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Water Treatment Systems – No Two Installations Are Alike.

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Mi-T-M has been in the Water Treatment business since 1998.  Over the years, we’ve had a great deal of success in a variety of different water treatment industries including rental, implement dealers, golf courses, wineries, breweries and municipalities. Each industry has their own, unique challenges when it comes to water treatment systems and no two installations are alike.

To select the best treatment solution for your business, you will need to determine how much water you wish to treat in a 24-hour period, what substances you need to remove from the wastewater, and whether you’ll be recycling or discharging that wastewater. The following are three types of water treatment systems we sell at Mi-T-M:

As our technology evolved, the Mi-T-M Biological Reclaim Systems became one of our most requested products because of its versatility and simplicity. A Biological system is designed to consume contaminants that other systems may only isolate from wastewater. Mi-T-M’s Bio Series harnesses the power of these  genetically engineered bacteria through a unique process that is chemical free and environmentally safe. “It’s a simple, effective way to filter out waste, and create clean, reusable water,” says Aaron Auger, Mi-T-M Water Treatment  Division Manager. “It’s what we call, ‘The Process of Elimination’.”Biological Recycle Systems

Grease, oil, hydrocarbons and other naturally occurring substances are a food source for millions of microbes that colonize within a Mi-T-M Biological system. As wastewater drains underground, it’s pumped to a bio-reaction tank. In the tank, the untreated wastewater flows through separate chambers, home to colonies of hungry microbes. The stream of water changes direction countless times for maximum microbe contact. The microbes “treat” the water by consuming any organic materials in the water, including oil and grease. The microbes live for this consumption, and the Mi-T-M system provides the three basic elements they need to survive: food, environment, and oxygen.


Once the microbes have done their work, a pressurized tank delivers the biologically treated water for reuse.

The WOS and WCL Series recycle systems are designed to discharge equipment and vehicle wash-water to sanitary sewers. The oil/water/solids separators will reduce the amount of suspended solids while removing hydrocarbons to meet local sanitary sewer discharge requirements. Note to always check local discharge regulations and limits.

Wash Water Recycle System for Trucking company

WLP Advanced Wash Water Recycle System with a HEG hot water pressure washer installed at a trucking company in Indiana.

The WLP and WCP Series recycle systems are designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter the water to be sent back through a pressure washer. Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash-water flows into your pit system. A proper pit system for your application is essential in proper wash-water treatment, and a critical element in any wash-water recycle system. The systems come standard with pH and ORP injection and all systems are designed for corrosion-resistance by using stainless-steel tanks.

Wash Water Recycle System

WCP Clarifier Wash Water Recycle System with an 80-gallon compressor, WTA settling tank and coagulation settling system. Installed by McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems.

We also offer numerous water treatment system accessories that make it easier for you to customize your wastewater cleaning process. Some of these items include filters, pumps, valves and consumables. Mi-T-M sells a huge assortment of solutions.

There are lots of terms, chemical reactions and other things to know about the wastewater treatment process. Rely on Mi-T-M to provide the tools and equipment you need to treat your water properly and effectively.

We hope you’ve learned a little more about the water treatment process. We look forward to working with you to customize the ideal wastewater treatment system. Contact Mi-T-M today or connect with one of our trusted dealers to learn more.


Storm Preparedness – Portable Generators and Wattage for Appliances

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Portable Generators and Proper Wattage for Different Appliances

Snow. Wind. Ice. Electrical storms. All these elements can wipe out your home’s power for hours or even days. Are you prepared? Don’t be left in the dark. Let Mi-T-M help you prepare for the unexpected.

Electricity is a commodity most Americans take for granted. But when winter ice storms and spring thunder and lightning storms knock out power, many go into full panic mode.

If your electricity goes out, questions begin running through your mind: How long will our food last in the refrigerator? How will we stay warm? Where can we hear the news? What if our basement floods? Where can we charge our appliances? How will we cook our meals? Is the water safe to drink? How can we open our automatic garage doors?

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but we can help you plan ahead and prepare for emergencies. Mi-T-M sells a large array of generators that help in tough situations. For homes, our unique inverters are equipped with CO detection and designed with inverter technology for reduced size, weight, noise and fuel consumption.

