What kind of portable generator do I need for my RV?

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Planes, Trains or …….. RVs?

Imagine never waiting in airport lines again, avoiding crowded buses and trains, never booking another hotel room, or asking to stay with relatives and friends.


No, you’re not dreaming. When you own a recreational vehicle (RV), you can travel almost anywhere, anytime, set your own agenda, and let the open road guide you.


About 10 percent of American households over age 55 own an RV. Some use motorhomes and campers for occasional travel and special events. But some people actually live in their RV’s. The number of full time RVers in the United States is about one million people, according to RVing Guide.


Camping is one of the most popular activities in the United States. More than 6 million new North American households have adopted the camping lifestyle since 2014. That’s a tidy sum. Clearly, people love the great outdoors. RV owners simply do it from inside their homes on wheels.


Whether you drive a grand Class A motorhome, steer a mid-sized Class C, or tow a travel trailer behind you, you’ll need a reliable power source for all of your essential accessories, equipment and devices. Without a generator, you’re just camping in a vehicle. With a good generator, you’ve got a luxury hotel on wheels.

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Let’s Generate Some Power

Buying a portable generator is well worth the initial investment. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without one. However, before you purchase a generator, make sure to select a model that fits your power needs.


When it comes to generators, size does matter. Make sure you get the right amount of power for the right price. Here’s a math equation you’ll want to consider: Amps x Volts = Watts.


Look around ysmall generatorour RV. What accessories, equipment, and devices will you need power to operate? A coffee maker, a TV, a laptop, an air conditioner? Will you need to charge or run any at the same time? To determine what size generator you will need, add up the total watts of all the items for which you’ll need power and select a model that can easily handle your anticipated needs. At Mi-T-M, we’ll be glad to help you make these calculations.

How Can Mi-T-M Help?

If you like the strong, silent type, you’ll love our Mi-T-M generators. We offer both 2000-watt and 3000-watt compact inverter generators. As opposed to a standard generator, an inverter type has fewer moving parts, offers better fuel efficiency, and provides digital wave manipulation capabilities.

Both our models are designed to be quiet and powerful. The last thing you need is a lot of irksome noise from a generator. The first thing you need is strength. Our generators are ideal for charging and powering equipment and devices while traveling, as well as during recreational activities.

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You’ll appreciate many special features of our generators, including:

  • Insulated side panels that reduce noise
  • Recoil start
  • Copper windings
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • USB port for electronics
  • Wheels for portability
  • Easy grip handles
  • Commercial quality AC power for sensitive electronics


If you need more than 3000 watts of power, simply use our parallel connection port box accessory. This appliance connects two Mi-T-M inverter generators together to utilize the power of both units at once. The inverters are not RV-ready and they will need an adapter.


Mi-T-M knows the advantages of owning a portable generator. We’re happy to help you choose a generator that’s right for your needs. Let us answer your questions before you embark on your next travel adventure.




6 Responses

  1. Gary says:


    Mi-T-M is new to me, even though I live fairly close in Wisconsin. Does your company distribute its products under the Mi-T-M name or as another brand?

    Also, what does “Mi-T-M” stand for?

    • mitm_admin says:

      Thanks Gary, We do distribute our products with the Mi-T-M brand but we also build specialized equipment with private labeling for our customers.

      The Mi-T-M name was created during AJ Spiegel’s (founder of Mi-T-M) days as a painting contractor. He was inspired to develop something portable and practical for contractors and his very first pressure washer, the “Mighty-1000,” a compact, portable, 1,000 PSI pressure washer, was the first self-contained, gas-powered pressure washer on the market. Spiegel used his ‘Mighty’ description and the Roman numeral “M,” for 1,000 PSI for the Mi-T-M name.

  2. Matt says:

    “The strong, silent type” – haha, I love it. I assume these models are RV-ready? Or do you need a special adapter?

  3. Karl says:

    Can a generator be used to run a 5th wheel furnace? It is 40,000 btu’s, so how many watts would I need? Thank you.

    • mitm_admin says:

      Hi Karl,
      Sorry for the delay. Yes, a generator can be used to run the furnace in the fifth wheel camper. The BTU’s really do not matter, but we need to know the VOLTAGE and AMP rating of the furnace to make the best recommendation. To get a quick response give us a call at 800-553-9053 and we’d be happy to help you out. Thanks!

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