Mi-T-M Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Powered by industry proven components, the Mi-T-M Rotary Screw Compressor will work great for a wide variety of applications.

This compact machine produces 115 CFM at 100 PSI, and the 10.5-gallon fuel tank gives you the extended run time needed on many job sites.

The Mi-T-M rotary screw can power multiple tools, while delivering consistent, compressed air for large construction sites and specialty applications.

While Mi-T-M engineered this versatile unit with efficiency in mind, 115 CFM is more than enough to power a 90 pound and a 60 pound breaker at the same time! Specialized applications are perfect for this unit—it really is portable and powerful enough to winterize a golf course irrigation system.

High volume air, multiple users, specialty applications…the possibilities are endless with this compact machine.

No matter when or where a large volume of air is needed, the Mi-T-M Rotary Screw Compressor delivers.