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Should I Choose an Electric or Gasoline Pressure Washer?  

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After much consideration, you finally decided to invest in a pressure washer. Now comes the task of deciding with model is best for you.

Mi-T-M prides itself in offering a wide range of pressure washers to fit every cleaning need. We cater to many industries to provide the perfect cleaning solution based on many factors. Just one of those factors is deciding between an electric driven pressure washer and a gas driven pressure washer. One of the first questions to ask yourself before making this choice is where your power will come from. Do you have access to electricity wherever you need to clean? If your cleaning needs take you to a location where finding available electricity is going to be a problem, then a gas driven pressure washer is the best choice.

Often customers choose an electric powered pressure washer if they have a need to use it indoors, because the electric motors emit no fuel fumes. For food and beverage companies, such as breweries and commercial kitchens who must keep work surfaces and floors clean and sanitized, an electric powered pressure washer will be the best option.

Mi-T-M offers a large selection of pressure washers in both electric and gas driven models. Many claim that a gas-powered pressure washer is more powerful than electric. However, Mi-T-M manufactures industrial electric pressure washers with up to 5000-PSI of cleaning power. With that much power, an electric pressure washer can tackle most any cleaning job.

Let’s look at some of the key differences between an electric and gas pressure washer that may help with your decision.

Electric Powered

An electric powered pressure washer is affordable and effective. Mi-T-M’s residential line of electric washers typically have a lower upfront cost and require less maintenance than their gas counterparts. They are much easier to start and, as you might guess, are quieter than gas models. Because they are light-weight and user-friendly, Mi-T-M electric pressure washers are very popular in the residential market.

Electric Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M manufactures both cold and hot water electric pressure washers that are used in commercial and industrial industries. These models are built to withstand even the toughest jobs on construction sites and in commercial and industrial facilities.  The advantages of purchasing an electric pressure washer are great, however, keep in mind, an electric power source must be accessible for you to use them.

Gas Powered

Gas powered pressure washers are known for their durability and that is why you find them most often in the commercial and industrial market places. However, Mi-T-M does manufacture a line of gas powered pressure washers for residential use. Available from 1400 to 3000-PSI, gas pressure washers are great for those who want more portability than an electric washer can offer.

Pressure Washers Residential Commercial Industrial

Mi-T-M manufactures both cold and hot water gas powered pressure washers for commercial and industrial use. They are designed to provide the power, reliability and versatility businesses need. Often found in the agricultural, trucking and construction industries, they are used for property and equipment maintenance and cleaning at commercial and industrial facilities.

Pressure Washers Ag-Trucking-Construction

Because a gas pressure washer is powered by an internal combustion engine, your maintenance costs will be higher than with an electric pressure washer. Keeping an eye on fuel and oil levels will need to become a part of your regular maintenance routine. Winterizing a gas powered pressure washer requires more effort than electric models, but with proper maintenance and upkeep, your investment will be worth it.

As you can see when it comes to choosing between an electric or gas pressure washer, you’ll need to ask yourself how and where it will be used, what your budget is and how much time you can devote to maintaining your investment. Either way, once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

The Mi-T-M Sales Support Team is always happy to answer your questions. Contact us at 800-553-9053 or contact a dealer near you to find the best solution for your needs.

Tips to Prepare Your Equipment for Spring Use

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When you invest in equipment, whether it is a pressure washer, generator, air compressor or any other type of equipment, keeping it in top running condition requires proper maintenance. End of season maintenance is one the most important tasks you can do to keep your equipment in its best working condition for many years.

Most seasonal equipment needs to be winterized before cold weather arrives. If you store your equipment where the temperatures will fall below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, protect it by following the proper winterizing procedures that are included in your manual. Product manuals for all Mi-T-M equipment can be found on our website and make sure to check out this pressure washer winterizing video for extra guidance.

Here are a few general winterizing tips:

  1. For equipment that runs water through a pump, such as a pressure washer, make sure water is removed completely from the pump and all accessories used with the unit. Refer to your manual for the proper winterizing process, which will include running a pump conditioner or winterizer through the pump. This includes all electric driven and engine powered pressure washers.
  2. Disconnect and dry all attachments.
  3. Add a quality fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel and run the engine for a few minutes to circulate it.
  4. Check and tighten spark plugs or replace if necessary.
  5. For air compressors, make sure you open all drains to get rid of condensation. Inspect and clean air filters, replace if necessary. Check guards and covers to make sure they are properly in place.
  6. Giving your equipment a good cleaning before storing it will help keep the unit free from rust and corrosion. Using equipment covers adds protection.

As you can see, the most important tip for preparing your equipment for use in the spring, is making sure it is properly maintained and winterized. When spring rolls around, you will be confident your equipment will run properly and be ready when you are.

Here is a quick spring checklist, but again, check your manuals for proper startup so you get the most out of your equipment.

  1. Change the engine and pump oil.
  2. Flush out antifreeze or winterizer from pumps.
  3. Clean or replace the air filter, if you didn’t do so before storing.
  4. Drain old fuel and refill with fresh fuel.
  5. Inspect all hoses and attachments for leaks and cracks that may have occurred over the winter.
  6. Start up the equipment to make sure it is running correctly before you need to use it.
  7. If you suspect something isn’t right, contact your service center to help diagnose the problem.

Purchasing your equipment is an investment, it takes very little time and effort to protect it and ensure you will enjoy using it for many years.

Pressure Washing – The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washing

As a busy homeowner, it’s easy to let maintenance and home projects fall by the wayside. Pressure washing is an excellent method to make fast work of built-up grime, mud, mold and mildew on surfaces. Mi-T-M Corporation is your trusted provider of high-quality and dependable residential, commercial and industrial pressure washers and is here to provide you with pressure washing tips.

In 1971, Mi-T-M’s founder, AJ Spiegel realized the need for portable, economical and powerful cleaners. With a background in painting and cleaning, he built a 1000 PSI gas powered unit. It was a humble, but important step. We’ve come a long way since then and today we not only offer numerous pressure washers, but also hundreds of other types of equipment.

With a variety of sizes and types of pressure washers, our powerful Mi-T-M machines can help you clean patios, driveways, decks, siding, pools, fencing, lawn furniture and even help you prep for painting.

We’ve prepared an ultimate step-by-step guide on pressure washing to help you learn how to pressure wash around your home. Along with our how-to videos, we believe you’ll be an expert in no time and your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Below are some tips for pressure washing in nearly any situation.

No matter the cleaning project, safety is always first priority when operating a pressure washer. It is important to always avoid high-voltage areas, including electrical lines, conduits and electrical appliances. Make sure to always wear proper safety gear, including ear and eye protection as well as closed toe shoes.

Pressure Washer Surfaces

Pressure Washing Brick Siding

Brick homes are beautiful, sturdy and timeless, but just like other home surfaces, brick becomes dirty, mossy and needs regular maintenance. Unlike many other home materials, brick is porous and more prone to discoloration and structural damage. Therefore, before you attempt to pressure wash your brick home, you should know the proper methods for cleaning this type of surface.

First, survey the surface to look for any cracks or holes between bricks. You must repair them before you start pressure washing. Carefully patch these areas with mortar and let them cure for at least a week. Once they’re dry, you can begin pressure washing.

Follow the below steps for brick pressure washing:

  1. Prep your surface: Soak and saturate the brick with water. This will prevent the bricks from absorbing harsh detergents.
  2. Test an area: Test a small area of brick in order to gauge the amount of pressure needed to complete the cleaning task at hand.
  3. Detergent: Apply a detergent for cleaning brick, spray the detergent from bottom to top in order to prevent streaking and then allow it to soak into the brick for 5-10 minutes. NOTE: Do not allow the detergent to fully dry on your surface.
  4. Rinse your surface: Finish the cleaning process by gently spraying water across the surface to rinse all detergent and residue away.

Remember, you can always choose to apply a brick-and-mortar sealant. Your local hardware store can help you select one that’s made exclusively for brick.


Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a popular choice for home siding. It’s a low-maintenance, inexpensive material that never needs to be painted. But, it’s also notorious for accumulating mold, mildew, dirt and debris.

An important thing to note before you begin pressure washing is that vinyl siding is malleable, so you cannot blast it with too much force or pressure.

Follow the below steps for pressure washing vinyl siding:

  1. Scan your surroundings: Take a look at the areas surrounding your home. Use a drop cloth or plastic tablecloth to protect any shrubs or bushes that could potentially get damaged by your high-pressure spray.
  2. Quick Connect Nozzles: Make sure to choose a correct quick connect nozzle. We recommend using the 15-degree quick connect nozzle, as it is the best choice for this task. Stand 3 to 4 feet away and keep the nozzle moving to avoid damaging your surface.
  3. Test an area: Test a small area of vinyl in order to gauge the amount of pressure needed to complete the cleaning task at hand.
  4. Pre-rinse your siding: Before apply detergent, pressure wash your siding from top to bottom using clean water.
  5. Detergent: Apply your detergent mixture using a lower pressure setting. Working from bottom to top, aim for smooth and steady strokes from left to right with your spray wand. Keep the wand pointed slightly downward to avoid spraying underneath any gaps in the vinyl siding.
  6. Rinse your surface: Finish the cleaning process by gently spraying water across the surface to rinse all detergent and residue. Start at the top and work your way down.