Our generators come in many sizes—ranging from 2,000 to 14,000-watts—and types, including portable generators for residential use and commercial models. These rugged machines provide safe, reliable, and quiet backup for all your electrical needs.

Different appliances require different levels of wattage as the generator wattage chart shows below. Use this wattage appliance chart to help you make decisions on the most common appliances.

Household Appliance Wattage

How large of a generator should you buy?

Think about your electrical needs during a power outage.

  • What can’t you live without?
  • Calculate the total wattage of all the appliances you wish to use—wattage can be located on each unit’s nameplate or found through on the manufacturer’s website—then multiply that number by three.

The total will tell you what size generator you need.

Our smaller inverter and generator units can easily power lights, phone chargers and appliances like a radio. Larger generator units, can keep your refrigerator running or allow you to watch TV during power outages.

Portable Generator Safety

For your safety—and to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning—all portable generators should be used outdoors or in well-ventilated areas only. Do not run a generator in your home, garage, crawl space, attic, basement or any other enclosed area. Instead, place your portable generator outside.

Contact Mi-T-M or one of our dealers, today. We’ll discuss the best power solutions for all your needs.


Professional Pressure Washers for the Food Industry

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

There’s nothing more satisfying than working in a clean environment when preparing food in a commercial kitchen or a food and beverage operation. To save time, stay safe and get the most sanitary clean, an electric hot water pressure washer is the best choice. With no fumes and often no detergent needed, you can have a green solution for cleaning your counters, floors, kitchen, beverage tanks and more.

Choosing Food Cleaning Equipment to Keep You in Compliance

As a business requiring health inspections, owning your own hot water pressure washer will allow you to remain in compliance with health regulations, at all times. With a hot water pressure washer, you can use high-temperature water each time you clean kitchen, brewery and winery production spaces. On top of all the necessary industry requirements, you will also achieve an eco-friendly clean!

High performing electric hot water pressure washers are available in portable and stationary models. Portable hot water pressure washers make it possible for you to easily move the unit, while cleaning every inch of your space, inside and out, with zero emissions. Electric hot water pressure washers help to easily tackle those areas including:
Hot Water Pressure Wash Brewery

  • Food preparation areas
  • Kitchen hoods
  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Worktables
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Beverage bottling equipment
  • Dining rooms
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Dumpster areas

With many indoor and outdoor spaces to clean, a portable electric pressure washer may be the best choice for a restaurant or commercial kitchen. For the beverage industry and food processing operations, carefully positioned stationary pressure washers provide long-lasting cleaning power. Mi-T-M dealers provide expertise in helping you find the right equipment for any application.

Accessories for Convenient Use

Pressure washer accessories are essential for extra cleaning ability. Nozzles increase cleaning power and decrease cleaning time, while wand extensions clean hard-to-reach places. Professionals know it’s more important than ever to get a job done faster and more efficient. From hoses to wands and nozzles to cleaners, find all the pressure washing accessories you need for any cleaning application.

Learn More

The nozzle is one of the most important cleaning accessories you will use with your pressure washer. It’s the nozzle that creates the pressure stream that cleans your surfaces, so make sure you choose the right nozzle for the job. Mi-T-M offers several nozzles for use with your pressure washer, giving you a choice of spray angles and pressures that work best for every cleaning task.


An excellent way to increase your cleaning power and decrease your cleaning time is to use a rotating nozzle. Our nozzles offer convenient, quick-connect fittings. This accessory is excellent for cleaning built-up grease and grime.

See how to use the Rotating Nozzle

For food industry applications, breweries, wineries and restaurants, durable Mi-T-M electric pressure washers enable a quick, efficient clean, every time. Choose from several models designed for the heavy-duty cleaning required in restaurants and food and beverage applications.

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Should You Buy or Rent A Pressure Washer?

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Buying a Pressure Washer vs. Renting a Pressure Washer

From fences to decks, siding to lawn furniture, cars to garage floors; the places and things you can clean with a pressure washer are seemingly endless. So does it make more sense to rent a pressure washer or buy one outright?

