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Mi-T-M Air Compressors – Models and Applications

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Air compressors are found in a wide range of industries, and have an even wider range of uses. They provide air power for the simplest tasks of residential applications like blowing up tires, to more demanding jobs in industries such as agriculture, automotive, construction, commercial, field service and industrial. Air compressors are an equipment commodity, and are able to be found in nearly every home and on every jobsite.

Mi-T-M offers many different types of air compressors. From single stage electric and gasoline, to larger two stage gasoline and diesel models, there are many pump and tank configurations in each category to satisfy any need.

Mi-T-M Air Compressors

Single Stage Electric

Mi-T-M’s single stage electric air compressors are available in both hand carry and portable models.

The Work Pro Series 3-gallon is powered by a 1.5 HP electric motor, features an oil-free pump and produces 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI. The quiet technology feature of this model keeps noise levels low, which is ideal when working indoors or in close proximity to others.

The 5-gallon hand carry model features a 2.0 HP motor and also produces 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI. It is the perfect size for residential projects, providing enough air power for nail guns and other small air tools.

The 8-gallon portable series features either a 1.5 HP or 2.0 HP motor, giving you the option of 7.3 CFM or 8.2 CFM at 90 PSI. These air compressors are a great solution for projects in workshops or on small construction sites.

The 20-gallon portable series features a larger tank option, which easily provides enough power for jobsites using multiple air tools at once.

Single Stage Gasoline

Mi-T-M’s single stage gasoline air compressors are available in both hand carry and portable models, and offer the extra versatility for onsite jobs where electric power is not readily available.

The 5-gallon hand carry series features either a 118cc Honda or 212cc Mi-T-M OHV engine. Both produce 4.8 CFM at 90 PSI, which is more than enough air power to tackle most any task at hand for the do-it-yourselfer.

The 8-gallon portable series offers several gas options from Honda, Kohler, and Mi-T-M. All produce 13.9 CFM at 90 PSI to power air tools on larger construction jobs. In addition, the wheelbarrow design makes mobility around a construction zone a breeze.

The 20-gallon portable series features a larger tank option to easily power tools on more demanding jobsites. Available with either a 196cc Honda or 212cc Mi-T-M engine, both produce 13.9 CFM at 90 PSI. Contractors love these air compressors for their large air capacity.

Two Stage Gasoline

Mi-T-M’s two stage gasoline air compressors are available in portable, stationary and base-mount models, and are ideal for large, industrial job sites.

The 8-gallon portable series is available with several engine options, all producing 17.2 CFM at 175 PSI with the same 3-year engine warranty. The wheelbarrow style makes these air compressors extremely portable, especially on large construction sites where mobility is necessary.

The 20-gallon series is available in both portable and stationary models, and offer several engine options from Honda and Mi-T-M. No matter which model you choose, you will receive 17.2 CFM at 175 PSI. This is enough air power to keep consistently going on any service call or job site.

The 30-gallon stationary series features a larger tank option to hold enough air to easily power tools that require a greater CFM. Available with either a 270cc Honda or 300cc Mi-T-M engine, this series produces 17.2 CFM at 175 PSI.

Mi-T-M Air Compressor

Base-Mount Air Compressors

Base-mount air compressors are ideal for mounting on a service truck with an existing air tank and heading to the most demanding job sites. Mi-T-M’s two stage gasoline model is equipped with a 300cc Mi-T-M engine with electric start.

ABS Gasoline

Mi-T-M’s ABS two stage gasoline air compressors are available in stationary or base-mount options, and are most often found in industrial and service body applications.

The 30-gallon series is available with either a 389cc Honda, 429cc Kohler or 420cc Mi-T-M engine. These air compressors are equipped with electric start and produce an outstanding 29.0 CFM at 175 PSI.

The 80-gallon series is most popular for applications where a lot of air power is required on a day-to-day basis. Available with either a 389cc Honda or 420cc Mi-T-M engine with electric start, these models also produce 29.0 CFM at 175 PSI.

The base-mount series comes standard with a service truck mount kit and is available with multiple engine options. Found primarily in the service body industry, the base-mount models are ideal for service trucks needed on the most demanding jobsites.

Mi-T-M Air Compressor

ABS Diesel

The Mi-T-M two stage diesel powered air compressor features a 9.1 HP Kohler engine with electric start. Developed for the industrial, automotive and service body industries, this model produces 29.0 CFM at 175 PSI and has a large air tank that provides consistent and reliable air for the most demanding jobs.

Mi-T-M’s air compressor line-up is impressive, with options that are right for most any residential project or industrial job. Mi-T-M’s knowledgeable Sales Support Team will help you find the right equipment for your specific job need. Contact us at (800) 553-9053 or contact a dealer near you to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Combination Units – The Power of Multiple Machines in One

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At Mi-T-M Corporation, we offer the power of multiple machines in one with our air compressor/generator and air compressor/generator/welder combination units. When cost efficiency and time management is at the top of everyone’s mind, turn to Mi-T-M’s combination units to get the job done right.
Air Compressor and Generator Combination Units

Air Compressor/Generator

Our air compressor/generator models are the perfect tool for any application that requires both electrical and air power. Industries, such as the agriculture and automotive, appreciate the convenience of the built-in generator system alongside an air compressor.

Our air compressor/generators come in 1800 up to 4000-watts and are available in a wide variety of configurations including single stage, two stage, portable, stationary and base-mount.

Single stage, portable models are powered by either a Honda or Mi-T-M OHV engine and are perfect for shops, small properties and jobsites.

Two stage models are available in portable, stationary and base-mount and offer additional air power for larger jobsites and service trucks. Remodelers, contractors and DIYers appreciate the optimal power these machines offer.

The base-mount air compressor/generators feature a two stage air compressor and powerful 4000-watt generator. They are popular in the service truck industry where you will find them mounted on the back of a truck.

We also manufacture a model for those customers who prefer diesel powered equipment. An efficient Kohler diesel engine powers this combination unit. Developed for the agricultural and mining industries, this model features a large capacity air tank for larger pneumatic tools and a 3000-watt generator for the electrical demands on the same jobsite.

Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combination Units

By adding a welder to the already popular air compressor/generator combination unit, Mi-T-M offers additional versatility for even more industries where all three pieces of equipment are needed in one machine. We call these air compressor/generator/welder combination units our AGW Series.

They are ideal for heavy-duty mechanics for industrial equipment repairs in construction, mining, logging and oil and gas industries. These combination units power both electric and pneumatic air tools on construction sites or in remote locations by field service mechanics. The stick welder will work well with carbon steel, stainless-steel, low and high alloy steel, ductile iron and cast iron.

Our air compressor/generator/welder combination units are available in 20-gallon stationary, 30-gallon stationary and base-mount configurations.

The 20-gallon stationary model combines a quality cast iron two stage air compressor, an industrial 5000-watt generator and a 220-amp arc welder. It is a virtual power plant and can tackle even the most demanding jobs.

The 30-gallon stationary models feature a quality two stage air compressor, industrial 5000-watt generator and a 170-amp arc welder. These machines are the complete onsite units to efficiently tackle numerous jobs at once.

The base-mount unit is powered by either a Mi-T-M or Vanguard OHV engine and offers a much smaller footprint compared to owning three separate pieces of equipment. Commonly found mounted on service trucks for equipment repair professionals, it can go wherever demanding field service work is needed the most.

Mi-T-M’s combination units save you time and money. Mi-T-M’s knowledgeable Sales Support Team will help you find the right equipment for your specific job needs. Contact us at (800) 553-9053 or contact a dealer near you to find the best solution for your needs.