Pressure Washing Your Deck

You love your deck. It’s a great place to read, relax and entertain. Make sure you learn the proper way to preserve and protect it.

Follow the below steps for pressure washing your deck:

  1. Prep your surface: Sweep, rinse and wet your deck thoroughly. Make sure you’ve removed all loose debris and dirt.
  2. Test an area: Test a small area of your deck’s surface in order to gauge the amount of pressure needed to complete the cleaning task at hand.
  3. Quick connect nozzles: Use a 25-degree quick connect nozzle. This size nozzle is best for sweeping away dirt, mud and mildew from decks and other surfaces.
  4. Pressure washing: Keep a distance of 8 to 12 inches from the surface and use a sweeping motion along the grain of the wood to avoid damage. Make sure you keep the nozzle moving at all times to prevent uneven spots or lap marks.
  5. Allow to dry and finishing: Once you clean the entire deck, allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours. To extend the life and appearance of your deck, apply a quality deck-coating or sealant.

Pressure Washing Concrete Surfaces

Our pressure washers will make quick work of discolored and dirty concrete. Choose from our large selection of gas and electric powered pressure washers to get the job done right. Your concrete surfaces will be looking brand new in no time!

Follow the below steps for pressure washing concrete surfaces:

  1. Prep your surface area: Pick up and move things like lawn furniture, toys and potted plants that could be damaged during pressure washing.
  2. Detergent: Apply a detergent best suited for concrete surfaces. Attach your spray wand, use the soap tip and begin applying detergent. Give the detergent around 10 minutes to soak into your concrete surface.
  3. Pressure washing: When the detergent has permeated your concrete, it’s time to blast away all the accumulated build-up. Switch to a high-pressure spray, keep your nozzle at least 10 inches away from the surface and use smooth back and forth motions, overlapping each pass by five or more inches. NOTE: For really dirty patches, you may need to make several passes with your pressure washer.

 Pressure Washing Fencing

Now that you’ve pressure washed your siding, deck and concrete surfaces, don’t neglect other property areas like fences.

  1. Prep your area: Clear away any objects and/or cover plants and bushes near the fence line. This will give you direct access to the fence and prevent damage.
  2. Quick Connect Nozzles: Select the right quick connect nozzle. We recommend a 25-degree nozzle to begin. However, if you need more power, you can always switch to a 15-degree nozzle. Be sure to keep a safe distance from the fencing to avoid damage.
  3. Detergent: Apply a detergent – we recommend a commercial grade detergent – while holding the sprayer around 3 to 4 feet away from the fence’s surface. Let the cleaning solution sink in and do its magic for about 10 minutes. NOTE: For wooden fencing, do not hold the sprayer in one place, as it may cause damage to the wood. Use different angles and move in closer if needed.
  4. Rinse your surface: Rinse your fence thoroughly with fresh water.

The final step to end any pressure washing task, is to celebrate a job well done.

We hope our ultimate guide has shown you how to use a pressure washer to accomplish many of your outdoor cleaning tasks.

For more pressure washing tips and to purchase a Mi-T-M pressure washer, call or visit your local Mi-T-M dealer. 

Pressure Washer Trailer – Wash Mobile

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pressure washer trailer

Pressure Washer Trailers

When washing the sides of large buildings, expansive parking lots and miles of concrete walkways, Mi-T-M’s trailers allow efficient transportation, so more projects — big or small — can be completed in less time. Don’t worry about how to get your pressure washer to multiple locations, with Mi-T-M’s customizable trailers, mobility is a breeze.

Water Trailers

Types of Trailers

Offering single, dual-axle and hot water mini trailer units, you can choose from small, medium or large pressure washer trailers to conveniently transport robust cleaning power anywhere you need it.

Our single-axle trailers offer three different models varying between types of brakes with one, 200-gallon water tank. In addition to the single, Mi-T-M has dual-axle trailers that hold one or two, 200-gallon water tanks and can provide you with more water for your cleaning applications. There are three different dual-axle trailer models to choose from and our experts can help you decide which is right for your specific needs.

Both single and dual-axle trailers feature a swivel jack with pad, a 2-inch ball hitch and rubber mounted sealed lights. The water tanks are enclosed with a powder coated steel frame and the trailers are built with aluminum treadplate steps to reach the water tanks.

pressure washer mini trailer

The Mi-T-M hot water mini trailer offers a compact design and ease of transport without sacrificing powerful cleaning capabilities. Engineered with a reinforced powder coated steel frame, the hot water mini pressure washer trailer features a rear locking storage area and an industrial 4000 PSI belt driven pressure washer and 12V Beckett burner. This gas-powered, portable unit provides the intense hot water cleaning you need for projects. All you need to complete the power washing package, is access to a reliable water source.

hot water pressure washer mini trailer

After you decide which model you like, customize your trailer by picking from an assortment of hose reels, backflow preventers, trailer tank bypass options and trailer hitches. Choose the accessories you need to enhance your Mi-T-M trailer—we specialize in customizing pressure washer trailers that work for you!

By utilizing a Mi-T-M pressure washer trailer, you can:

  • Complete cleaning jobs in remote locations.
  • Provide more space for your equipment.
  • Be mobile by easily attaching to different vehicles.

The Right Temperature for Your Project

Customize your single or dual-axle trailer with a Mi-T-M hot or cold-water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M cold water pressure washers are:

  • Used to wash away dirt and debris.
  • Available in gas, diesel and electric models.
  • Excellent for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, including siding, driveways, kennels, cars, boats, RV’S and decks.

Mi-T-M hot water pressure washers are:

  • Used to blast away grease, grime and other contaminants.
  • Available in gas, diesel, LP, natural gas and electric.
  • Capable of cutting cleaning time by 50%, which is especially useful when cleaning more than a couple of hours each week.

Communicate with our experts to find which trailer is most suitable for you. No matter the location or how large the project is, Mi-T-M trailers are durable and the perfect solution for on-site cleaning.

The Mi-T-M Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are quickly approaching, which means you need to wrap up your holiday shopping to ensure you have the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Surprise a partner, parent, sibling or friend with a product from our holiday gift guide, or help them upgrade to a newer model.

The following guide is intended to give you information necessary to make the best purchasing decision possible. Take a moment to learn about the many benefits of purchasing a Mi-T-M  product.

Pressure Washers:

We take pride in owning nice things, but cleaning and maintaining them is sometimes a pain. One of the most enjoyable cleaning methods around any home is with a pressure washer! Pressure washers make tough cleaning jobs easy by blasting away grease, dirt and grime quickly and efficiently.Pressure washers can be used around the home on siding, sidewalks, garage floors, driveways, decks, playhouses and much more. Using a pressure washer to clean will help to breathe life back into a variety of surfaces, giving your home a newer and cleaner feel.

Pressure washers come in a variety of styles, as well as electric or gas powered. If there are cleaning jobs to take care of indoors, the electric pressure washer is the best option as it is exhaust-free. If you’re looking for something that travels well, you’ll want to look into the hand-carry and portable units.

If the recipient of the gift already has a pressure washer, maybe now is a great time to upgrade their unit. Mi-T-M  products are built to perform and built to last. Many businesses offer great incentives on certain products, so keep an eye open for your opportunity to purchase an upgrade at a store near you.


Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you’ve been wanting or needing, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing quite yet. An item that nearly everyone could use is a generator. A generator is perfect for home, camping or other recreational activities enjoyed throughout the year. You’ll be faced with two main options when looking for generators: traditional generators and inverter generators.

Inverter Generator

Inverter generators are much quieter than traditional generators. Mi-T-M ’s new line of inverters are equipped with carbon monoxide detection and automatic shut-off if CO levels become unsafe. They feature inverter technology and provide reliable clean power for sensitive electronics.
Generators are great for recreational use, such as powering lights and TVs at a tailgate, as well as emergency back-up power.   Mi-T-M generators are powerful enough to act as a backup power source in case a home’s electricity ever goes out.

These handy generators are easily transportable.

The Mi-T-M ChoreMaster Series is a great option if you think the recipient would use it as both a recreational and emergency tool.

Air Compressors:

Everyone enjoys convenience, and that is exactly what Mi-T-M air compressors provide. Whomever you purchase an air compressor for, will most likely have many uses for it beyond simply filling up a tire. Whether it’s for construction, auto maintenance, cleaning, etc. an air compressor is a great addition to any workshop or garage.

There are a variety of air compressors that meet a wide range of needs. Mi-T-M air compressors are available in portable and hand-carry models and the tanks can range in size from 3 to 120-gallons. The most important part of choosing an air compressor is knowing whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. An electric compressor can be safely used inside and out, as opposed to a gas compressor that should only be used outside and in well-ventilated areas. To get expert advice on which compressor best fits your recipient’s needs, contact a Mi-T-M dealer near you.

