016 Dealer Spotlight: ClearBlu Environmental

At Mi-T-M, we’re proud of our partnership with ClearBlu Environmental. Based in Watsonville, CA, ClearBlu works directly with both wineries and breweries to provide custom pH balancing systems. This month, we raise our glass to toast ClearBlu.


ClearBlu is a full water treatment system company, committed to embracing sustainable technologies in all they do. Because they incorporate biodigester technology, their system capital costs are much more economical than other systems.

As shown in their case studies, ClearBlu is also a green technologies system designer and licensed general contractor. Over the years, they’ve built and installed many types of systems. But when larger projects required bigger pH systems, they needed to scale up.

Winery PH Balance System

ClearBlu winery installation in Washington State


“We wanted to develop a plug and play solution that local contractors could install,” said President Robert Bixby. “We turned to Mi-T-M to help us. They were able to modify the existing BIO 25 and 35 tanks to accommodate our requirements.”


For their water treatment systems, ClearBlu supplies:

  • Digital control systems
  • Self-cleaning sensor assemblies
  • Mixing educators and
  • Larger bulkhead fittings


“This partnership and new development has provided us with a unique product that works better than most water treatment solutions,” according to Bixby. “We now have a design available to our customers that is extremely effective.”


A Minnesota client needed a large water treatment system. Bixby packed up and shipped all his tools and parts to the Gopher State. The project goal included processing and treating all the water from washing equipment.

Bixby and his team got right to work and installed a Bio Series BIO-25R water treatment system, two 1000 gallon tanks, a HEG Series hot water pressure washer, and a CW Series cold water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M then connected Bixby with one of our Minnesota dealers, American Pressure, so they could service the equipment he installed.

water treatment system

Installation of a BIO-25R water treatment system done by ClearBlu Environmental Equipment.


We congratulate our outstanding Mi-T-M dealers—ClearBlu Environmental and American Pressure—on this large scale and innovative installation. The customer benefited from their collaborative teamwork and expertise.

If you work with wineries and breweries, Mi-T-M can help with all your water treatment installations and solutions. Please contact us today for more information.


Dealer Spotlight: Chappell Supply and Equipment

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pressure washer company


Company: Chappell Supply and Equipment

Year Established: 1980

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

pressure washer oklahoma city

He started small with a strong work ethic and a dream. In 1980, Roy Chappell founded his business in the back of a business park with just one machine and $250 in inventory. Today, as one of the nation’s largest industrial cleaning equipment suppliers, we salute Chappell on his 36th anniversary in the industry.

Chappell Supply and Equipment


Chappell Supply and Equipment has been a long-time partner with Mi-T-M. In all they do, Chappell continues to provide innovative solutions and to stay informed about the complex requirements of the industrial cleaning marketplace.


“It is a pleasure doing business with a company that lives up to their word. I call it a partnership, because that is exactly what it is,” said Chappell. “Mi-T-M is interested in teaming with your company to provide a quality product to help your business grow.”


Chappell Supply and Equipment built their reputation with a focus on providing outstanding customer service and equipment and with a dedication to safety.


“It’s the key people we have,” said Chappell. “Everybody works as a team.”


As part of that teamwork, everyone undergoes rigorous safety training to become certified in electrical safety, confined spaces, fall protection, lock-out/tag-out, and emergency responses. All employees are factory trained and certified too.

pressure washers oklahoma city hot water pressure washers oklahoma city







Chappell believes that when you sell equipment to a customer, they are also buying your reputation. That’s why customer service is woven into every aspect of his business.

From the parts department—where they supply parts for every manufacturer in the industry—to their hose manufacturing and service departments, every team member goes the extra mile for customers. They want to ensure customers are served right the first time, just like Mi-T-M.

“Mi-T-M has proven time and time again that at the end of the day, it is all about people, and the willingness to work together,” added Chappell.


