Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

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The cold weather is almost here, so don’t forget to winterize your pressure washer. Below are some key factors to consider before putting your unit away for the season.

Winterizing your pressure washer is very important, not only to keep the components from freezing, but to also extend the life of the pressure washer itself.

Fuel Stabilizer

For gas powered units, it is important to add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank to prevent tarnish build-up in the carburetor while it is being stored.

You should add the fuel stabilizer according to directions from the manufacturer. It is recommended, after adding the stabilizer, to run the engine for at least two minutes to circulate the fluid throughout the system, and then shut it off.

Flushing Detergent

Any detergent in gas and electric powered units should be flushed before storage to avoid growing mold and mildew.

To do this, place the unit’s detergent injector tube into a bucket of clean water. Start your pressure washer and run it at a low-pressure setting for up to two minutes and then turn off. Squeeze the trigger on the spray gun to release any trapped pressure and disconnect all hoses and attachments and let them dry thoroughly.

Pump Saver

pressure washer detergentMany pressure washer providers recommend using windshield wash to keep a unit’s coils and plumbing system from freezing. This tactic is inappropriate for pressure washers and other pieces of equipment with carbon steel coils. Windshield wash has a mixture of about 32% Methanol which attacks carbon steel and when heated can increase the damaging effects it has on carbon steel.

Instead, we recommend using Mi-T-M pump saver solution to winterize your pressure washer. The pump saver solution provides longer pump life, prevents build-up of hard water mineral deposits, preserves seals and pistons and protects against freezing. It’s fast and easy. First disconnect all hoses and the spray gun wand and assembly and drain as much water as possible from them.


On a gas-powered pressure washer, attach the pump saver solution bottle directly to the water inlet and turn the knob on the bottle to the open position. Then pull the recoil until the liquid coming out of the discharge is 100% solution.

Pump Saver Process

On an electric powered pressure washer, attach the pump saver solution, like a gas unit, directly to the water inlet and turn the knob to the open position. Once the bottle is in place, squeeze the bottle while turning the pressure washer on until the liquid coming out is 100% solution.

After you have completed all of these steps your pressure washer is ready to be stored safely for winter.


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