Propane Patio Heaters:

Give the gift of quality time spent with family and friends under the warm glow of a Mi-T-M propane patio heater. These amazing heaters stand upright as a decorative piece and distribute heat evenly around your space, warming a 290 sq. ft. radius and providing the right amount of comfort. This heater works well throughout the year and is a great way to help the recipient enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests, even in chilly temperatures.

Propane Cabinet Heaters:

What hunter, do-it-yourselfer or woodworker wouldn’t love to be able to work and stay warm this winter? The propane cabinet utility heater provides portable heat for any ventilated workshop, shed, jobsite or garage. The rolling casters make it easy to move across the shop floor. Fueled by a 20-lb propane cylinder (not included), hunters can use it to warm up in the woods, too. Clean, quiet and wind resistant, this propane heater will keep those around it warm, even when temperatures are low.


If you’re looking for stocking-stuffer ideas, consider some of the best equipment accessories available from Mi-T-M . A rotating nozzle or gutter cleaning attachment can seriously boost the cleaning power of a pressure washer. You’ll also find generator covers, air compressor blow guns, air hoses and more! Easy to install and use, our accessories will be a welcomed addition to any unit. Our accessories, like our equipment, are designed and made by leading industry engineers.

If you’re unsure of which piece of equipment will make the perfect gift, simply give us a call to chat with our knowledgeable sales support team or talk with a a dealer to get the expert advice you need. They will help you identify the equipment and models that will best fit any need.


Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

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The cold weather is almost here, so don’t forget to winterize your pressure washer. Below are some key factors to consider before putting your unit away for the season.

Winterizing your pressure washer is very important, not only to keep the components from freezing, but to also extend the life of the pressure washer itself.

Fuel Stabilizer

For gas powered units, it is important to add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank to prevent tarnish build-up in the carburetor while it is being stored.

You should add the fuel stabilizer according to directions from the manufacturer. It is recommended, after adding the stabilizer, to run the engine for at least two minutes to circulate the fluid throughout the system, and then shut it off.

Flushing Detergent

Any detergent in gas and electric powered units should be flushed before storage to avoid growing mold and mildew.

To do this, place the unit’s detergent injector tube into a bucket of clean water. Start your pressure washer and run it at a low-pressure setting for up to two minutes and then turn off. Squeeze the trigger on the spray gun to release any trapped pressure and disconnect all hoses and attachments and let them dry thoroughly.

Pump Saver

pressure washer detergentMany pressure washer providers recommend using windshield wash to keep a unit’s coils and plumbing system from freezing. This tactic is inappropriate for pressure washers and other pieces of equipment with carbon steel coils. Windshield wash has a mixture of about 32% Methanol which attacks carbon steel and when heated can increase the damaging effects it has on carbon steel.

Instead, we recommend using Mi-T-M pump saver solution to winterize your pressure washer. The pump saver solution provides longer pump life, prevents build-up of hard water mineral deposits, preserves seals and pistons and protects against freezing. It’s fast and easy. First disconnect all hoses and the spray gun wand and assembly and drain as much water as possible from them.


On a gas-powered pressure washer, attach the pump saver solution bottle directly to the water inlet and turn the knob on the bottle to the open position. Then pull the recoil until the liquid coming out of the discharge is 100% solution.

Pump Saver Process

On an electric powered pressure washer, attach the pump saver solution, like a gas unit, directly to the water inlet and turn the knob to the open position. Once the bottle is in place, squeeze the bottle while turning the pressure washer on until the liquid coming out is 100% solution.

After you have completed all of these steps your pressure washer is ready to be stored safely for winter.


Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Some Like It Hot: Hot Water Pressure Washers

Grime, muck, grunge and grease – all tough to remove from surfaces.

When you want to sanitize an area, do you use hot or cold water? What about scrubbing dirty dishes? When trying to remove stains from clothing, do you select a hot or cold rinse? No doubt you answered hot to all three questions. When you have greasy stained surfaces, a heat setting makes sense for dishwashers, washing machines and other household appliances. The same is true for pressure washers.

Hot water is proven to be more effective at removing stains than cold water. Why? The hotter the temperature, the lower the surface tension of water. Hot water contains fast-moving particles. This means the molecules spread apart, making it easier to expand and then loosen a stain. In addition, hot water can cut through grease quickly and effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Mi-T-M  Product Line

Our Mi-T-M pressure washer product line — both electric and gasoline-powered — includes many types of residential and commercial options. While cold water is perfectly fine for some applications, there are clear benefits of hot water pressure washers. It’s important to know when to use a hot water pressure washer. Certain industries rely on the cleaning power of heat, including:

  • Construction – Big diggers and excavators are required to do some dirty jobs. The result is a build-up of mud, grime, oil and grease. A hot water pressure washer makes quick work of hard-to-remove, caked-on mud and grime.

Dual Axle Trailer Quarry App

  • Food industry – Restaurants and wineries must meet the required standards to pass inspection. A hot water pressure washer can be used to properly clean and disinfect many different areas, including floors, kitchen hoods and ducts, outdoor seating and dumpster/waste areas. Hot water cleaning also requires less detergent, saving you money while protecting the environment.
  • Rental property – Need an effective method to clean the exterior of your rental properties? A Mi-T-M commercial hot water pressure washer is just the ticket. You can mount or transport one of our units in the back of a truck or one of our trailer units. Then, the washer becomes a portable cleaning machine. For decks and driveways, use one of our superior rotary surface cleaners.
  • Manufacturing – If your products leave a mess on the shop floor, our industrial-grade pressure washers can blast away the mess left behind. You can also take advantage of our many pressure washer accessories to target specific areas of your facility.
  • Trucking – Big rigs return from time on the road covered in crud, muck and filth. But you have a secret tool in your arsenal, a Mi-T-M hot water pressure washer. A hot water pressure washing can take care of any cleaning concerns. And, you can use it afterward to clean your shop floor!benefits of hot water pressure washer
  • Waste Management – Garbage and recycling trucks must pick up everything. That’s why these machines need thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Hot water pressure washers can remove grease and caked-on dirt quickly and effectively.

As you can see, there are many benefits of hot water pressure washers. No matter what kind of business you run, we know you’ll appreciate the strong power of our equipment.

At Mi-T-M, we manufacture products in our nearly 1 million-square-foot facility located in Peosta, IA. Once you purchase a product from Mi-T-M, we want to be sure you know how to properly use it.

Check out our many how-to videos to learn more. We’re proud of our high-quality hot water pressure washers and know they’ll help save you time, money, and stress. Contact Mi-T-M today.


Dealer Spotlight: MG CLEANERS, LLC

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MG Cleaners

In the oilfields of Texas, demand for dependable, high-quality rig cleaning equipment and services gave way to the formation of MG Cleaners. To optimize the number of clients they’re able to serve, MGC specializes in selling proprietary soaps, surfactants, and degreasers for cleaning and washing oil rigs to oilfield drilling rig contractors and oilfield companies.

In addition to these proprietary products, MG also sells air compressors, water/trash pumps, combination units, generators, and pressure washers, and related parts for rigs. To top it all off, MG Cleaners can deploy service crews that perform repairs, maintenance and drilling rig wash services for customers.

Stephen Christian, MG Cleaners President, acquired the company in 2010 after his 6-year tenure as a Rig Supervisor for Nabors Drilling. His business acumen emerged quickly during his time at Nabors Drilling which is a publicly-traded company that owns and operates the nation’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet.

The proprietary formulation of Miracle Blue™ MG was developed out of the need for a heavy-duty degreaser utilized in oilfield applications.

MG Cleaners Logo

MG Cleaners offers rig and equipment washing services because clean equipment simply lasts longer, operates more efficiently, and costs less to maintain. MG Cleaners provides quick service, so there’s minimal effect on the customers’ operation. Whether its a safety cleaning before rigs are moved, cleaning debris away before an inspection or audit, or any situation that requires a thorough cleaning, MG Cleaners provides high-quality service to each customer.

Portable Heaters

In early June 2018 SMG, MG Cleaners’ parent company announced the opening of a new location in Alice, Texas. Stephen says, “The addition of this new facility in South Texas will provide logistical efficiencies along with the expansion of our in-basin footprint in the Eagle Ford, where it is anticipated that drilling operations will significantly increase as oil prices inch higher. After receiving multiple requests for our products and service work from customers who have recently moved to South Texas, our work staff is now in place and is expected to be fully productive within the next several weeks.”

As MG Cleaners continues to grow, they’re also expecting to strengthen their relationships with their top suppliers. A partnership with Mi-T-M has undoubtedly contributed to the successes of MG Cleaners, and each looks forward to continued prosperity for years to come.

Hot Water Pressure Washers For Sanitation & Disinfecting

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Hot Water Pressure Washer

Put your Customers at Ease

Your customers are busy sanitizing, cleaning, and washing all around their homes, so make sure they feel confident in your business’s cleaning efforts with sanitation equipment from Mi-T-M.

