Mi-T-M Gift Guide 2023

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What do you get for the person who has everything?

Mi-T-M has the most priceless gift of all: peace of mind.

Mi-T-M offers a number of essential products for any home or business owner, especially for gift giving this holiday season, to help ensure safety and cleanliness for years to come.

Residential Pressure Washers

Clean your property with confidence by investing in a Mi-T-M pressure washer. With a variety of models to choose from, there’s no doubt we have the right tool to get any job done.

ChoreMaster Series: CM-1400-0MEC, CM-1400-1MEH

These lightweight ChoreMaster Series pressure washers are ideal for light-duty cleaning around your home, such as cleaning outdoor furniture, washing small vehicles (including motorcycles or bicycles!) and surface cleaning for your deck and driveway.

ChoreMaster Series: CV-2600-3MMC, CV2600-4MMC

For a little more oomph to your clean, the 2600-PSI ChoreMaster series gasoline models will provide a thorough clean for your car, truck or boat, and have the power to remove dirt and mildew from the siding of your house. They also can be used to prep surfaces for painting.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Now that we’ve cleaned the outside… let’s go inside… Mi-T-M’s wet/dry vacuums come in handy for those extra fun cleaning jobs that your standard home vacuum may not be able to handle. There are a number of applications for a Mi-T-M wet/dry vacuum around your home or business, including:

  • Water cleanup: in your basement, bathroom or other areas
  • Garage/workshop cleaning
  • Fireplace ash removal
  • Pet hair removal
  • Car cleaning
  • Leaf and yard cleanup
  • Appliance maintenance: keep our appliances clean and running efficiently

Portable Generators

Last but not LEAST a Mi-T-M Inverter Generator makes for a great gift. We oftentimes think of generators as backup power for emergency situations. While emergency situations are an important application for Mi-T-M generators, our generators can also be used for fun and leisure like powering a campsite, tailgate or that new food truck you’ve been dreaming of opening.

Inverter Generators: GEN-2000-IMM1, GEN-2500-IMM1, GEN-3500-IMM1

These inverter generators are small, but mighty – they are the perfect, compact size to pack into your vehicle for your next fall camping adventure or outdoor tailgate. No need to worry about that annoying generator hum, these inverter generators are equipped with quiet technology so your conversations go on uninterrupted. For your safety, these inverter generators are equipped with carbon monoxide detection and auto shutdown, so you can focus on having fun, while they keep you safe.

ChoreMaster Series Generators: GEN-3600-0MM0, GEN-6500-0MM1, GEN-8000-0MM1E

Our ChoreMaster Series of generators are for when you need more heavy-duty power — coming in at up to 8000-watts, these generators provide reliable backup power for your home essentials, in case of a storm. They can also provide power to a small cabin for those special getaway weekends. Plug in and charge up this season with a ChoreMaster Series Generator.

From all of us at Mi-T-M, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. For questions about products featured in this article, contact us on our website or give us a ring.


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