Doing the right thing pays dividends and Chappell has been recognized as a Top 15 family-owned business in the state of Oklahoma and as the 2nd Largest Environmental Firm in the Oklahoma City Area (both by the Journal Record).

water treatment system oklahoma city


Chappell Supply and Equipment is a founding member of the CETA Education Foundation and a member of the Oklahoma City Greater Chamber. For his part, Chappell was elected to the CETA Board of Directors for five – 3 year terms.


Mi-T-M congratulates Chappell for their professional commitment to the industry. Kudos on 36 years of providing high-quality products and solutions.


Dealer Spotlight: Ben’s Cleaner Sales

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pressure washer company

Ben's Cleaner Sales


Company: Ben’s Cleaner Sales

Year Established: 1945

Location: Seattle, Washington



Pressure Washer

In 1945, Ben Meyer founded a small cleaning contractor business in Seattle, Washington. Now operated by the third generation of the Meyer family, Ben’s Cleaner Sales is one of Mi-T-M’s longest standing dealers. We’re proud of our partnership and are happy it’s mutual.


“Mi-T-M has people we can work with and are willing to work with us to do what is best for the situation and satisfying the customer,” said Chris Meyer, Ben’s grandson.


“I really appreciate the managers at Mi-T-M. Karl, Ron and Aaron are outstanding representatives of Mi-T-M. They are the standard I like to give as how representatives should treat their dealers,” added Gordon Meyer, Ben’s son.

pressure washer


Mi-T-M salutes Ben’s on their 71st anniversary.

We’re amazed by their story and their success.


After building his own steam cleaner, Ben Meyer built his company’s reputation by working with the original steam cleaning machine, using 325°F heat. He soon expanded his business to help his loyal clients service, repair and purchase their new equipment. In 1969, he turned his focus to selling and servicing.


Technology has changed a bit over the years. In the 1960s, pressure washers were rated up to 400 PSI, now they run up to 6000 PSI.


Ben’s three sons Gordon, Ron and Jerry, worked for the company throughout high school and college, and eventually full time. In 1982, they purchased the company from their parents and incorporated the company.

Cleaning Company Seattle 

Today Ben’s Cleaner Sales is one of the largest and oldest full service steam cleaners and pressure washer distributors in the U.S.


With 25 employees, Ben’s Cleaner Sales sells, services, and rents cleaning and commercial equipment as well as chemicals, parts, and accessories throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

industrial cleaning equipmentcleaning detergents seattle








“We pride ourselves in learning exactly what the customer needs, instead of just figuring out what most closely fits their needs. We design and build what is best to help them get the job done right,” said Chris.


On a personal note, the owners had an exciting year in 2015 outside their business: The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl and the Meyer family celebrated three weddings and welcomed three babies.


Mi-T-M congratulates Ben’s Cleaner Sales for their outstanding service. We wish them continued success with all their business endeavors and are thankful we could share their story for this issue of the Dealer Spotlight.

Dealer Spotlight: Associated Cleaning Equipment

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Company: Associated Cleaning Equipment

Years Established: 34

Location: Pittsburg, IL



More than three decades ago, Bill Kissing opened a full-service gas station and repair shop. In 1984, Kissing expanded and moved his business to Pittsburg, Illinois. He began to focus on industrial grade pressure cleaning equipment. A lot has changed in the intervening years for Associated Cleaning Equipment (ACE).

pressure washers illinois

For many years, we made our own hot water cleaning products. We also partnered with elite manufacturers for both electric and gasoline pressure washers. In 2005, ACE became a member of the Mi-T-M Private Label Program. This special designation means we can include our name on equipment we order from Mi-T-M.

ACE hot pressure washers

“Our long time vendors have helped us through tough times and good over the years. Without their help and support, we would not have made it,” said Kissing.


Today, with a crew of four, we serve more than 400 companies within a 100-mile radius. What once began as a gas station, now includes our large pressure washing business as well as nine other product lines, including air compressors, generators, and industrial wet/dry vacuums.

associated cleaning equipmentDuring 34 years of business, we have experienced much growth and many changes. But one thing has never changed: ACE’s promise to serve our customers with the highest quality service and equipment on the market.