Sanitizing Inside and Outside

Use equipment that is safe for indoor use. Mi-T-M’s electric hot water pressure washers can reach 120 degrees up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

HHS Series Electric Pressure Washer – only available from Mi-T-M Dealers. Find a Dealer Near You.

The HHS Series electric pressure washers are portable and easy to move around large stores and warehouses, shipping facilities and other industrial and commercial sites where you need to clean. And don’t forget to clean your shopping carts and baskets—this series is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Electric Belt Drive Pressure Washer

HSE Series Electric Belt Drive

The HSE series of electric hot water pressure washers effortlessly handles your toughest cleaning jobs, like vehicle repair shops, construction and agriculture equipment and other industrial and commercial sites. Mi-T-M’s HSE portable unit quickly cleans outdoor business areas, such as gas pumps and bank drive-up areas, as well as semi-tractor/trailers and other delivery vehicles.

Clean the outside areas of your establishments, like parking lots, entryways, restaurant drive-up and pick-up areas, outdoor seating, and playgrounds. Use equipment like a Mi-T-M hot water unit to pressure wash these outdoor areas.

Food and Beverage Industry Sanitation

For food and beverage processing companies, Mi-T-M HAE all-electric hot water pressure washer will clean and sanitize your facilities in order to meet regulatory requirements.

HAE Series All-Electric Belt Drive

A patented heat exchange cartridge design provides consistent, on-demand hot water to clean surfaces, without the harmful emission of fuel and exhaust fumes.

Cleaning in Well-Ventilated Areas

Stationary Natural Gas Pressure Washer

The HEG Series Stationary Natural Gas/LP – only available from Mi-T-M Dealers. Find a Dealer Near You.

Mi-T-M’s HEG hot water units are designed to clean heavily soiled vehicles and industrial equipment.  Efficient and rugged, the HEG Series will last for years.

Our experts can explain the difference between these pressure washers, and help you determine which machine best fits your needs. Call or contact us today.



Durable Rental Equipment for Contractors

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Pressure Washer

Professional contractors in the construction, painting, and cleaning industries often need a piece of industrial equipment that isn’t part of their own inventory, and that’s when they look to rentals. Rental businesses know that time is money to their customers so they make sure the equipment they rent is rugged and reliable and that’s why they choose to rent Mi-T-M equipment.

Mi-T-M industrial equipment is built with the contractor in mind, so whether they own Mi-T-M equipment or rent it, they know it will stand up to whatever application they use it for. You’ve often heard that “Mi-T-M equipment is built to last” and that is what both rental businesses and contractors depend on. Rental business not only want their customers to have a positive experience each time they rent equipment, they want to know they are investing in equipment that stays out of the repair shop.

Rental Outlook

Contractors are expected to rent more in the coming year, according to the American Rental Association. With supply chain shortages and the increased cost of goods, contractors know the ability to rent the best equipment is now more important than ever, and rental businesses know Mi-T-M equipment is the best in the industry.

Manufactured in the USA, with uncompromising quality, all Mi-T-M equipment goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure it withstands the tough environments contractors work in so there is no need to worry about downtime when renting Mi-T-M equipment.

Industrial Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M knows how important it is to have confidence in the equipment contractors use. With the wide range of jobs they tackle day-to-day, they can depend on Mi-T-M to help them get the job done.

The experts at Mi-T-M can help you choose which rental equipment works best for your needs & situation.

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Professional Pressure Washers for the Food Industry

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

There’s nothing more satisfying than working in a clean environment when preparing food in a commercial kitchen or a food and beverage operation. To save time, stay safe and get the most sanitary clean, an electric hot water pressure washer is the best choice. With no fumes and often no detergent needed, you can have a green solution for cleaning your counters, floors, kitchen, beverage tanks and more.

Choosing Food Cleaning Equipment to Keep You in Compliance

As a business requiring health inspections, owning your own hot water pressure washer will allow you to remain in compliance with health regulations, at all times. With a hot water pressure washer, you can use high-temperature water each time you clean kitchen, brewery and winery production spaces. On top of all the necessary industry requirements, you will also achieve an eco-friendly clean!

High performing electric hot water pressure washers are available in portable and stationary models. Portable hot water pressure washers make it possible for you to easily move the unit, while cleaning every inch of your space, inside and out, with zero emissions. Electric hot water pressure washers help to easily tackle those areas including:
Hot Water Pressure Wash Brewery

  • Food preparation areas
  • Kitchen hoods
  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Worktables
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Beverage bottling equipment
  • Dining rooms
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Dumpster areas

With many indoor and outdoor spaces to clean, a portable electric pressure washer may be the best choice for a restaurant or commercial kitchen. For the beverage industry and food processing operations, carefully positioned stationary pressure washers provide long-lasting cleaning power. Mi-T-M dealers provide expertise in helping you find the right equipment for any application.

Accessories for Convenient Use

Pressure washer accessories are essential for extra cleaning ability. Nozzles increase cleaning power and decrease cleaning time, while wand extensions clean hard-to-reach places. Professionals know it’s more important than ever to get a job done faster and more efficient. From hoses to wands and nozzles to cleaners, find all the pressure washing accessories you need for any cleaning application.

Learn More

The nozzle is one of the most important cleaning accessories you will use with your pressure washer. It’s the nozzle that creates the pressure stream that cleans your surfaces, so make sure you choose the right nozzle for the job. Mi-T-M offers several nozzles for use with your pressure washer, giving you a choice of spray angles and pressures that work best for every cleaning task.


An excellent way to increase your cleaning power and decrease your cleaning time is to use a rotating nozzle. Our nozzles offer convenient, quick-connect fittings. This accessory is excellent for cleaning built-up grease and grime.

See how to use the Rotating Nozzle

For food industry applications, breweries, wineries and restaurants, durable Mi-T-M electric pressure washers enable a quick, efficient clean, every time. Choose from several models designed for the heavy-duty cleaning required in restaurants and food and beverage applications.

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Should You Buy or Rent A Pressure Washer?

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Buying a Pressure Washer vs. Renting a Pressure Washer

From fences to decks, siding to lawn furniture, cars to garage floors; the places and things you can clean with a pressure washer are seemingly endless. So does it make more sense to rent a pressure washer or buy one outright?

If you only use a pressure washer once or twice a year, it may make more financial sense to rent a pressure washer or you may want to hire someone with their own machine to clean your home and items.

Benefits of pressure washer rental include:

  • No Storage Hassle
  • No Equipment Maintenance
  • Save Money – will be less expensive to rent if you are only planning occasional use.
  • Conserve Water – pressure washers actually use less water than using a garden hose.
  • Restore & Preserve exterior surfaces by removing damaging agents, such as dirt, salt, grease, and mold.

Pressure Washer

If you’re a weekend warrior and wash your house, patio, deck and outdoor furniture several times each year, you may want to purchase a sturdy and reliable washer. Mi-T-M offers a huge variety of residential pressure washers, available with an electric motor or gas engine, and ranging from 1400 PSI to 3000 PSI.

Make sure you compare like models when deciding to buy or rent a pressure washer. Once you know which motor and type of washer best fits your needs, you can calculate the hourly cost of renting vs. buying. Renting a pressure washer may cost $50-$150 dollars per day. Buying a pressure washer, depending on the model and motor, runs $300 and up. Therefore, 2-3 rentals may be the same price as buying new.

When you rent a pressure washer, you don’t have to maintain the machine. However, you may have to pay for rental insurance. When you buy a pressure washer, you’ll need to pay for your own repairs, but you’ll own the machine outright. With proper maintenance, you’ll have it for many years.


Availability is another factor. If you own your own washer, you can use it whenever and wherever you need it. However, if you wish to rent, know that there are some seasons and times of year when washers are in high demand. Renting during those times may be more difficult or may cost more.

The experts at Mi-T-M can answer all your pressure washer questions. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years and our promise is to deliver unmatched performance—from the quality of our products to the dedication of each employee who does what’s right for our customer every time.

Let us explain the difference between hot and cold pressure washers, determine which size machine best fits your personal needs, and help you decide if renting or buying is best for you. Call or email us today.


Hot Water Pressure Washer vs. Cold Water: Which is Right for You?

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Hot Water Pressure Washer Vs. Cold Water: Which is Right for You?

When considering the purchase of a pressure washer, many people wonder if they should purchase a cold water or hot water pressure washer. A hot water pressure washer is a big investment, so if you are planning to purchase a pressure washer for your home to clean siding, decks, patio furniture and small equipment around your property, a cold water pressure washer will be your best choice.

Pressure Washer Hot Water vs. Cold Water

Mi-T-M cold-water pressure washers are used for removing dirt, grime and mud from many surfaces and are great tools for striping paint. Mi-T-M manufactures dozens of different series of cold water pressure washers, offering the size and cleaning power for whatever your specific needs are.

The spraying power of a cold water pressure washer makes quick work of muddy messes and will easily sweep away debris and remove dirt from driveways, dog kennels, cars, boats, RV’s and many other surfaces. Plus, Mi-T-M cold water pressure washers are low maintenance, easy to operate and generally cost less than a hot water machine.