If you only use a pressure washer once or twice a year, it may make more financial sense to rent a pressure washer or you may want to hire someone with their own machine to clean your home and items.

Benefits of pressure washer rental include:

  • No Storage Hassle
  • No Equipment Maintenance
  • Save Money – will be less expensive to rent if you are only planning occasional use.
  • Conserve Water – pressure washers actually use less water than using a garden hose.
  • Restore & Preserve exterior surfaces by removing damaging agents, such as dirt, salt, grease, and mold.

Pressure Washer

If you’re a weekend warrior and wash your house, patio, deck and outdoor furniture several times each year, you may want to purchase a sturdy and reliable washer. Mi-T-M offers a huge variety of residential pressure washers, available with an electric motor or gas engine, and ranging from 1400 PSI to 3000 PSI.

Make sure you compare like models when deciding to buy or rent a pressure washer. Once you know which motor and type of washer best fits your needs, you can calculate the hourly cost of renting vs. buying. Renting a pressure washer may cost $50-$150 dollars per day. Buying a pressure washer, depending on the model and motor, runs $300 and up. Therefore, 2-3 rentals may be the same price as buying new.

When you rent a pressure washer, you don’t have to maintain the machine. However, you may have to pay for rental insurance. When you buy a pressure washer, you’ll need to pay for your own repairs, but you’ll own the machine outright. With proper maintenance, you’ll have it for many years.


Availability is another factor. If you own your own washer, you can use it whenever and wherever you need it. However, if you wish to rent, know that there are some seasons and times of year when washers are in high demand. Renting during those times may be more difficult or may cost more.

The experts at Mi-T-M can answer all your pressure washer questions. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years and our promise is to deliver unmatched performance—from the quality of our products to the dedication of each employee who does what’s right for our customer every time.

Let us explain the difference between hot and cold pressure washers, determine which size machine best fits your personal needs, and help you decide if renting or buying is best for you. Call or email us today.


Hot Water Pressure Washer vs. Cold Water: Which is Right for You?

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Hot Water Pressure Washer Vs. Cold Water: Which is Right for You?

When considering the purchase of a pressure washer, many people wonder if they should purchase a cold water or hot water pressure washer. A hot water pressure washer is a big investment, so if you are planning to purchase a pressure washer for your home to clean siding, decks, patio furniture and small equipment around your property, a cold water pressure washer will be your best choice.

Pressure Washer Hot Water vs. Cold Water

Mi-T-M cold-water pressure washers are used for removing dirt, grime and mud from many surfaces and are great tools for striping paint. Mi-T-M manufactures dozens of different series of cold water pressure washers, offering the size and cleaning power for whatever your specific needs are.

The spraying power of a cold water pressure washer makes quick work of muddy messes and will easily sweep away debris and remove dirt from driveways, dog kennels, cars, boats, RV’s and many other surfaces. Plus, Mi-T-M cold water pressure washers are low maintenance, easy to operate and generally cost less than a hot water machine.

However, if you need a pressure washer for cleaning big equipment or have a large property that will benefit from the extra cleaning power, then you should definitely consider a hot water pressure washer.

Mi-T-M hot-water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning and dissolving oil and grease. They are often used in the sanitation and food and beverage industries where hot water is needed to thoroughly clean and sanitize. Hot water pressure washers give you that extra cleaning boost.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M manufactures a variety of hot water pressure washers. Customers have many power options to choose from including gas, electric or diesel. Mi-T-M offers both portable and stationary and depending on how often it will be used, the choice between a belt and direct drive pump should be considered.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself before making a purchasing decision are:

  1. What are my primary cleaning needs?
  2. How often do I plan to use the pressure washer?
  3. How much pressure do I need?
  4. What is my budget?

Once you’ve chosen your pressure washer, check out our helpful how-to videos in the Mi-T-M Video Library. You will find videos for both cold and hot water pressure washers that show how to start, maintain and winterize your pressure washer. There are also troubleshooting videos and how-to-use many Mi-T-M pressure washing accessories.
The Mi-T-M Sales Support Team is always happy to answer your questions. Contact us at 800-553-9053, submit a question online or find a dealer near you.