However, if you need a pressure washer for cleaning big equipment or have a large property that will benefit from the extra cleaning power, then you should definitely consider a hot water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M hot-water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning and dissolving oil and grease. They are often used in the sanitation and food and beverage industries where hot water is needed to thoroughly clean and sanitize. Hot water pressure washers give you that extra cleaning boost.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M manufactures a variety of hot water pressure washers. Customers have many power options to choose from including gas, electric or diesel. Mi-T-M offers both portable and stationary and depending on how often it will be used, the choice between a belt and direct drive pump should be considered.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself before making a purchasing decision are:

  1. What are my primary cleaning needs?
  2. How often do I plan to use the pressure washer?
  3. How much pressure do I need?
  4. What is my budget?

Once you’ve chosen your pressure washer, check out our helpful how-to videos in the Mi-T-M Video Library. You will find videos for both cold and hot water pressure washers that show how to start, maintain and winterize your pressure washer. There are also troubleshooting videos and how-to-use many Mi-T-M pressure washing accessories.
The Mi-T-M Sales Support Team is always happy to answer your questions. Contact us at 800-553-9053, submit a question online or find a dealer near you.

Pressure Washing Fall Cleaning Checklist

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Pressure Washing Fall Cleaning Checklist

The leaves are beginning to change, and we have welcomed the crisp temperatures of the autumn season. Fall is an ideal time to check last minute outdoor cleaning off your list before temperatures begin to drop.

At Mi-T-M, we offer a wide variety of pressure washers to help prepare your property and assets for winter – choose from a selection of gasoline, electric, hot and cold. We also offer countless accessories to pair with your pressure washer – including extension hoses, detergents, nozzles and brushes – for additional cleaning power.

Yes, summer is over, but you still have some beautiful fall days left to get ready for winter. Not sure where to begin your fall cleaning? Our Mi-T-M Pressure Washing Fall Cleaning Check List below will guide you through this process.

Exterior Surface

Take a stroll around your home, garage, or workshop to check exterior siding and window panels. Look to see if there are areas with dirt, moss, mildew or mold. Use a Mi-T-M pressure washer to blast away those built-up areas with ease. Pressure washers can easily tackle months (or years) worth of build-up.

Pressure Washer Rotating Nozzle

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers for advice on cleaning specific types of home exteriors.

Paint Prep

If you are considering removing old paint and repainting your deck or siding, fall is a great time to do just that. Pressure washers are a great way to quickly and efficiently remove old paint to prep any surface for a fresh coat. Make sure you remember to let your surface properly dry before applying new paint.

Check with an experienced paint retailer about the best methods for painted wood and siding.


Gutters are an important part of your home’s structural integrity. They redirect water away from your roof and walls. However, they can easily get clogged with leaves, insects, sticks and other debris. A Mi-T-M pressure washer will make short work of dirty gutters. Pair your pressure washer with a gutter cleaner accessory and keep your feet planted on the ground for added safety and stability.

Cleaning your gutters now will also help prevent ice build-ups from forming during the winter.Gutter Cleaning


Clean your RV, boat, convertible or jet ski before putting it away for the season or clean your snowmobile to get it ready for winter. Pressure washers can make vehicle cleaning less time-consuming and works with less water than your average garden hose. Be sure to use the proper pressure, cleansers and the proper nozzle, so you avoid striping paint or damage.

Pressure Washer Vehicle

Talk to your authorized Mi-T-M dealer or talk to our support center about the best model of pressure washer for your specific cleaning needs.

Decks and Patios

Time can be unkind and harsh weather conditions can begin to destroy wood surfaces. Mold, mildew, moss, dirt and grime are just a few of the culprits for this. By using a Mi-T-M pressure washer, you can restore your fence, gate, outdoor furniture, patio or deck.pressure washer rental

Your authorized dealer will help you choose the proper model, detergent and attachments for your project. Take a before and after picture of the wood surface – you’ll be amazed by the difference.

Garbage and Recycling Bins

Get rid of leftover garbage and fowl smells once and for all with a pressure washer. Simply lay your canisters and bins on their side and place them up against something solid, or they’ll blow away with the force of the spray. Use a sudsy detergent for added cleaning power and to freshen up the interior. Finish with a steady stream of water and then flip the canisters and bins upside down to let them dry.

Pool and Ponds

You have such fond memories of the summer months spent in your pool and watching tree frogs jump into your garden pond. Make sure you’ll continue those memories next season by taking proper care of those spaces now. Drain the water to pressure wash away dirt, algae and debris.

Yard Equipment and Tools

To preserve your tools, we recommend pressure washing them before storing them for winter. Line up your lawn mower, chain saw, rakes, leaf blower, edger, broom or any other outdoor tools. Pressure wash away all the dirt, grass and gunk from the summer months. Dry each piece and your equipment is ready to store for winter.

Prep Your Pressure Washer for Hibernation

Now that you’ve prepared your home and equipment for winter, your pressure washer needs a cleaning before being winterized too. For any gas model, drain all the liquid, attach a pump saver to the water inlet, start the motor and make sure all the discharged liquid is pure solution. For any electric model, simply squeeze the solution to flush out the system. Now you can safely store your machine in the garage, shed or shop until spring.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Mi-T-M Pressure Washing Fall Cleaning Check List. Remember, you can easily locate a Mi-T-M dealer to purchase a pressure washer and ask them for additional tips and suggestions.

Remember – always take the proper safety precautions before beginning any pressure washing project.

Mi-T-M’s Guide For Winterizing Your Home

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winterize home

Winterize Your Home

As the summer sun fades into memory, we welcome the cool, fresh temperatures of autumn. Fall is a time to prepare for the frigid months ahead. September and October are the ideal time to winterize and protect your home and belongings. At Mi-T-M we offer a wide variety of solutions to prepare your property for winter. You have a lot of choices when it comes to our huge selection of gasoline and electric pressure washers. We also offer countless accessories—including extension hoses, detergents, nozzles, and brushes—to give you additional cleaning power for specific jobs.

Yes, summer is over, but you still have some beautiful fall days left to get ready for winter. As the leaves start to swirl and crunch beneath your feet, here are 13 fall cleaning projects we recommend at Mi-T-M. Remember to take the proper safety precautions before beginning any project.

Exfoliate Your Exterior

While the weather is still nice, take a stroll around your home. Check the exterior to see if there are any areas that have dirt, moss, or mold. Now is the perfect time to tame those spots before the first snow sends you indoors. A Mi-T-M pressure washer will easily remove stains and plant growth, from brick or vinyl siding. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers for advice on cleaning specific types of home exteriors.

Primed for Painting

Check for peeling paint on exterior surfaces. Our Mi-T-M pressure washers are a great way to blast away old paint. After you’ve carefully followed these easy “How-To Strip Paint” steps, let the surface properly dry, prep the area, and you’re ready to paint your home before winter. Fall is a wonderful time to paint the exterior of your home. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just right. Check with an experienced paint retailer about the best methods for painting wood and siding.

Get Your Mind (or Leaves) Out of the Gutter

Gutters are an important part of your home’s structural integrity. They redirect water away from your roof and walls. However, they can easily get clogged with leaves, insects, sticks, and other debris. A Mi-T-M pressure washer fitted with a gutter cleaner accessory will make short work of dirty gutters. Forget ladders or climbing on the roof. At Mi-T-M, we make your safety a priority. Using this wonderful attachment, you can blast away dirt and grime while standing on the ground. Cleaning your gutters now will help prevent ice dams from forming during the winter.

cleaning gutters

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Most people know you can pressure wash your car or motorcycle. But did you realize you can also clean your RV, boat, jet ski, snowmobile, and other vehicles? It’s true. Because of potential paint damage, be sure to use the gentlest cleansers and the proper nozzle. You want to gently clean your vehicles, not strip them of paint, decals, or trim. Talk to your authorized Mi-T-M dealer or talk to our support center about the best model for your specific machinery.

Make Way for Santa

Just as your gutters need cleaning, so too does your fireplace. Before you pile on the logs for a toasty winter fire, make sure your fireplace is clean as a whistle. Our Mi-T-M wet/dry vacuums are an easy and convenient way to get rid of ashes. Choose from 9, 13, and 18-gallon models. You’ll appreciate the power and quiet operation of these vacuums as well as our lifetime canister warranty. But there is some maintenance you shouldn’t attempt; repairs best left to the experts. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends you have your chimney inspected once each year to check for structural soundness and obstructions.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Winter ice and snow can wreak havoc with your driveway. Water from sleet or snow can seep below the surface of your concrete and then freeze and expand. The result can range from minor cracks to major foundation damage. So play offense. Start by getting rid of any paint, oil, or gas stains. Before snow hits, clean your driveway with a pressure washer. We recommend adding a rotating nozzle to add extra kick to your work. You may also wish to use a surface cleaner. Once the surface is dry, roll or spray on the appropriate sealant. Use asphalt or acrylic sealers for asphalt. For concrete, we recommend acrylic and siloxane sealants.

All Hands On Deck

Remember when your fence or your deck was new? The wood looked so fresh and beautiful. But time can be unkind. And harsh weather conditions can begin to destroy any wood surface. Mold, mildew, moss, dirt and grime are just a few of the culprits for this type of mess. Using a Mi-T-M pressure washer, you can restore your fence, gate, outdoor furniture, or deck to their former glory. Your authorized dealer will help you choose the proper model, detergent, and attachments for your project. Just for fun? Take a before and after picture of the wood surface. You’ll be amazed by the difference.

pressure washer deck

Garbage In; Garbage Out

Have you ever looked inside your trash cans and recycle bins? Pretty disgusting, right? Pressure wash away all the dirt and detritus in one fell swoop. Simply lay your cans on their side and place them up against something solid . . . or they’ll blow away with the force of the spray. Use a sudsy wash to soften the interior. Then finish with a steady stream of water from your pressure washer. Turn the canisters and cans upside down and let them dry in the sun. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Your Cleaning Will Go Swimmingly

You have such fond memories of the summer months spent in your pool. Make sure you’ll have more memories next season by taking proper care of the space now. Drain all the water and get ready to pressure wash away the dirt and debris. Sure you can use brushes and other tools instead. But why would you? Save time and stress by using a powerful pressure washer to clean and winterize your in ground pool.

Prepare for Winter Emergencies

During harsh winters, a generator makes sense for many homeowners. Mi-T-M manufactures many different types and sizes of generators for all your needs. If you are considering a generator purchase, now is the time. If the power goes out, what are your immediate needs? Perhaps you’ll want to keep the heat going? Maybe you need the lights? Or perhaps you want to be sure your food doesn’t spoil? Determining how you’ll use your generator will help you select the right size.

A Sprinkling of Advice

Your sprinkler system worked hard for you all spring and summer, keeping your grass watered and green. Now it’s time for you to take care of the system. Before freezing temperature arrive, make sure you blow out all the water from the pipes. A Mi-T-M air compressor is the ideal way to do this. Be sure to protect your pipes before winter beats you to the punch.

Spray and Shine Before Storing

As a homeowner, chances are you have a lot of yard equipment. To preserve your tools, we recommend pressure washing them before storing them for the winter. Look around; most any type of lawn accessory can benefit from a pressure wash. Line up your lawn mower, chain saw, rakes, leaf blower, tree trimmer, edger, broom, or other outdoor tools. Select the proper amount of wand pressure and pressure wash away all the gunk from the summer months. Dry each piece and store your equipment for the winter.

winterize outdoor equipment

Prep Your Pressure Washer for Hibernation

Now that you’ve prepared your home and equipment for winter, don’t forget to winterize your pressure washer. For your gas model, drain all the liquid, attach a pump saver to the water inlet, start the motor, and make sure all the discharged liquid is pure solution. For an electric model, simply squeeze the solution to flush out the system. Now you can safely store your machine in the garage or shed until spring.

winterize pressure washer

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Mi-T-M Fall preparation and cleaning guide. You can easily locate a M-T-M dealer and ask them for their tips and suggestions. Whether you buy or rent our equipment, we know you’ll appreciate our rugged and high-quality products. We wish you a very safe and happy winter.


In The Spotlight – Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co. (What’s New)

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Nick Slavik Painting

Back in the Summer of 2020, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Slavik of Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co. Nick’s story is one of hard work and dedication to his craft, and Mi-T-M is honored to be a part of the journey and continued success!

As we fast-forward 2 years from our initial interview, things have definitely changed.

What’s new with Nick Slavik and Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co.?

  • Has your business and team grown since 2020?
    • “We have grow to about 40 people + subcontractors.”
  • How’s your Facebook Live Series “Ask a Painter” going?
    • “AAP is such a fun thing that I originally started to share my life – that of a master craftsperson and a trades business owner. It’s turned into so much more and in the end, I realize that I’d learned so much from the viewers.  I would not be where I am today if not for that community.”

Any new & interesting projects you’ve been working on?

  • What (specifically) did you enjoy most about those projects?
    • “We do many big historic restorations each year.  I love the history, the interesting colors and the clients.  They are monumental efforts and are super satisfying to undertake! We also painted a custom beer mural on a silo overlooking a baseball field this summer!  Its fun stuff like that that gives me a ton of energy.” 

Giesenbrau Bier Company

  • Where are some of the most beautiful places you’ve worked in the last 1-2 years?
    • “We’ve been to wilderness cabins, islands in the Gulf of Mexico, San Francisco and Utah.  All adventures!”  

How has Mi-T-M played a role in your success?

  • How many pieces of Mi-T-M equipment do you own?
    • “We own about 6 washers.”
  • What do you enjoy most about the equipment?
    • “Reliable, tough, no hiccups.”
  • What are some of the best qualities of your Mi-T-M equipment?
    • “I feel like they are sturdy machines – they’re just tough little things.”  
  • What does the future look like for Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration?
    • “We’ve just tipped over the hill of what I would consider a ‘professionalized’ business. We have a full leadership team, a great group of craftspeople and we give clients an awesome experience. My hopes are to maximize the effectiveness of our little freedom machine and create a bunch of opportunities for those involved.”

For more information about Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co., you can read the original blog interview from July 2020!

(Original Interview – July 2020)

Nick Slavik has been a part of the painting and restoration industry for 28 years. Starting at such a young age was a challenge for Nick, but once he got to dictate his own path he fell in love. In fact, he loves what he does so much he decided to start up his own company Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co. 13 years ago, where he has worked relentlessly to make a name for himself. 

Nick Slavik does everything he can to ensure his clients receive the greatest value. He specializes in large residential historic restorations, interior fine finishing, and exterior wood restoration such as decks, fences, and log/wood homes. Slavik and his team also work large scale commercial and industrial projects. 

While visiting his local Sherwin Williams store, Slavik first laid his eyes on a Mi-T-M power washer and was instantly impressed. The sturdiness and quality stood out to him, which is why he made his first purchase and never looked back. Looking forward, Slavik now owns three Mi-T-M pressure washers that he uses to facilitate washing and chemical restoration services. 

When it comes to choosing his equipment, Slavik does his research, looks for the really good stuff, makes an informed decision then makes the purchase in hopes to never think twice about it. Slavik wants the best for his company. He wants the equipment that is well made, works as advertised, easily maintainable, and never fails. That is why he chooses to continue working with Mi-T-M units and his local Mi-T-M dealer. 

“The best compliment I can give these units is that I don’t think about them. They are the most reliable employee I have. Never sick, always overperforms. They never disappoint.”

If Slavik has any advice for future buyers, it’s to “invest in the good stuff and never worry about it.”

Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co. is a premier painting contractor for New Prague and the surrounding area. Make sure you also check out their Facebook Live series “Ask a Painter.” This Facebook show is where you can ask questions and Slavik uses his two decades of knowledge to answer. Slavik goes live on this Facebook page every Friday. 


Four Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pressure Washer

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From mold, mildew and mud…to grease, grass stains and grime, there are simply some jobs too big for your garden hose to tackle.

A pressure washer will make any outdoor cleanup task quicker and more efficient – packing at least 75 times more power than a regular garden hose. That’s a lot of cleaning power!

Whether you are cleaning siding, sidewalks or removing suspicious stains, a pressure washer will make fast work of most any job.

If you’re in the market for a new pressure washer, be sure you consult and buy from a reputable dealer or manufacturer.

Mi-T-M has been in business since 1971 and we stand behind all of our high-quality equipment. We have a large network of distributors and service centers for all of your equipment needs.

Do your homework before investing in a pressure washer and be ready to answer these questions.

1. What do I want to clean and how often will I use a pressure washer?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what a pressure washer can clean. You name it – roofs, cars, decks, pools, grills, sporting equipment and mailboxes can be cleaned. In a mere matter of minutes, your dirty items will look brand new.

It is important to consider how often you will use a pressure washer and how many of your items need regular cleaning. Knowing your needs will help you with the next question.

2. What size pressure washer is best for my needs?

No matter what household job you’re tackling, Mi-T-M has the right size pressure washer to help.

As you consider your pressure washer options, note the PSI (pound per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) vary for each model. PSI is pressure and GPM is flow. In other words, PSI is the action that blasts off the grime on surfaces you’re cleaning and GPM is the flow to move and rinse the grime off of those surfaces. By multiplying PSI and GPM you’ll know the cleaning units of the pressure washer. (PSI x GPM = Total Cleaning Units) Calculating the cleaning units a good way to compare different pressure washers. The higher the cleaning units, the quicker you clean.

One of our smaller pressure washers is in the ChoreMaster Series and begins at 1400 PSI. This cold water, electric pressure washer is lightweight at just 45 pounds, making it easy to lift and maneuver. This size is perfect for seasonal cleanings around the house and ideal for washing cars, small decks, patios and outdoor furniture.

As you browse Mi-T-M’s pressure washer categories, you’ll find machines that pack even more power. Mi-T-M’s gasoline ChoreMaster Series models range from 2600 to 3000 PSI and are designed to handle more frequent cleaning. These pressure washers can be used to easily tackle medium-sized jobs like larger decks and siding.

At the higher end of the residential line, Mi-T-M’s Work Pro Series pressure washers really deliver some serious cleaning power. They begin at 3000 PSI and go up to 4200 PSI and weigh between 75 and 142 pounds. At this strength and size, the Work Pro Series pressure washers can be used weekly and for much longer periods of time – they are cleaning powerhouses!

3. Do I need a gasoline or an electric model?

Electric pressure washers typically provide about 1000-2000 PSI and are ideal for small jobs around the house where an outlet is readily available. They are safer, quieter and more compact than gas models.

Gas powered pressure washers, on the other hand, usually offer 2000-6000 PSI and can blast away the even toughest grime on boats, fences, siding, sidewalks and other large objects.

Review what you want to clean and how often you wish to clean to determine if a gas or electric model is best for you and your needs.

4. Do I need a cold water or hot water pressure washer?

Temperature matters when it comes to cleaning capabilities. Both hot and cold pressure washers are effective, but Mi-T-M recommends you review your specific cleaning needs before selecting one.

If your goal is simply to remove dirt, mud and debris from surfaces, a cold water power washer is just the ticket. Washing your vehicle, lawn mower or gardening equipment will be a breeze. Plus, you can add cleaning accessories such as surface cleaners and rotating nozzles to increase your cleaning power.

If you need to power through grease and oil, a hot water pressure washer is the way to go. Hot water washers save time and are the best option for cleaning shop floors, farm equipment and jobsite vehicles.

Keeping these things in mind will help you select the best pressure washer for all of your cleaning needs.
Find a Mi-T-M Dealer near you!

The Ultimate Pressure Washer Accessory Guide

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Get Excited About Pressure Washing!

Pressure washing is a task that doesn’t have to be boring. Watching the grime, moss and dirt come off of what you are washing, is pure satisfaction. Go ahead. Try it. It’s impossible not to be happy while using a pressure washer. The tough task is determining which pressure washer accessories are the right ones for your project. With this guide, you will become an expert on all the different tools, including power washer attachments.

Commercial Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M manufactures every type of equipment you will need to take care of maintenance and upkeep around your home/business. From our top rated commercial pressure washer to the best pressure washer for home use, you’ll appreciate our hot and cold pressure washers that make short work a breeze.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washer Accessories-1

Pressure washing your house, deck, gutters and driveways makes cleaning a snap. Add an extended wand to easily get those hard-to-reach places. You can pressure wash almost anything — cars, boats, toys, playground equipment, bikes, fences, dog kennels and sheds – the list goes on and on. Once you’ve cleaned one surface, you’ll be hooked.

Pressure Wash Deck Cleaning

Add accessories to really boost the pressure washing excitement . Mi-T-M has dozens of pressure washer accessories to fit every need. Easy to install and use, our accessories help you customize every cleaning solution.

Our authorized dealers will help you select the best pressure washer for your home or business. They can also recommend which accessories make the most sense for your cleaning goals.

Below is a list of Mi-T-M accessories, guaranteed to help you. Request a catalog for more information.

Pressure Washer Nozzles

pressure washer nozzles

Our wide variety of pressure washer nozzles direct spray right where you need it most. Choose from our quick connect, long-range (30-feet) chemical, detergent, multi-function or rotating nozzles. Designed to boost your cleaning power and reduce your cleaning time, the right nozzle is crucial.

Multi-Function Nozzletop rated commercial pressure washer

Our multi-function nozzle provides six settings for all your cleaning needs. Made from durable stainless steel, choose 0, 15, 25, or 40 degrees, plus low pressure detergent and rinsing options.

Rotating Nozzle

If you love the multi-function nozzle, you’re sure to appreciate our Mi-T-M rotating nozzle. Attach this to your pressure washer wand, set your timer, and save time. This nozzle boosts your cleaning power with zero-degree spray impact and 25-degree coverage. We offer four models of this nozzle, so you’re guaranteed to find the right one for any application.

Extended Reach Wands

Cleaning House Siding
Having trouble getting to those hard-to-reach places? Mi-T-M will help you get close to the action with our durable Extended Reach Wands. Our lightweight, aluminum models range in length from 6.5′, 18′ or 24’. Imagine you’re pressure washing the siding and there’s mold at the top corner you can’t blast away. Simply attach one of our extended reach wands and attack it instantly. Bye-bye mold.

Extension Hoses

pressure washer extension hose

Like the wands above, our longer hoses allow you to cover more distance. From 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200-foot lengths, our Mi-T-M hoses are designed to handle a wide variety of PSI requirements and temperatures.

Our cold-water hoses are resistant to chemicals and our hot water extension hoses come assembled with a screw and quick connects. All of our high-quality extension hoses can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees.

Pivot Coupler

pivot coupler for pressure washer
With three different cleaning angles, the Mi-T-M pivot coupler connects between your pressure washer wand and high pressure nozzle to hit all the nooks and crannies. It’s ideal for nearly every cold water pressure washer and can handle up to 4500-PSI.


pressure washing siding

Pair your pressure washer with the right cleaner to amplify your cleaning power. Trust our large line of Mi-T-M detergents which consist of environmentally friendly blends and can be used indoors and outdoors. Available in 1, 5 and 55-gallon sizes, our cleaners also prevent spotting. Choose from our all-purpose cleaner, deck and house wash or heavy-duty degreaser. We can help you select the perfect detergent to accomplish every cleaning goal.


Gutter Cleaner

Gutter Cleaning
Blast away leaves, dirt, branches and anything that is clogging your gutters with Mi-T-M’s Gutter Cleaning Attachment. Keep your feet on the ground while you wave goodbye to dirty gutters.


Hose Reelsbest pressure washer home use

Many of our hose reels feature convenient 360-degree pivoting action for ease of use. The reel capacity of each model depends on the type of Mi-T-M hose you use. You’ll appreciate the easy mount bracket design and our authorized dealers will help you select all the hardware and parts you’ll need, including brackets, elbows, reducers and jumper hoses.


Pump Saver

power washing your house






Our specialized Mi-T-M liquid treatment is just the ticket for maintaining your pressure washing equipment. Our pump saver is designed to flush out harmful built-up materials, including mineral deposits. Perfect for all pressure washer models, our pump saver solution preserves seals and pistons. When you’re ready to store your equipment for winter, our pump saver protects against freezing temperatures.


Rotary Surface Cleaners

With a variety of sizes ranging from 14″ to 28” in diameter, these powerful cleaning accessories are the right solution for cleaning large surface areas. Use our rotary surface cleaners for driveways, decks, sidewalks, patios and other areas.
rotary surface cleaner for pressure washer

Here’s how it works: Put your hands on the lightweight frame to guide it as it glides along the surface. It’s easy to operate and you’ll simply love the results.


Sand Injector

pressure washer sand injector kit

Our Mi-T-M sand injector can strip away coatings from concrete and steel. Easily and efficiently blast away graffiti, rust, paint and stains – the sand injector accessory is the right answer for you.

Shut-off ball valve

telescoping pressure washer wand

Attach this to a quick connect outlet and you’ll be able to easily and conveniently switch between a pressure washer gun and a rotary surface cleaner.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about some of the many accessories we offer at Mi-T-M. Since 1971, our goal has been to provide the most powerful and most innovative cleaning equipment on the market. Our accessories, like our equipment, are designed and made by leading industry engineers. Trust Mi-T-M for all your pressure washer needs.

If you’re serious about cleaning, sanitizing and easily removing unwanted dirt and grime, contact Mi-T-M today and find a dealer near you!

Home Exterior Spring Cleaning

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Pressure Washer

You’ve wiped down your baseboards, dusted all of your shelves, you’ve even reorganized your pantry. Your spring cleaning checklist is starting to look a little bare. However, something still feels incomplete about your home.

Once the warm weather starts to hit, people start to examine the exteriors of their homes with a more critical eye. At Mi-T-M, you have many choices when it comes to making a selection from our fleet of gasoline and electric pressure washers. We also offer countless accessories—including extension hoses, detergents, nozzles, and brushes—to give you additional cleaning power for your home.

pressure washing

Pressure washing is the perfect finishing touch to make your home truly shine. So, as we trade in our snow boots for sunscreen, here are 6 spring cleaning projects we at Mi-T-M recommend. Remember to always follow the recommended safety precautions.


Exfoliate Your Exterior

Power Wash Exterior

Does the exterior of your home may look a little rough after the harsh months of winter? All the snow and ice that your home accumulated over the winter months may cause excessive buildup that can cause mold problems and damage your home. So, this is the perfect time to deep clean those areas and get your home looking as good as new. With our Mi-T-M pressure washers, you will be able to easily remove stains and film on brick or vinyl siding. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers for advice on cleaning specific types of home exteriors.

Concrete Work

Let’s be honest, concrete walkways and driveways are expected to get dirty, muddy and grimy. However, many people don’t realize how much buildup actually accumulates over time, especially after the winter months. Pressure washing your driveway or walkway can remove all of that buildup that collected over the months, preserving the concrete and decreasing the chance of cracks and foundation damages.

For pressure washing, we recommend using a rotating nozzle to add an extra kick to your work. Using a surface cleaner will speed up your cleaning time. Once the surface is dry, roll or spray on the appropriate sealant. Use asphalt or acrylic sealers for asphalt. For concrete, we recommend acrylic and siloxane sealants.

rotary surface cleaner for pressure washer

All Hands On Deck

Spring is finally here; it’s time to pull out the patio furniture and get that grill up and running. But wait, take a good, hard look at your deck and observe any damages that might have occurred during the winter months. Winter can seriously harm the surface of the wood with mold, mildew, moss, dirt and even grime buildup.

rent pressure washer

With a Mi-T-M pressure washer, you can restore your deck, gate, outdoor furniture, or even your fence to their former glory. So, talk to your authorized dealer today about which model, detergent, and attachments you should choose for your project. You’re going to be amazed by the difference.

Just Keep Swimming

After a brutally cold winter, nothing sounds more delightful than a dip in the pool on a 90-degree day. Lucky for you, those days are right around the corner. However, before you dive in, make sure your pool is ready.

Cleaning your pool with a Mi-T-M pressure washer will have your pool back to paradise in no time, but there are a few steps you need to take first before you get there. For starters, make sure you drain all of the water out of the pool. You can’t really pressure wash underwater, can you? Then, sweep up any debris that is stuck on the bottom and then pressure wash away any dirt that’s left. Make sure you use one of our detergents to get a real deep clean before you begin to fill it back up.

How’s My Yard Look?

After a long winter, your lawn equipment has probably collected a good amount of dust and grime from sitting in one place. Your lawnmower, chainsaw, rakes, shovels, leaf blower, tree trimmer, and other outdoor equipment are all essential to getting your yard ready for spring. But you can’t use dirty tools.

And what about your grill? All of the food splatters that collected have been just sitting on it all winter. That first look at your dirty grill will be heartbreaking after dreaming about sunny days where you can use it.

No worries, our pressure washers are a quick and easy fix to have your equipment looking like new again. All you have to do is select the proper amount of wand pressure and pressure wash away all the gunk that has accumulated from being stored all winter. Then, dry each piece and your equipment will be ready to go. If you do not already have a Mi-T-M pressure washer, talk to an authorized dealer about which model you should choose for your equipment.

Time To Park The Car

During the winter, your car comes into contact with a lot of salt, snow, sand, slush, dirt, and ice that can get stuck underneath your car. Then all of that gunk ends up in your garage, where it then melts onto the floor. This filth can create huge messes during the winter since you have nowhere else to really store your vehicle. That is why a deep pressure washing cleaning is essential after winter.

Not only does pressure washing keep your garage clean, but it also improves safety, adds value to your property, and prevents any damages to the structure. With your vehicle constantly traveling in and out, your garage does not really get a break. That is why we highly suggest talking to an authorized dealer about a Mi-T-M pressure washer that will have your garage looking good as new.

Spring cleaning is an important step in transitioning your home from winter to summer. Not only does it make your home look nice, but it will help keep your home from experiencing any future damages and will increase the value of the property. Using a pressure washer is an easy solution, so why not reap the benefits?

If you are interested in getting a pressure washer, you can easily locate a M-T-M dealer and ask them for their tips and suggestions. Whether you buy or rent our equipment, we know you’ll appreciate our rugged and high-quality products. Happy spring cleaning!


How To Bid Pressure Cleaning A Stadium

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Bidding Stadium Clean Up – Mi-T-M

pressure cleaning stadium

Stadiums, arenas and sports venues are some of the most challenging jobs to bid due to their sheer size and complexity. Many cleaning businesses lose money on these types of jobs because of underbidding, which is easy to do unless you take every last detail into account.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while putting together your bid.

  • Accessibility:

The overall size of a venue may be intimidating for many pressure washing businesses, but the most important aspect of bidding out a cleaning job is to ensure you have the right equipment. Making sure you’re able to reach every surface that needs cleaning will determine the amount of time and energy you’ll need to dedicate to the project.

Do you need a special lift or scaffolding to reach the underside of stadium seating? Not having the proper equipment could greatly hinder your ability to do the job thoroughly and efficiently.

Plan ahead and be sure to make note if there are any areas that require prep-work prior to cleaning. Are there other venue belongings or debris that could potentially obstruct your employees or equipment? Know the area well enough to foresee any obstacles you may run into.

pressure cleaning stadium

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Quipco Pressure Washer Sales and Service

  • Create Cleaning Zones:

If there are multiple areas to be cleaned within the same venue, it is generally wise to divide and conquer. By dividing a venue into zones, you’re taking the first step in prioritizing the task at hand. There may be zones you place at a top priority, due to higher elevation. There may be other times where the venue’s operations depend on you cleaning specified zones first, then moving on to zones that don’t inhibit their preparations, such as a concession stand. Making sure you take the movement of venue patrons and equipment into account when performing this cleaning job could save you precious time and resources.



  • Attendance:

Cleaning after an event can be much more time consuming, especially if there was high attendance. Even if you’re not responsible for trash removal, there may still be a significant quantity of spills, stains and crumbs to wash away. Knowing the approximate attendance of an event will allow you to adjust your bid, because smaller crowds generally require less cleanup and vice versa.


how to clean bleachers

  • Chemical Limitations:

Consider any potential limitations you may have as it relates to chemicals or equipment. Regardless of the reason for the limitation, you’ll need to know if you’re able to offer an alternative solution and if it will add any additional time or cost to your bid.

stadium cleaners

Photo by Al Schmidt, taken at Veteran Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Home of the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

There are other factors that can be taken into consideration when bidding a stadium, but the items outlined above are often overlooked. Mi-T-M dealers are experts when it comes to equipment and applications. Contact a Mi-T-M dealer near you for any additional advice you may need when bidding out such a large project.


Maintaining The Indianapolis Motor Speedway: The Tale Of Quipco Sales.

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indy 500

The crowd gathers during the pregame ceremonies at the 2018 Indianapolis 500, May 27, 2018. A B-2 Spirit performed a flyover before the start of the race. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Joel Pfiester)

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a 2 1/2 mile stretch of road that has led many drivers to greatness. There are many unique things about this place, an obvious one being the prestigious Indy 500. Although many events around race day are well documented, many don’t consider the extensive work that takes place before, during, and after. We’d like to give you an insider’s look at what it takes to keep the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in pristine condition for drivers and spectators alike.

As a young boy Daniel Porterfield would ride his bike to the track so he could witness all the action happening on race day. Years later he took over the company his parents founded Quipco Sales and began selling Mi-T-M power washing equipment; because of the contacts he made when visiting the track, Daniel was able to establish the Indianapolis Motor Speedway maintenance crew as his clients. This relationship continued to grow over the years, and in 2016 proved to be fruitful for both sides. Internal factors lead to a track management vacancy at IMS, and Daniel was notified immediately once the contract became available. A relationship that began over 25 years ago resulted in Daniel earning a contract to power wash the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is a testament to properly serving clients.

commercial cleaning Indianapolis

From April 1st to May 25th, Daniel put in 12 hour days of power washing with Mi-T-M equipment before and after each race. One can imagine the amount of cement, concrete, asphalt, composite, and black concrete that’s washed at a racetrack, but picture doing it all by hand. Walking the track with 5,000-gallon water trucks, and spraying it from the top of the bank to the infield seemed to be a never-ending task. As all innovative business owners do, Daniel is currently developing a customized 96-inch truck mounted sprayer to make his operation more efficient the next time around. An improvement such as this could cut his man-hours substantially, and ensure he produces an even better result.

Aside from cleaning the racetrack areas, Daniel is responsible for the washing and sanitizing seating, amenities, and other highly traveled areas. The 250,000 bleacher seats at IMS were cleaned throughout the racing season as well as restrooms, concessions, and concourse areas.

pressure washing Indianapolis

Quipco Sales was founded on the principals of professionalism, trustworthiness, and service, three elements that help to continually strengthen customer relationships. One piece of advice Daniel has for other contractors is, “if possible, always communicate with others on the jobsite. You never know where you’ll make a friend or gain a customer – which are the same thing in my book.”


We love to hear great stories like this from our dealer network and those using our machines to do great work. If you have a story to share with us, please contact us on Facebook.

Ponsford Ltd. – Caboose Restoration project

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Our friend Gordon from Ponsford Ltd., sent us some great photos & video of his latest restoration project. His team worked on this fantastic caboose for the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania. For this project they used a Mi-T-M 3504 Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washer as well as the Rotating Nozzle & Sand Injector attachment.

Caboose before restoration

Caboose before restoration – close up of rust

Sand Injector attachment.

Paint applied & restoration complete.

Thanks for the images Gordon! We love to see our equipment in use. If you have photos or video of your Mi-T-M machine in action send them to us here.